Antoinette Tubman Public School in Crozierville Renovation Completed

Antoinette Tubman Public School in Crozierville Township, renovated by Grace International

Several Students and teachers of the Antoinette Tubman Public School in Crozierville Township, rural Montserrado County were seen in a jubilant mood recently following the successful completion of a major renovation carried out on their school.

With support from Grace International, a charity organization in Liberia, the school renovation was completed and turned over to the administration on January 27, 2021, in the Township of Crozierville.

Emmet Kennedy, Vice Principal for Instruction (VPI), told the Daily Observer that the project came at the time when the Township Commissioner of Crozierville, Madam Ruth L.  James in collaboration with the school administration crafted a proposal to rally support for the school renovation.

In an excited mood, Kennedy said as God could have it, a son of Harrisburg who is the head of the Grace International once visited the school campus and recognized the need to contribute to the renovation.  

Kennedy: “I feel very proud and happy today to see our school being renovated because over 25 years now we have been experiencing a serious problem with the building. The entire roof was damaged, students used to flush out the water from the classroom before class can start.”

Mr. Kennedy said one of the major challenges the administration faces currently is that the school is understaffed, something he said has caused him to go back into the classroom to teach.

“If the government can send us additional teachers, it will be good for us,” he pleaded.

The Antoinette Tubman Public School had been facing several challenges ranging from a damaged roof, lack of good bathrooms and electricity constraints among others. The school currently has an enrollment of more than 350 students.

He has called on the government to rally around the school administration to make the school great in the Township because it is one of the oldest schools in the area.

“Right now we need about 400 chairs to enhance the students’ learning process. Our partners have promised to provide other learning materials,” he noted.

However, Mr. Kennedy believes that if everyone can play an individual role as a citizen to support the school, Crozierville will make the difference.

“Just imagine over the past seven to eight years students have been finding it very difficult to learn. They are still sitting on the floors and windows to learn which is unacceptable in our modern era,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kennedy has revealed that despite the numerous challenges the students are determined to learn.

Interestingly; he told the Daily Observer that for the academy 2019/2020 West African Examination Council (WAEC) Exams, 80% of the students from the school who sat the exams did extremely well.

“We sent 31 students in total for the exams, seven (7) from Six Grade and 24 from the 9th grade, and only one person failed. The students at the Antoinette Tubman Public School are always making us proud,” he said.

Theresa Clinton, a 9th Grade student, expressed gratitude to Grace International for the level of support to the school, especially the people of Crozierville.

Student Clinton recounted the organization’s commitment to the reconstruction of the damaged bridge which linked Crozierville, Harrisburg, White Plains and other communities.  

Thereasa Clinton, student of the 9th Grade at the Antoinette Tubman Public School in the Crozierville Township doing an assignment.

Student Clinton, 20 years old, is determined to learn based on her articultion and her ability to withstand the struggle of life. She sells potato greens to support herself in school.

She told the Daily Observer that her worry was over because the school has been renovated. ” We use to flush the water out of the class when it rains, in fact, while in class if the rain falls that day, it means that there will be no lesson for us. But thank God for Grace International,” she said.

It can be recalled, that the Daily Observer once reported on August 17, 2019 that as a result of a heavy downpour of rain, the bridge linking Crozierville-White Plains and other communities collapsed, causing students, business people, motorcyclists, drivers, as well as passersby to encounter difficulties moving from one point to another in that part of rural Montserrado.

“Currently, the Grace International is undertaking the reconstruction of the damage bridge, we want to say a big thank you to them,” Clinton added.

According to authorities of Grace International, for the last 14 years, they have provided medical supplies to hospitals and clinics as well as renovated several schools in Lofa, Bong and Montserrado other parts of the Country.   


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