Armed Robbers Raid Omega, Morris Farm

One of the five businesses at Omega that was broken into by the alleged armed robbers

It has been reported that armed robbery is on the rise in the communities of Omega and Morris Farm in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

A week ago suspected armed robbers reportedly attacked several homes at the former Omega Navigation Station, east of the Red Light Market, and took valuable items, including money.

Victim Thomas Harris Morgan said the armed robbers attacked his shop on Friday night and made away with laptops, DVD video players, mobile phones, cooking utensils, wall clocks and several hundred Liberian dollars.

In another incident, five mini-shops were attacked at the Morris Farm Community with armed robbers making away with most of the merchandise.

According to one of the victims, Darlington Robert Kollie, L$55,000 was stolen from him by armed robbers that broke into his shop. He said the men wielded knives, cutlasses and single barrel guns after they breached the front entrance.

He explained that the thieves were only interested in the money as they ignored all the goods in his shop.

“I suspect that the armed robbers were given information as to where I hid my money, because they broke into my room and went directly to where the money was hidden,” Mr. Kollie narrated in frustration.

He said his family was not harmed and all other goods in the bedrooms were left untouched by the criminals.

“I am facing a serious financial setback because most of the money in my business is from loans I took from a bank,” Mr. Kollie said.

“I believe that as long as God is presiding on His throne in heaven those armed robbers will certainly meet the wrath of God,” Kollie vowed.

Meanwhile, owners were seen reclaiming what was left at four other shops that were burglarized.

The Daily Observer learned that many youths in the communities where the incidents occurred are jobless and many are reportedly involved in armed robbery.


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