Another CDCian Defects

-Says price for slot exorbitant

Mrs. Nyanforh addressing fellow female aspirants at the Dollar Campaign in Congo Town recently

Another member of the Congress for Democratic Change, particularly this time a motivational battle cry female, has left the party due to what she called “too much money charged by the party executives to be guaranteed victory at the primaries.”

Mrs. Pauline Weah Nyanforh, who has nicknamed herself “Lady Barack Obama,” said CDC has lost the foundation upon which it was founded and doubts as to whether the party will ever produce a president.

“The party we have labored for has become a business entity. This is so annoying to me, most especially upon my understanding now that Representatives Bill Twehwaye, Abraham Varmuyahn Conneh, Adolph Lawrence, Henry Fahnbulleh and William Dirkel of Montserrado Districts # 3, 14, 15, 4 and 17 [respectively] have each given Senator George M. Weah US$25,000 to secure slots to run for the representative seats at the CDC pending primaries,” she disclosed to the Daily Observer over the weekend.

A special announcement from the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), the merger organization to which the party now belongs, however, said each aspirant must pay US$1,250 as registration fee in order to contest the primaries that are expected to take place across the country from May 22 to June 15 this year.

The announcement, which was signed and released by the Coalition’s deputy national secretary general for administration, Mr. Janga A. Kowo on April 27, said all who are interested to contest for the legislative seats on the Coalition’s tickets must submit their letters of intent not later than May 15 and deposit US$1,250 in the United Bank for Africa (UBA) USD account number 53030310002029 or its equivalent in LRD in account number 5303031000210 before the vetting process begins.

Mrs. Nyanforh said in her letter of resignation to Mr. Myers Betieh, coordinator for CDC in Montserrado District # 14 that, “As it remains my right to associate and disassociate as prescribed under the Liberian Constitution, I am pleased to submit to your noble party my letter of resignation from the Congress of Democratic Change (CDC), effective March 3, 2017.”

She was admitted into the full membership of the party in 2009. “I have served numerous positions while in the party and succeeded in helping and resolving some political differences among some party members, especially between Dr. Bhofal Chambers and Mr. Jimmy Anderson during the Senatorial elections in 2014,” she said.

She commended the party for affording her the opportunity to allow her to run as representative candidate in the 2011 elections, but narrowly lost to Rep. Abraham Varmuyahn Conneh.

According to Madam Nyanforh, the incumbent lawmakers who are today being guaranteed success at the upcoming primaries had a special memorandum of understanding signed with Sen. Weah before the 2014 Senatorial elections.

“Rep. Twehwaye and his colleagues did not support the senatorial bid of Weah in 2014 only because they love him. It was a special deal to which Rep. Edwin M. Snowe was a party, but distanced himself from it when he discovered that Weah’s intent was only centered on money and not the impeccable characters and hard work of people,” she said.

“Even though CDC has neglected the efforts some of us have made over the years to defend its image, we are not deterred,” Nyanforh said, declaring that the Alternative National Congress of Mr. Alex Benedict Cummings has considered her as a candidate on its ticket for District # 14 on October 10.

She said no amount of pressure, including the presence of strong businessman Muka Kamara in the race will hinder her campaign to emancipate the people of the slum communities of her district from ill-representation and poor oversight delivery at the Capitol Building.

When contacted via telephone, the deputy secretary for press and public affairs of ANC, Mr. Jonathan Dolakeh, said his party has welcomed Mrs. Nyanforh and assured her of its support as she prepares to contest the representative seat of the district.


  1. This is the 3rd or 4th times I am hearing this money accusation about CDC leadership in Liberia. It think the public will need to know or hear a statement from the leadership of the party. These accusations don’t sound right and someone from the party hierarchy needs to clear the air, please.

  2. The founder of CDC political party is showing his true color. His friendship with Charles Taylor and his
    war wife Jewel Taylor just for money. Again he is selling candidacies in his party to the effect that
    before his own partisan runs for Representative or Senate seat, you have to pay for those seats.
    Well that is the true with Oppong Weah! You like it like that?

  3. Some Liberians are interested in lies and fabrication in order tarnish the character of others for reason best known to themselves without providing proves to substantial their claims. All these allegations being made by certain individuals in the society that Amb.Weah and the CDC took money from people to give them representative slots , have been denied by the CDC leadership many times.And even the Liberian journalists we expect to dig the facts​ out from other key Leaders within the coalition from the NPP and LPDP to get the actual news have not done so.Why will people continue to make allegations in this country that they don’t have prove on? Defamation of character of individuals has become the order of the day in our body politics which is not the best way to practice democracy.

  4. CDC is not ready to take over the leadership of this Country, we will not in trust our Country to them.We need a leadership that will take this Country from where we are to another level.Liberia is the only home we have, we can not be deported from.

  5. It’s a shame on our dear country that the likes of George Weah and all want to be president. The guy is so dumb.

  6. Politic, pollitic, politic is colorful. It has so many dimensions to look at be careful Liberians.

  7. The real story has not come out yet. CDC WAS BUILD AROUND WEAH and that’s the fact. It is his personal business. He enjoys its profits irrespective of feeling. Former chairman Solo said it with Proud and dignity.

    Every election year Weah is expected to make x amount of dollars. CDC is the vacuum through which Weah intent to recoup his squandered wealth.

    I’m just sorry for the poor who think he’s the emancipator because their frustration will continue to increase.

    For a millionaire to be Brook is something no millionaire wants to handle. You can imagine what Weah is going through, especially reducing himself to a senator just to survive.

    With God on our side, Weah will be exposed by the day.

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