APM Terminals Promises to Enforce Safety, Security, Others at Freeport

Commercial Manager of APM Terminals Mr. Sheriff presents safety materials to Celia Cuffy-Brown, acting managing director of the National Port Authority while Erickson Brown looks on

By Alvin Worzi

The management of the APM Terminals has promised to enforce health, safety, security and good environment (HSSE), to ensure a better working condition for employees and port users.

Commercial Manager Noah Sheriff made the promise on Wednesday, May 2 at a program in observance of Global Safety Day, hosted under the theme, “Stronger and Safer Together” at the company’s office at the Freeport of Monrovia.

Mr. Sheriff said the company remains unwavering in ensuring that every employee is safe, especially at work, noting that the management was delighted to celebrate the global safety day with everyone, including its customers and port users.

The program was witnessed by acting managing director of the National Port Authority (NPA) Cecelia Cuffy-Brown, former Miss Liberia Annie Broderick, the Port Trucker Association, and Dock Workers Union, among others.

“Nothing is most important than safety at the APM Terminals. Apart from the targets that have been set, we have one daily goal, which is to come to work safely and return to our loved ones safely at the end of the day,” Sheriff said.

Mr. Sheriff said there is a need for each employee to be their brother’s keeper and believes that safety will always be considered at work.

“I’m prepared for a lot of challenges, but will not want to call someone’s husband or wife due to an incident at work and say your loved one is unable to come home today. Unfortunately, in 2012, we lost one of our operations men and it took a big toll on APM Terminals,” he said.

Mr. Sheriff said while every employee is working to make sure vessels come and leave, employees should refrain from the use of unsafe methods that will lead to the loss of life.

APM Terminals workers, along with Port Truckers Association, Dock Workers Union, and other invited guests well seated yesterday during the program

Celia Cuffy-Brown, acting managing director of the National Port Authority (NPA), cautioned the management and employees to consider safety in whatever they do.

“Imagine if you came to work and you did not return home, how your wife or husband would feel as well as your children? Who will you leave your children with when people work to be able to take care of their family?” director Cuffy-Brown said.

She continued, “This is a technical area and I want you to be serious about safety. Please dress in line with the environment or the work that you do. Let us change the way we think and observe safety methods. We want you to come to work and return home safely.”

Mr. Erickson Brown, head of health, safety, security and good environment (HSSE) said his department has been working over a year trying to put a system and processes together, and was proud to introduce the company’s new manual.

“This is our ‘bible’ for which we operate. We will tell you how the company and the environment are safe and you will be able to go back home safely,” Mr. Brown said. He lauded the HSSE staff and the operational team for the hard work in ensuring that such is achieved.

APM Terminals has 75 ports around the world, including Port of Douala in Cameroon, the Port of Abidjan in Nigeria, and Port of Tema in Ghana, among others. It also operates one of the world’s most comprehensive ports and integrated inland service networks, which is uniquely positioned to help both shipping lanes and landslide customers grow their businesses and achieve better supply chain.



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