Another Internal Auditor Mysteriously Dead

The late Emmanuel Barthan Nyeswa, CFE, Director General, IAA

Did E. Barten Nyeswa, Liberia’s chief of internal audit, really fall to his death?

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action,” wrote British author Ian Lancaster Fleming, author of the twelve-part James Bond series of spy novels. The quote comes from “You Only Live Twice”, the final book in the Bond series. We borrow this apt quote from the late Fleming, who was also a journalist and a British Naval intelligence officer, to learn a thing or two about the wave of mysterious deaths of ranking financial professionals in the Liberian government’s employ.

The death of Emmanuel Barten Nyeswa, the Director-General of Liberia’s Internal Audit Agency, one of the nation’s integrity institutions, appears to have hit a high note, first by being the third auditor and the fourth financial professional dead in eight days; and also by further cementing public suspicions that all the deaths are murders with a common thread.

Enemies or friends?

Nyeswa, who was pronounced dead by health authorities at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Monrovia early Saturday morning, reportedly suffered from a fall from a narrow doorway on the top floor of his home along the SKD Boulevard.

According to our source, that night, Nyeswa had entertained three male friends and a female at his home. Another source mentioned that the head of another autonomous government agency also visited Nyeswa that night. Because we could not reach this individual for comment, the official’s name is being withheld.

Though it remains unclear who all visited Mr. Nyeswa and what all transpired at his home up to the alleged fall that happened up to 3 a.m. that night, the scene appears to be screaming with clues incongruous to the prevailing narrative that he may have fallen to his death.

Door to his death

There is a narrow door at the top floor above the entrance of the house, from which Nyeswa is believed to have fallen. It is not the width of a normal door, but about half the width. Someone the size of Nyenswa would have needed to turn sideways to pass through that door.

The narrow door (above) from which IAA Director-General Nyeswa reportedly fell to his death on the spot surrounded by Jerry cans and beer crates.

Moreover, outside that door is is a ledge with barely enough space for his feet — and then an instant drop — meaning that there is no porch or platform or even a banister to protect one from falling. This is clearly something Nyeswa would have known about his dwelling place, which begs questions about what may have caused him to venture out there at that height and at that time of the morning. Was he running or hiding from someone?

And even if he went out on the ledge on his own volition, the chances of him falling to his death from a height of not more than 15 feet will depend on whether he attempted to jump or was pushed; or perhaps he was killed and then thrown from that height.

A source told the Daily Observer that, due to the potential danger of injury by falling, many items were packed behind that door from the inside to prevent any possibility of such danger. Yet, one can only wonder why such a door existed in what appears to be a beautifully built home.

Surveillance cameras out of order?

The late Nyeswa’s abode sits on approximately one lot along the SKD Boulevard, with a backyard entrance on the boulevard and front yard entrance on a side street. The place was teeming with residents of the community, as well as professional colleagues and commercial motorcyclists who showed up to catch a glimpse of the scene where the IAA bossman met his demise. Just following daybreak Saturday, Health Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah visited the scene and reportedly burst into tears. By the time she arrived, however, Nyeswa’s corpse had been moved from the scene to the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Inside the yard, people sat in wonder and bewilderment at what might have caused Mr. Nyeswa’s death.

The house features at least eight external surveillance cameras, which cover all angles of the exterior and the yard, including a swimming pool in the front. One of the cameras even points toward the mysterious door where he reportedly fell from. However, a source close to the man of the house was seen crying with indignation when it was disclosed that the cameras were out of order.

Inside the yard, people sat in wonder and bewilderment, gazing at the circle of jerry cans and beer crates that were arranged to mark the spot where Nyeswa’s body was found.

By 10 a.m. Saturday, a man wearing the uniform of the presidential guard, Executive Protection Service (EPS), and who refused to disclose his name to journalists present, began to restrict access and photographs on the premises. Apart from him, there was only one other man wearing a Police uniform.

Mr. Nyeswa previously served as Deputy Executive Director for Audit before being appointed by President George M. Weah in 2018 to the helm of the IAA.

At his appointment to the helm of the IAA, his credentials came under fire, primarily from the ranks of the Liberia Institute of Certified Public Accountants (LICPA), who contended that the head of the IAA should be nkne other than a CPA. But Emmanuel B. Nyeswa, being a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Tax Accountant and Public Debt Auditor, with more than two decades of solid experience working in the Accounting profession, remained unmoved by his critics.

He is credited with a certificate of Appreciation by the Internal Revenue Service of America and the State of Rhode Island for teaching tax law and providing Income Tax Return Services for residents of the State of Rhode Island in the United States of America.

Mr. Nyeswa is survived by his wife and children who, according to our source, currently in the United States.


  1. Jerkins Kolubah Zoeboi Scott, the late Samuel K. Doe’ Justice Minister and Charles G. Taylor the notorious NPFL leader will absolutely have to come from his grave (Jerkins K. Z. Scott) and prison (Charles G. Taylor) respectively to lecture the present government of Liberia about the inevitable nasty consequences of killing citizens of Liberia ruthlessly. (WATCH)

  2. Last month or two a pastor from kakata said he had a dream that there will be more death in the weah govt. why? people just dying like this. this is not a good sign. Oh God please serve us all Liberians. we are in your hands. don’t look at the govt and punish us the people. please, Please Please in Jesus Name save Liberia and Liberians from the hand of untimely death, Amen.

  3. I wonder what are they thinking by engaging in killing their fellow professionals Liberians? What are they hiding that values so much than the lives of innocent professionals militants of Liberia? Are they trying to intimidate the career of being auditor or accountant in Liberia or what are their motives for senselessly killing people for simply doing their Jobs as requested by law? Intimadation style of governance has never work in Liberia and bound to failed if applied once again. The people of Liberia had twice rejected this style of leaderships under S. K. D and Charles Taylor and why will George Weah thinks, he is different and can make this happened? Killing your fellow Liberians is not the way forward because, their lives are absolutely valuable & more important than whatever secret you are desperately in hurry to protect. Stop the senselessly hate and exposes those that contracted the killers. Another sad day in our country chapter and every Liberians need to condemned this kind of violence because, there is no need for it.

    • They simply want a brain drain. They thought getting the power meant “all is permissible!” Now that they are confronted with realities, they want to silence everyone.

      Let me remind them that killing innocent people for doing their job will not solve the problem. Your records can be audited even after 10 years. Stop bereaving homes, CDC!

    • Joseph M. Akoi,

      There are some government employees who are doing this because they don’t want to be exposed. But if you caused someone’s death, the person’s spirit becomes very powerful and the spirit helps investigators to find the facts involved.

      People are doing things, and they feel that those things should not come to light. But nothing stays in the dark forever.

      The government needs spiritual protection for its employees especially those that work at the Auditing Agency… THIS IS GETTING SERIOUS! ! !

      Passed governments have been lenient, but the CDC government is trying to put somethings in place for the Liberian people.

  4. I wrote on here yesterday that all auditors “at risk” should be assigned security personnel (public or private at their own discretion and preference ) as a preventive security risk management measure due to the latest series of “mysterious deaths” now drawing a pattern. High profile auditors are mysteriously “dying”.

    This is an issue of national concern and has to be fixed at all cost. Auditors are persons at risk, assign them security personnel now!

    • John Doe,

      This is what one calls Spiritual warfare against the CDC governments by some agents in the government. They don’t want audit so as such they designing every spiritual ways to silence those who want good for the people of Liberia.

      It is not physical people but rather spiritual.. Two deaths seen at the Catholic Church were physical, but this one is not.

      Someone or some people are behind these killings, and they will be booked very soon. This is Liberia and we can find out.

  5. When you put a wicked person at the helm of power, that is what you get. Weah saw Ellen and her son Robert masterminding the killing of Liberians to cover up for their corrupt deals.

    The killing of Michael Allison who was a state witness in a theft case involving the Sirleafs and killing of Harry A. Greaves on ordered of Robert Sirleaf for fear of the latter exposing the NOCAL deal, Weah now seems to be copying from Ellen’s devilish playbook.

    He (Weah) is ordering the killing of anyone with valuable insights into his stealing enterprise: Beaten, Albert, Gifty, Fanbuto, and more to come.

    • Jackson Neal, Harry Greaves got killed after he was set to document statements at the ICC regarding the war crimes of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

      DO NOT LINK the death of Cllr. Michael Allison to anyone! THE TRUTH IS THAT the late Cllr. Allison WAS KILLED AFTER he Allison reportedly blew the whistle that led to an ongoing corruption investigation by the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission or LACC involving the then Speaker J. Alex Tyler of the House of Representatives, and Montserrado County Representative Adolph Lawrence, the husband of Nyonblee Karngar Lawrence who herself was the public relations officer justifying corruption at the very LPRC.

      The Liberian people are very glad that President Weah has invited the worlds most sophisticated investigators THE FBI to carry out their forensic combing to expose those who have, for their selfish and extremely wicked political or financial desires chosen to kill professionals helping government to track down thieves and raise revenues.

  6. In Liberia we don’t do regular checkup and doctor visit we don’t exercise that much and not able to control our eating habits, heart attacks is a silent killer we shouldn’t be quick to conclude and point finger let wait for doctor reports to know the cost of death .

    • Mr. Reeves! Who death are you referring to, or referencing about quick judgement being made? These folks were killed. Just by Living in Liberia is an act of excercise all by itself. Just the daily activities is a good workout for many. People handkerchief are not regular one but small size bath towels to accommodate the sweat from the body and you talking about excercising? The vast majority of people in Liberia are even more fit physically than many that lives in America, England, you name it. People walk from plumkor to J.F.K everyday and you think such individuals are not fit? You must be missing the point of fitness.

      About regular medical checkups is for those that can afford it because, the average Liberians don’t have that luxury of doing so and most of all, the income of one individual is sustaining 7 to 8 members of one household or family. This one income takes care of school fees, uniforms, feeding and basic necessities within this family. Is there any chance to allocate funds for checkup in such a family? I will say absolutely no. You get sick before they attends to your illness. Stop the fantasy of dreaming about such in Liberia.

      The reality is, our leaderships, past and present don’t have our country at heart. Look at the yearly health ministry budget in Liberia? Just recently in the recast budget of our country, our leaders took funds from the health ministry to public work because they wants to build more roads. So health care did not matter then and now, but roads. So our leaderships need to first invest in our health sectors that provide us the hope to confide once again in our hospitals. Until then, J.F.K becomes our death camp in Liberia.

      • Joseph M. Akoi,

        In leadership there are short term goals and long term goals to be achieved. At this time of our country we need roads to connect us.

        How old is this country Liberia?? My mother comes from waaay behind Gbarnga, but my people don’t even know what is roads or electricity.

        Can you imagine that? And how old is Liberia?? I think you get the point.

        Health Care issues are not immediate for now. So, I hope you reason with this government because roads are important in a country.

        Joseph M. Akoi, I don’t know if you ever went to Ivory Coast our neighbor, if you see the road network there you will cry for our country,

        I say the entire country is paved. And here we as a Rich nation, but no roads. So, please let bear with the CDC government let them build some roads for us to ride on.

  7. For some strange reasons, Liberians do not die of natural causes in Liberia. Even if someone is as old as an oak tree, when she or he passes on, the general assumption is that the dead person’s death was caused by someone, not something.

    In the case of Nyeswa’s death, my heart goes out to his family. Second, I am concerned about mysterious deaths. But as much as I am upset or concerned, I will not blame anyone until the full details of Nyewa’s death are made public, assuming that someone is looking into his mysterious death. Third, I think Liberia needs all kinds of competent doctors and hospitals. Certainly some illnesses can be cured. But if a competent healthcare giver is not around during the moment of an emergency, death occurs.

    I just cannot understand why a do-nothing Liberian lawmaker is priviledged to be given a higher compensation than a doctor or school teacher. Instead of talking about ways in which the political needle can be moved with dignity and respect, Weah’s critics do not bother to challenge the Liberian lawmakers’ compensation.

    My argument is simple.
    If the salaries of the do-nothing Liberian lawmakers’ are slashed by at least 50%, money will be saved and a good number of competent doctors could be hired. Stupidity raises its head in both Houses of the Liberian National Assembly when a legislator gets sick. Instead of going to the country’s flagship hospital (JFK), usually the sick Liberian lawmaker goes to Ghana for medical treatment.

    Lastly, I think Mr. Tony Reeves has made a point that’s worthy of consideration. Yearly check-ups ! After forty years of age, every man should do a yearly check-up. Women should do an early check-up as well..

    The word Nyeswa in Grebo means “God”.

  8. Comrade Akoi,
    Let’s understand a few things. Presidents of all foreign lands always divert funds from one Department or Ministry into another Department or Ministry in order to do whatever they want to do. For instance in America, Trump was recently accused because he diverted funds from the Defense Department in order to build his border wall against Mexico. In Liberia, if Weah took appropriated funds from the Ministry of Health to the Public Ministry in order to build roads, his move is not a new development. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying it is the right thing to do. Just to let you know that national leaders transfer funds all the time in order to do all kinds of things. Things that you and I may not agree or disagree with!

    In the case of Liberia, you’re right up to a certain point. The Ministry of Health as well as all the Ministries need their appropriated funds in order to do what the appointed Ministers have to do. But I think comrade Tony Reeves’ point should not be disqualified despite the fact that funds were diverted from one Ministry into another.

    On the issue of fitness, you’re probably right! Maybe, the average person walks a longer distance everyday in Liberia than people do in the US. (don’t want to be quoted on that). However in that sense, the Liberian people are tighter and better fit to eat hot pepper and swallow dumboy, fufu or gigba with all kinds of ingredients, less grasshoppers in the soup. When people walk, they burn calories. The burning of calories reduces fat! Regardless of that, Liberians need to exercise. (But let’s not fool ourselves. There’s poverty in America. A lot of people walk longer distances everyday in order to make it).

    Finally, I introduced the idea of yearly check-ups! If you read my comment above, you’ll see what I mean. A yearly medical check-up is an absolute must whether a person walks short or longer distances. Why? How? If a Liberian person comes up with a blood clot or blood pressure, a longer walk from Point 4 all the way to the Red Light area everyday does not guaranteed a cure. An early discovery of one’s illness will bring about a cure. The idea of a longer walk is not enough!


    • My good friend Mr. Hney! I think you misunderstood me completely and let me clarify this again. Mr. Reeves mentioned about fitness and medical checkup regularly. These are the discussion on my post. The fitness was discussed separately and examples were giving. All the kinds of food you mentioned contributed to building up energy level for that distance walk. The bottom line is, Liberians are physically fit compared to many that lives overseas.

      The next topic was regular medical checkup and I illustrated this about the income of 1 individual that sustaining a family of 8 person. Considering our salaries structure, will this medical checkup be a free service paid for by the government or subsidies in some form considering the monthly incomes of marginal Liberians? Who is going to paid for this medical checkup, Mr. Hney?

  9. Mr. Defender of the Weak,
    You have the dubious distinction of inventing ideas. By doing that, you’re showing the “true-blue” colors of the weak and disorganized opposition political parties. That’s no surprise there.

    There you are telling your readers that they are interested in a “brain drain”. Not true at all. The next thing your poor readers (God bless them) will be told is that the “fixes” are out of proportion and therefore, 2023 must be ushered in immediately in order for the “weak and disorganized” people to settle in. No body wants them! It’s a pipe dream to assume that they’re wanted.

    You gave a misleading lecture here the last time about presidential polls in America. I give you credit because you follow up on the political activities in the US, especially in terms of presidential politics, but you always fall short on the facts.

    Consider this………
    Rasmussen’s poll results are consistent with those of other polling organizations. For instance, Florida is a funny swing state. Florida went for the Bushes during their presidential contests. But, Bill Clinton and Obama won Florida when they ran for the presidency. This year, Florida is listed as “lean democrat”, not a “toss up” by the pundits as well as most credible polling organizations. Trump won the last time. This year, your Trump is not considered a cliffhanger by most Americans.

    Now, what’s about the three Midwestern “blue states” that Trump won? Well, in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, the polls have Biden in double-digit leads. The poll results are “out side” of the margin of error! In Hillary Clinton’s situation, her lead over Trump was “within” the margin of error! The best interpretation of that phenomenon is that the voters of the above Midwestern states were won by Trump because of Hillary Clinton’s refusal to campaign there during her presidential contest.

    Lastly, some states that have been known as “Red States”, (Arizona, Iowa, Georgia, North Carolina, etc) have become a “toss-up” this year. Why? Because your Trump has become a “super spreader” of the pandemic. Your Trump is short on cash. He’s not too competitive.

    The brain drain concept is not a reality. The Liberian opposition is not equipped to lead Liberia because of its weakness. Like the Liberian opposition, the Trump machine is about to be dismantled.
    Thanks for listening.

  10. Bonsoir Grand Frere,

    In less than 2 weeks, 4 auditors have mysteriously died. Do you qualify this as dubious? Do you think other qualified Liberians can easily replace them? I wouldn’t be interested in an auditing job under such rulership in Liberia right now.
    This is what we have been telling you people all the time. CDCians think that the presidency means everything is permissible without checks-and-balances, no!
    They need money for the campaign while supporters who believe in ideals are financing candidates like Senator Dillion. Do you see the difference between “real clear politics” and hooliganism?

    Let’s make politics an interesting intellectual game in Liberia. We must STOP imitating barbaric dictatorial hooligans in other African countries. We must emulate the USA, a country with whom we have many things in common.
    Therefore, I like the “weak” ANC and its standard bearer Alexander B. Cummings. We have had many strong women and men in Liberia who have only brought sorrow and destruction to poor and innocent lives.

    It is high time we gave the weak people a chance to make the rule of law to prevail instead hooliganism at every touch-and-go situation.
    I agree with you that the ANC is still disorganized. Not many people have understood why the Alternative National Congress was founded. Some think they should get there to get a job because there are no competitive brains, some think it would permit them to be seen and heard in public, etc.
    The vision will be espoused by many. We are getting there gradually. In the ANC, we have one star; the “weak” Alexander B. Cummings. Besides him, there will be no other stars but team players. If he were a strong man, he wouldn’t have won my support. I like him because he is “weak”. We will work on organization; it will surely come!

    You are again dragging me into US politics. Revisit the polls between Hilary and Trump at this time in 2016. Trump is a controversial figure. Polls will never be in his favor but he speaks to Americans in the valleys and mountains of the USA, he speaks to people who cherish and uphold conservative views, he resonates with law enforcement and the military and most importantly, he appeases people of faith.
    The categories of people above are sparing on worlds, and they usually shy away from the media; they are introverts.
    Why do you think most would want Judge Barret confirmed now while the Obama’s choice at the same time in 2016 was not even giving a hearing? Unlike Trump’s nominees, the polls were unfavorable for the Obama’s.

    Neither Biden nor Kamala will come clean on their position of packing the supreme. Both have lied on several occasions and continue to lie to the American people. They are in fact doing real African politics.
    Biden will look a supporter in the eyes and say, “no more fracking” with a loud shout of applause. Kamala will, on day one of her presidency, get rid of fossil fuels and fracking upon taken the oath of office in a primary debate, yet before the American people in a vice presidential debate, the same Kamala will look at the same American people and say they will never get rid of fracking. In fact, they have NEVER said so, according Kamala. You think American voters are crazy? Wait for November 3, I wish I had your number to ring you when Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania would be called.

    • Petarus Dolo,

      I want discuss Liberia issues. How can one falls and died from it especially someone in his 40s?. One expects people in their 80s or 90s to die from falling not someone three fourth of his life.

  11. Mr. Defender of weak causes, bonjour!

    You’re distinctive because you’re getting to be good at doing what you do. No pun intended, petite frere! None whatsoever.

    Like everyone else, I am unhappy with mysterious deaths. God knows my heart. I wish it could stop right now. However, I am relieved because Weah has requested help from Uncle Sam. In the end, I am optimistic that we will have something to talk about.

    Secondly, I am happy because you have admitted that the organization that you sweat for is in complete disarray! Since that’s understood, let’s move on

    It has become a known fact that some of the conservatives that your Trump talks to are abandoning him in droves. The Lincoln Project Conservatives are overwhelmingly supportive of Biden. Secondly, the Republican senators who are up for re-election this year are beginning to distance themselves from Trump by miles, not by 6 feet. That is terrible. And your Trump knows it from the mountaintop and valleys where he verboses. When something like that begins to happen, the song of “landslide” makes the news. Lastly, some conservatives are pure hypocrites….ah forgive me.

    Jerry Falwell Jr. is a typical example. He’s a Trumpian who was president
    of Liberty University. Recently, it was revealed that the ungentleman allowed his wife of so many years to have sex (in his presence) with a swimming pool cleaner. Just so you will know.

    Biden supports fracking in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and elsewhere. But your Trump is spreading falsehoods about Biden’s position in this issue.

    Trump is at the losing end. More to come.

  12. Mr. Dormeyan,

    You do not need to be a Socrates to know that those 4 auditors were assassinated. The 2 found in the vehicles, the one whose car collided into a house and the latest hereof were all done by professional killers.

    The first thing any investigator should work on is to submit their computers to IT specialists’ audits to see how the files they’ve been working on have been tempered with.
    Those people were assassinated, this is the danger of voting ineptitude.

  13. Whichever presidential and vice presidential candidate ever comes clean on their position of packing the US Supreme Court or any country’s Supreme Court? Politics the only game without rules, and is neither black nor grey? You are just really naive. No wonder you adore a fag Alex Cummings who is a politician and you pretend you are not aware he is a sodomite a filthy sodomite Alex Cummings.

  14. Grand Frere,

    Do you want me to send you videos (at least 3) in which Biden said he would NEVER support fracking?
    All along, he’s been advocating clean energy but because he’s being beaten in the real polls, he’s decided to change jacket.
    Look, the Biden-Kamala ticket is dangerous for 3rd world countries.

    During the 2016 election, most republicans distanced themselves from Trump. That is how come many of them like Paul Ryan, former speaker, lost his seat in the House of Representatives

  15. Mr. Defender,
    With regard to the videos, thanks, but no thanks. I’ve got enough videos. Frankly, I appreciate your offer, but no thanks.

    Please keep this with you forever. Former Speaker of the House, Mr. Paul Ryan resigned voluntarily. Ryan was not voted out. Neither would he had lost his seat if he had run.
    Another thing you should know (although it’s not connected to this argument) is that Ryan dated an African American girl before he got married. You and any curious reader should download “Paul Ryan’s African American” girlfriend. Try it!

    Say you, “the Biden-Harris ticket is dangerous for third world countries”. That’s very strange to hear you say that. You have begun to cast aspersions on a winning team when in fact you have not the slimmest idea of what the dynamic duo are up to. The reason so many Africans, Asians and others from all over the world come here on DV lottery visas is because of the Democrats. The Biden-Harris tag team will not become a buffer to those who want to immigrate to America. You’re wrong Mr. Defender.

    Question: Should in case all the Liberians go to sleep for a week and magically the “weak man” gets elected, is that how you guys will conduct business in Karnplay, Liberia? God forbid. Never!

  16. Karnplay is just a small city in Nimba County, Liberia. We (ANC) are not interested in being elected as a mayor of a city, but president of the Republic of Liberia with a total land area of 111,369 km2.

    You do not need the videos of their lies, like the mainstream media with a total blackout on their lies and dirty deeds. We understand you better than you understand yourselves. But Trump is fighting for us, and he will moralize public office and instill peace in the world before his time is up.

    The Biden-Harris ticket has no dynamism. Only the mainstream media and biased polls are misleading the world. In fact, it is the most mundane duo to ever represent the Democratic Party. They are so desperate that they do not even want to go to elections but stage a coup. After so many unsuccessful snares and hoaxes to unseat a democratically elected president, they want to shamefully evoke the 25th amendment during a time campaign should be heating up and flaring. Don’t you see how the Democratic Party is being emptied? Just last night a drove of democrats was presented at the rally in Florida as new Trumpers.

    The Diversity Visa program started by George H. W. Bush (a Republican president) in 1990 has benefited citizens of many 3rd world countries. I have played it on several occasions, and this program has enabled many of my relatives and friends to emigrate to the USA.
    You once told me you did history; I would admonish you to revisit some good things the USA has done for 3rd world countries.
    The reaching out of the USA to many poor people and countries has mostly been the works and generosity of the Republican Party, yet I don’t understand why many blacks detest this Party that does so many good for them. Slavery was abolished by them, The PEPFAR program was instituted by George W. Bush, a republican.

    What did the first black African president do for Africa? I know you will tell me he was not elected for Africa, TRUE. But the foreign policy of a United States president, in one way or the other, affects, especially poor countries to a greater extent. Obama was proposing the acceptance of same sex marriage in exchange for development loan in Africa, a president with black blood running through his veins. Thank God we have some bold presidents like Macky Sall of Senegal and the late Mugabe of Zimbabwe who told him that is was an abomination in the African tradition.

    I rather have a Trump who will uphold true Christianity (conservative beliefs and values) and a moral society that rebukes and punishes obscenity than have Democratic Secretary of State who will destroy an entire nation just because the president of that country refused to take her on the phone, will even rejoice by toasting with a champagne for killing another human being (president of a sovereign country) and destroying the lives and properties of many innocent people.
    How many countries are at war under Trump? He is even skilling down military presence in many countries. I hope he could stay on for 10 years, the world will know total peace, at least!

    Donald Trump will NEVER become a “buffer” for the DV-Lottery program. He has been and continue to provide better living conditions for blacks in and out of the USA.

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