Anti-Winker Comments Anger Pres. Weah

Pres. Weah: "We as people need to come together and mourn the loss of our compatriots."

…Advises opposition politicians

President George Weah has taken exception to comments from critics of Archbishop Isaac S. Winker’s recent “prophetic statement” that those who are opposing the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government are doomed to meet the wrath of God.

He also admonished the opposition to learn from his compassion and example, beginning from 2005 to 2011, when he unsuccessfully ran twice for the presidency without agitating.

The President also cautioned Liberians against being disrespectful and hateful of one another, an Executive Mansion release has said.

According to the release, Weah made specific reference to a recent barrage of insults rained down on Archbishop Isaac S. Winker of the Dominion Christian Church over his “prophetic” assertions made a fortnight ago. President Weah stressed that parents, elderly people and national leaders deserve the respect of their people at all times.

The President bemoaned the constant habit of some citizens, including some educated persons, of continuously spewing invectives and other forms of profanities on radio and television, while children are listening and watching, adding: “I wonder whether these folks are still angry and dispirited for not being voted into power.”

“My success in life, including becoming president, is due to my love and respect for constituted authorities, for the state and fellow citizens,” he said.

The President’s statement stemmed from the almost total lack of morals as well as “unacceptable social behaviors” that are being shown by many Liberians.

According to the release, while specifically referring to the country’s youth, Weah said attitudes and behaviors towards parents, elderly people, and national leaders largely determine one’s success in life; something he said is one of the secrets for his success, including being President of Liberia.

He cautioned Liberians against indulging in hostile and intolerable behaviors that are incompatible (unsuitable, inappropriate) with acceptable social norms, particularly the tendency of showing disrespect to parents, elderly people and national leaders.

The President, according to the release, spoke Sunday, February 3, 2019, at the City Hope International Church in Oldest Congo Town.

He expressed disappointment about what he said is the spree of unprecedented disparagement and utter disrespect being shown against parents, the elderly and those in authority by some citizens, including the “so-called elites and educated persons.”

The President described as unfortunate that even people, who are calling for Liberia to be declared a Christian State, are among those disobeying the simplest commandment of the Bible regarding respect for fathers and mothers.

President Weah stressed that parents, elderly people and national leaders deserve the respect of their people at all times.

“I did not one day go on Facebook or radio stations to insult any leader or cause anyone to do so. Everyone here knows the stories from past elections,” he said.

Weah added, “Even when I was not made the preferred person, I did not rain insults on anyone, because it was not the approved time by God for me to become President of Liberia.”

He called on those bent on creating unnecessary commotion to bear in mind that power is inherent in the people, stressing, “If the people do not give you power at a particular time, it does not mean you should resort to insulting everybody, including elderly people and national leaders.”

Weah decried such deportment and appealed to Liberians to desist, learn to respect mothers and fathers, one another, as well as elderly people and national leaders, as he did for 12 years as an opposition politician.

The President thanked the leadership of City Hope Church for the honor.


  1. this presdient cannot open his mouth about the rapes and stealing going on and the death threats but can protect this pupu platoo minister. The minister hungry and got small small girls in the church. God coming.

  2. Cowardly alias Citizen Samuel, (FYI), GMW correctly used the Archbishop Winker episode to underscore a new normal of hate-mongering in Liberian politics. And, from our point of view, the trend is driven by detractors ranging from few politicos to angry media hacks and Opposition partisan echo chambers allegedy emboldened by a steady stream of secret funds and direction from foreign regime change experts. Of course, that he brought up this bad behavior would be seen as getting his attention, and could explain choice of the word “Anger” in this headline.

    Undoubtedly, as was evident last year at Charlotesville, Virginia and elsewhere in the United States, such toxic political discourse left unchecked do descend into deadly violence. Malicious people may use them as motive for shooting worshippers in churches and synagogues, or mailing homemade bombs to addresses of unsuspecting targets. These crude cowboys’ characteristics our elites have inculcated is a far cry from democractic behavior, which promise and premise put dialogue and open exchange of ideas at the core, therefore, making responsible freedom of expression indispensable to the political process

    In any case, those of us that once watched asornists plotting to set fires are like smoke detectors alarming imminent potential loss of lives. For instance, on Tuesday, someone forwarded an excerpted letter from a Ghanaian newspaper written to President Akufo-Addo by the Rawling administration’s Minister of National Security, Mr. Kofi Totobi Quaykyi. Through this communication, he predicted a bloodbath in Ghana should by-election violence witnessed on January 31, 2019 be repeated during the 2020 elections. Thank God, we’ve engaged our political discourse longer and religiously despite relentless rabid abuse to dissuade someone from a stubborn liberty-conscious stock.

  3. I fully agree with the President, but must respectfully remind him that there are TEN COMMANDMENTS in the Bible, including one that clearly forbids stealing. Here they are, in basic English:
    1. You must have no other Gods but me.
    2. You must not make any idol, nor bow down to it or worship it.
    3. You must not misuse the name of the Lord your God.
    4. You must remember and keep the Sabbath day holy.
    5. You must respect your father and mother.
    6. You must not commit murder.
    7. You must not commit adultery.
    8. You must not steal.
    9. You must not give false evidence against your neighbor.
    10. You must not be envious of your neighbor’s things, house, wife, etc.

  4. Mr. President, you’re civil in your dealing but your henchmen are not. They propel the very things you disgust. To every action there’s equal and opposite reaction. If it has to stop, it has to stop all around.

  5. Mr. President, it is unfortunate to note that you must reap what you sowed. The political institution, that you head, is in the constant habit of using invective on opposition leaders, and their followers, therefore you must expect an imminent back blast.

  6. Why is Liberia getting tense? Liberia is getting tense because Weah’s administration is indirectly traumatizing the citizens through his policies.

    If I may cite this correlation: when a government brutally shifts the naturalized resources of their countries to unexplained projects, it sends shock waves and trauma throughout the population especially among the poor and the needed.

    The poor depend on the proceeds of the sales of their natural resources to survive. Our economy is termed a subsistence economy (from hand to mouth). Many of our people are living marginally; therefore, government should make wise of the revenue intakes to better the lives of the people.

    Too much poverty causes people to lose respect for themselves and therefore their leaders. And if they do not love themselves, then they will not love others. If the people are not doing well, they will project their anger on the government because they see the government as the source of their miseries.

    If the trend continues without the leadership doing anything about it, it will be resisted with words. And if words do not suffice, then it will be resisted with both words and blows. The latter is not what both parties are longing for, as Liberia has been on this path before, and we all know what happened next.

    If President Weah truly believes in what he says that, “Power is inherent in the people” then he has to address the issue of the misappropriation and misapplication of the resources and the resultant effect of poverty.

    Last, I beseech him to test my correlation. And it is: maximize economic opportunities and benefits for all Liberians, and it will help in curtailing the instabilities that are on the horizon for Liberia.

  7. A Point of correction please: I meant to say, “When a government brutally shifts the natural resources of its country to unexplained projects.” Sorry for the typos.

  8. Hogwash.

    For a dozen years with reportedly USD $15 billion in direct investments, salaries and perks of few were hiked consuming a third of annual budget, and invincible corruption was christened “vampire” while pervasive poverty became the lot of about seventy-five of the population. But as soon as he was elected and talked about prioritizing welfare of the poor, media politicos rumored to be funded by foreign regime change agents went nuts. Most astoshingly, a country supposedly operating under rule of law sat supinely while a group calling itself “economic terrorists” wear uniforms and make threats.

    The same incessant incitements are challenges faced by governments in the Mano River Union basin, however, their political leaderships were never overwhelmed by lethargy and paralysis. Government has constitutional authority to maintain law and order and protect the state. Mr. Musa Dean, Minister of Justice, is Attorney General and Chairman of the Security Sector, and, perhaps, his Office should research the statutes about the legality of economic terrorists. To claim signs of instability are political questions won’t wash: “A stitch in time saves nine”.

    And knowing the mentality of some of our people, as long as a course of action benefit them financially, treasonous or whatever, they don’t give a bloody damn for consequences to the country. In such unconscionable selfishness, some guys joke we are unique. Whether that assessment right or wrong doesn’t matter, but let’s give our current precarious situation the urgency it deserves: Talking isn’t enough.

    • This is Sylvester Moses at it again, advising the president to set example on opposition elements. This is the same kind of advice this same Sylvester Moses and anti-democratic elements gave Mr. Doe which eventually led to his downfall.

      Firstly, and in order to justify their purgery of elements in society they detest, they link those people to “external forces,” “agents of regime change,” sometimes they refer to them as communists, saboteurs, subversives, insurgents, troublemakers, etc., etc. They do so to make the targets easily expendable. Read the last paragraph in this guy’s post above and the coded diabolism couldn’t be any explicit or clearer. Here is it for your easy reference. Take note of especially the last sentence:

      “…And knowing the mentality of some of our people, as long as a course of action benefit them financially, treasonous or whatever, they don’t give a bloody damn for consequences to the country. In such unconscionable selfishness, some guys joke we are unique. Whether that assessment right or wrong doesn’t matter, but let’s give our current precarious situation the urgency it deserves: Talking isn’t enough.”- Sylvester Moses

      Folks, this guy is dangerous! and should not be taken for granted. He is one of those who pitted us against one another and here he sits today, enjoying retirement while thousands of our loved ones were annihilated as a result of these same misguided advice he and self-seeking others gave Doe.

      Once again, he is suggesting to the Weah administration as can be decipher from his utterance above, to kill one of its critics as a “lesson” to shut us up. See what happens in the next few months. You heard it here first.

      • i have no respect for sylvester moses. he was the NSA director during the Doe administration. thousands were murdered during his tenure. He did nothing but incite riots, kidnappings, and torture. Nobody listening to his [email protected] My dad hated Moses as he sat there and creadted dissention.


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