‘April Fool’ Causes Stir in MOVEE

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An ‘April Fool’ media report that former CBL Governor Dr. Mills Jones had broken silence on his political plans and had pledged support to Vice President Joseph Boakai’s Presidential bid caused anxiety in the newly established political party, the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), causing its chairman to react to the report.

MOVEE Chairman Dee-Maxwell Kemayah denied that Dr. Jones had ever divulged his political plans as insinuated by the ‘April Fool’ report.
He said Dr. Jones has not yet broken silence on his political ambition as speculated in the story.

The story, which caused an upset in the party, was broadcast on April 1 by the Renaissance Communication Incorporated, owner of Truth FM/ Real TV as an ‘April Fool’ report.

“We are all cognizant of the fact that today, April 1 is April Fool Day. While it is true we recognize that, we want to be quick to point out that as a party that takes into consideration the Liberian gullible society, we do not want to take a joke that has serious implications on the lives of the almost four million Liberians for granted,” Mr. Kemayah said at a press conference.

He said the report implied that Dr. Jones recently made the disclosure to the media, which he said was “false, because Dr. Jones has not considered breaking silence on his political ambition.”

Mr. Kemayah also denied that the party was in discussions with the V.P. Boakai camp regarding support from Dr. Jones to Ambassador Boakai.

“We would like to state here in the strongest terms that the assertion is far from the truth; this is not reality and has no iota of truth. It is a clear attempt, we believe as a party, on the part of the detractors to draw the attention of our partisans to other political parties,” said chairman Kemayah.

The MOVEE national chairman warned that those who are behind the propaganda using April Fool’s Day as a facade should stop, “because almost every Liberian depends on Dr. Jones’ leadership, even though he has not broken silence on his presidency bid.”

Kemayah said the lives of Liberians are not lives that one should play fool with, adding: “The people are suffering and looking for a redeemer, so there will be no way that the former governor will just support the camp of Ambassador Boakai.”

“If you are patriotic or true nationalists, you will not take such a joke. Even April Fool has a limit. We received a lot of calls since this morning from the 15 counties including the Diaspora, who expressed concern on the issue. As national chairman of MOVEE, which Dr. Jones is an affiliate member, I deny the report because this man has not broken silence on any political ambition, no support to anybody. Even if he has to, he will not dash the hope of Liberians who believe in his leadership and economic empowerment.”

Chairman Kemayah said Dr. Jones is considered by many Liberians as a man of hope for their future; a promise that they hope will not be dashed.


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