ArcelorMittal Ore Production Has “Improved Significantly”


Since the last two years

One of the senior Manager of Arcelor Mittal, Joseph Matthew has disclosed that things have improved significantly in the production of iron ore, since the last two years.

Speaking at the brief occasion of Pesident George Weah’s visit on June 11 to follow-up on the road project linking Ganta to Yekepa, Matthew said for the past two years the company was able to produce 2 million tons of ore per year, but in 2018 the company has produced 5 million tons.

He thanked the government for the level of cooperation provided the company, during the period under review.

One of Mittal trains heading for Buchanan Port with ore

Mr. Matthew explained that the company is making significant progress at Mount Tokadeh, where they are finalizing the completion of a concentrator.

“One of our greatest achievements — and hopefully we will have a ceremony like this — is about a concentrator in Tokadeh,” he said.

He said the design and feasibility study is ongoing and, by the end of 2018, the company will be announcing one of the biggest investment that boast iron ore mining in Liberia.

What the concentrator is, is yet to be known to the public. However, in 2011, hundreds of farmers and miners were removed from their farmland and mining creeks around Mount Tokadeh for the purpose of building washing plants for the ore.

But up to present, what became of the project is yet to be announced, as the areas in question still remain confined under the protection of the company.

The operation at Mount Tokadeh scaled down late last year, after Mittal began mining another virgin mountain within the same concession, Mount Gangra.

The ore from Mount Gangra is said to be very rich, with about 70% iron and it doesn’t require any concentration or washing before shipping, according to some of the workers.

The ore in the wagons is classified as DSO or “Direct Shipped Ore”. It is the highest grade of ore, with 70% iron


  1. This ore lies in a diamond belt. Is the government checking what’s in this ore being sent out of the country? I have a gut feeling that says there is some diamond in this ore because the mining area lies in close proximity to a diamond mining region. Is there any quartz in this as well? Does GOL have geologists and other experts to verify what’s embeded in the ore ??

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