Another Nimba Candidate for Representative Dies

The late Mr. Pozar shown here addressing supporters on the campaign trail, with his wife seated to the right

Cat bites a third candidate, intensifying rumors of ‘juju’

In the space of one week, Nimba County has lost two candidates for the House of Representatives, the latest death being that of John Pozar, whose campaign materials were also being printed for distribution among his supporters.

The late Pozar, a son of Beo-Blemieplay, Twah River near the Liberian-Ivoirian border, was contesting for the Nimba County District # 4 seat on the ticket of the opposition United People’s Party (UPP) of MacDonald Wento. The deceased’s estranged wife, Marie D. Pozar, is also contesting for the same seat.

Reports monitored from the county yesterday via social media comments shortly after the news of Pozar’s death broke, speak of fear gripping candidates for Representative, especially those vying against the incumbents. Eight of the nine incumbents are seeking re-election.

Mr. Pozar’s death follows that of the candidate of Electoral District #7, Morris K. Sanoe last week. Sanoe has already been buried, but his supporters, despite a medical report that said he died of ‘cardiac respiratory arrest,’ still believe he died from ‘African Science.’

A close relative of the late Pozar told the Daily Observer via mobile phone yesterday that the candidate took ill recently after he reportedly shook hands with his main political opponent  (not named).

After coming down with the ‘common flu,’ the family said his condition worsened to the extent that he developed a bloated stomach which led the family to take him to a herbalist in Gbor Gwelay, a town north of Bahn, Zoe-Geh provincial city. Pozar was reportedly being treated in a ‘sick bush’ where he died early yesterday.

While the cause of Pozar’s death is yet to be established, some point to ‘juju’ (African science), which some members of his family and supporters are claiming was sent from a political rival.

Garrison D. Yealue is the incumbent Representative of District #4.

In a related development, another candidate for Representative of Electoral District #7 (name withheld) is reportedly undergoing treatment after being bitten by a stray cat during recent political discussions with his constituents. The incident has fueled rumors of African science at play in the political arena in Nimba County.

The candidate is said to be responding well to traditional treatment.


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