Arab Mission, GOL Propose Revised Financing Allocation for Gbarnga-Salayea Road


A joint-mission comprising representatives of the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) and the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) have ended a three-day visit to the country during which discussions were held with the relevant government authorities and an agreement reached after a series of technical meetings to propose a revised financing arrangement for each contributing donor.

The revision came about following the winning contractor’s bid offer for the Gbarnga-Salayea Road Project. The mission also reviewed with the Government’s possibility of the usage of the surplus for Section-2, Salayea-Konia 50.2km stretch of the road.

During the Joint Arab Mission to the country from November 13-15, the team reviewed progress made by the GOL in the procurement of the civil works contractor of Phase 1 of the Gbarnga-Salayea 81 km segment of the road.

According to the Aide Memoire signed at the end of the visit, in order to facilitate the ease of attributing financing commitments, the entire  “Gbarnga-Konia-Mendikoma Road Project”  has been restructured as  follows: Phase 1: Gbarnga-Konia Road (131km) and Phase 2 Konia-Voinjama-Mendikoma Road (143 km). Phase 1 is divided into two sections: Section 1 is Gbarnga- Salayea (81 km) and Section 2 is Salayea-Konia 50km. While Phase 2 comprises four (4) sections which include: Section 1 Konia-Barzewen (26km), Section 2 Barzewen-Voinjama (38km), Section 3 Voinjama-Kolahun (42 km) and Section 4 Kolahun-Mendikoma (37 km).

The Aide Memoire further mentions that “it is proposed to include Phase 1 (Section 2): Salayea-Konia to the current loan agreements of SFD, KFAED, OFID, and BADEA.” Additionally, the Memoire states that “the total updated cost of this Project (inclusive of the suggested Section 2) is estimated to be about US$ 82 million.” The Memoire further outlined a schedule of preliminary activities ahead of the commencement of construction in February 2018 and sets completion of Phase 1 (Gbarnga-Konia) of the road in November of 2020.

Moreover, the Memoire clarifies that all the recorded recommendations contained in it are subject to clearance and approval by the relevant GOL authorities and the management and Boards of SFD, KFAED, OFID, and BADEA.

The Acting Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Alvin E. Attah, who along with Public Works Minister Gyude Moore, signed the Aide Memoire on behalf of the Government of Liberia, underscored the objective of the project as being crucial in the Government’s vision of enhancing socioeconomic development in the framework of developing the transport sector with particular focus on developing, expanding and integrating the country’s road network.

Meanwhile, the Mission visited the Liberia Airport Authority (LAA) and the National Port Authority (NPA) where other projects are being vigorously undertaken.


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