Another Stolen Ebola Food Saga Surfaces in Karnplay


Another stolen Ebola food saga has again surfaced in Nimba County. The reports are specifically coming from Karnplay, a town on the border with Ivory Coast.

This reporter learned that a huge quantity of bulgur wheat, intended for distribution to citizens in the wake of the deadly Ebola virus, was allegedly discovered illegally in the possession of some individuals.

Nimba Electoral District # 3 Rep. Samuel Woleh has accused Karnplay City Mayor, Ms. Evelyn Gweh, of being behind the alleged illegal possession. He has asked the police to investigate the matter.

But Mayor Gweh denies any connection to the alleged illegal possession and added that no one from her office was part of the distribution of the bulgur wheat.  The major says she has no knowledge of how the distribution of the Ebola food was conducted.

However, she claimed that the distribution was carried out by an NGO based on their own data and no one from the city office was part of the distribution.

Speaking on a local radio station in Ganta last Friday, Mayor Gweh said she was surprised to hear that Rep. Woleh had linked her to something that she doesn’t know about.

She further stated that she had always been close to the Representative, but he has not reciprocated with open arms toward her.

The City Major further accused the lawmaker of not even being concerned about development initiatives and other activities in Karnplay.

She said she sees the lawmaker’s accusation as a political game only meant to tarnish her good character that she has built over the years.

Madam Gweh succeeded Samuel Woleh as City Mayor of Karnplay in what many described as “a disputed transition.”

Rep. Woleh served as City Mayor for several years until 2011 when he was removed from office and replaced by Evelyn Gweh, a maneuver he accused the late Representative, Martin Farngalo, of orchestrating based on political differences.

Police sources in Nimba have confirmed the stolen bulgur wheat incident, and said an investigation was ongoing in Karnplay where the incident allegedly occurred.

It can be recalled that on October 27, the Ganta Magisterial Court threw out the stolen Ebola Rice case because the prosecution lacked sufficient evidence to back their charges against the suspected perpetrators.

Whether in this other case there will be enough evidence for the prosecuting team, is yet to be established.


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