APM Terminals Identifies with Nat’l Youth Task Force on COVID-19

Receiving the items, Youth and Sports Minister, Zeogar Wilson (3rd from right), lauded APM Terminals Liberia Ltd. for the gesture and promised to use the rice for the intended purpose.

APM Terminal Liberia Ltd. donated one thousand bags of 25kg rice to the National Youth Task Force against COVID-19.

APM Terminal Liberia Ltd. Managing Director, Mr. George Adjei, said the donation is intended to buttress government’s effort in the fight against the global pandemic.

Mr. Adjei asserted that the entity, in collaboration with Montserrado County District 13 Representative, Edward Flomo, has opened several washing hands stations in the district to prevent the spread of the virus.

The APMT Managing Director also advised the steps taken in collaboration with his counterpart at the National Port Authority, Hon. Bill Twehway, to protect the Free Port of Monrovia from the global pandemic, taking cognizance of the fact that “the Free Port of Monrovia is a key cornerstone in the supply chain infrastructure of Liberia”.

Receiving the items, Youth and Sports Minister Zeogar Wilson lauded APM Terminals Liberia Ltd. for the gesture and promised to use the rice for the intended purpose.

Minister Wilson recounted that the company plays a cardinal role in the development agenda of Liberia, referencing the support to the National County Sports Meet.


  1. APM Terminal at the free port of Monrovia is really exploiting the Liberian government and her people at the expense of few individuals that protecting APM from kickback. Liberian government is getting peanuts in comparison to what APM is getting. Why are Liberians so tolerance about just any decision from their government in terms of businesses operating in Liberia that contribute immensely to the growth of the economy. My frustration goes out to my government for allowing all kinds of nonsense fees that Liberians are subjected to for shipping a container to Liberia. Why should there be a expiration date on “will bill”? Why are they charging for “tracking number” when the shipping lines are issuing free tracking numbers once your “Bill of landing” is issued? Why our government demand “Beaver” that cost Liberians money and the very government don’t honour the duties that has been established by Beever? Beever collect these unnecessary fees from Liberians, and once the container get to Liberia, LRA will do the math over and the Beever documents goes in the garbage. So why was the reason involving Beever to start with?

    APM Terminal has established all kinds of unnecessary fees without our government or lawmakers questioning them for justification. The free port of Monrovia should now be called the “expensive port” of Monrovia. Why are we still calling our port “Free port”? There is nothing free at the port of Monrovia since Ellen Johnson Sirleaf took office and president Weah has even become worst to create more difficulties for Liberians. The port of Monrovia is one of the country gate way to prosperity and I really don’t understand why Liberian government decided to monopolize the shipping industry to APM Terminal. When will our government do the right thing once for Liberian interest? The cost of shipping container now to Liberia is totally loosing business considering the fees and there are never ending.

    The average cost of clearing container in Liberia under Charles Taylor administration was $3,500 for a 40ft and $2,300 for a 20ft which was just reasonable considering our cost of living. There was no Beever requirement and the port was the gate way to Liberia. Now it is costing Liberians the minimal of $11,500 to $45,000.00 just to clear a container at the free port of Monrovia. What is really free here to be called free port? Most of these fees are charges from APM Terminal called demolition fees and storage fees.They give you 5 days including weekends and holidays to clear the container when they are not working on weekends and holidays. Now, storage fees starts to accumulates after the 5 days grace period. All these tactics are meant to exploit Liberians and our government officials are in bed with APM Terminal since they can not regulate how charges are being applied. APM Terminal regulate herself in terms of how to charge.

    I think it’s about time Liberians advocate to re- established the use of Buchanan port for people to have choices about which port to used. This will create some competition since APM Terminal will soon realized that, people now have choice to make and not monopolize as usual. We can’t have the port of Buchanan sitting there doing nothing when the port of Monrovia continue to exploit the Liberian people via APM Terminal, Beever, tracking numbers and many more to name. This nonsense has to stop. Enough is enough and we need to create this 2nd opening chance for shipping to Liberia to beep up the competition. Remember, competition brings about development.

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