APRM Reaches Southeast


The African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) national sensitization and outreach is making its mark in southeastern Liberia.

Chief launcher, Assistant Minister of Finance for Administration Stanley Barh, serving as proxy for Minister Boima Kamara, told citizens to call a spade a spade when it comes to how their resources are used.

He said county and social development funds are intended for local projects in their various communities and therefore residents must hold authorities accountable in on how they expend the funds.

The funds, he said, “Helps to grade government at the end of its tenure.”

APRM’s acting executive director Gobah A. Anderson said the organization educates citizens on good governance and encourages people to tell their own story to meet global standard.

The APRM national sensitization campaign is nationwide, according to communications outreach officer A. Trokon Tarr, to prepare citizens to evaluate the government’s performance.

He said APRM is an independent body from outside the country that by June this year will grade the government before the transfer of power to the next administration.

He said APRM was organized in March 2003 with Liberia becoming its 34th member in 2011. It now has 36 members with 79 percent of the continent’s population having been sensitized on its objectives.

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