Ansu Dulleh Pulls Out of LFA VPO Election

"Mr. Bility has asked me with respect and dignity to step aside for Mr. Sekou Konneh to go unopposed," Ansu Dulleh.

Barrack Young Controllers president Sekou Konneh will go unopposed for the vacant vice president for operation post during the 22nd extraordinary congress of the Liberia Football Association due to the withdrawal of Director of Competition, Ansu Dulleh.

Dulleh yesterday announced his withdrawal with less than three days to the congress scheduled to be held at the PA’s Rib House in Lakpazee this weekend. The constituted LFA Elections Committee recently qualified the two candidates to contest for the vacant post.

The vacant post was created due to the resignation of LFA’s former VPO Cassell Anthony Kuoh, who is currently behind bars in the United States.

According to Dulleh, his withdrawal was done in the best interest of the development of the game. He said he expressed interest after he was told that no club president was contesting.

“I was overwhelmed by the many calls from club presidents who continue to encourage me to contest for the post since no club president was vying for the post at the time,” he said.

“I’ve always said that I will give the opportunity to any club president who wants to contest for the position.”

Dulleh said he reconsidered his decision after a series of meetings with the LFA president and his supporting club presidents.

Following talks with Konneh, Dulleh said he had no option but to withdraw to give him a chance to form part of the administration.

“We all agree that Liberian football is facing difficult time and needs new ideas so we as club presidents need to take a decision for the betterment of a league and our teams.”

Konneh earlier this week announced his ambition to contest for the vacant post highlighting the introduction of new ideas to contribute to the growth of football in the Liberia after his ambition was endorsed by some club presidents.

“I am bringing new creative ideas involving stakeholders to see themselves as the FA by participating or contributing to key decisions that affect them. The clubs are the ones that are affected by good or bad decisions taken by the LFA and we must take the lead to bring about development in Liberian football,” he told a local daily.

In another development, the LFA has disclosed that 39 clubs and affiliates have been qualified for the LFA bye-elections this weekend.

According to a release, three teams from the ongoing LFA 3rd Division Playoffs will be admitted at the Congress and will be allowed to participate in the voting process.

List of clubs and affiliates:

Member Clubs

  1. Monrovia Club Breweries FC
  2. BYC I
  3. BYC II
  4. Nimba United F C
  5. FC Fassell
  7. Gardnersville FC
  8. Keitrace FC
  9. Jubilee FC
  10. Invincible Eleven
  11. Mighty Barrolle
  12. LPRC Oilers FC
  13. ELWA United
  14. NPA Anchors FC
  15. Small Town FC
  16. Nimba FC
  17. Tony FC
  18. Jai FC
  19. Nimba Kwado FC
  20. Bea Mountain FC
  21. Watanga FC

Women’s Football

  1. Professional Sisters
  2. Senior Professional
  3. Earth Angels
  4. Blanco FC
  5. Determine Girls
  6. Naskid FC
  7. World Girls
  8. Island Queens


  1. LONA


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