Ann Sandell School Celebrates Gala Anniversary

--Hosts three-day crusade

In Liberia, 1.5 million children are currently out of school as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, out of which a total of 270,000 school children were provided with school feeding in 12 counties through different programs.

Ann Sandell Independent School on Police Academy Road in Paynesville City will commence a series of activities commemorating the school’s 23rd anniversary starting on Monday, May 15.

This year’s anniversary, according to the proprietor, Leabah Gboko Gbowee, is hosted in honor of Reverend Ann Sandell, founder of Lovepower Church, USA. She said the activities will be climaxed by a three-day “God’s Love Explosion” crusade that will run from Thursday, May 18, to Saturday, May 20, from 4 to 6 p.m. daily.

For that purpose, the Lovepower Church of the USA is, meanwhile, collaborating with the school to host the crusade on campus beginning with songs, dramas and other thrilling religious activities.

According to Mrs. Gborwee, Apostle David Livingstone Kwasau, president and senior pastor of Love Devine Church in Nigeria, London, and the United States, will lead the service. She said there will be praise and worship sessions with other guest preachers including pastors Janet Gullickson, Rick Larson and Barb Weger taking the lead.

Kwasau has had an inspiring story of the love of God. He believes knowing and walking in God’s divine love will drastically reduce sin, sickness, disease, and even poverty on earth. “When he administers, God confirms his word with signs, wonders, and miracles,” his followers said of him.

History of the School

Ann Sandell Independent School was established by a 22-year old young woman who lost her family in the Liberian civil war.  In the mid 1990’s she started by tutoring and counseling children in her neighborhood who were traumatized by the civil war. With most schools closed and the need so great, she recruited a few volunteers and began having regular classes under shelters made of mat and covered with tarpaulin.  In 1998 Pastor Ann Sandell of Lovepower in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA made a financial contribution to the school, which was used to construct the first classroom, and the school was named after her. The school now consists of 13 mud brick buildings plastered with cement.  There are about 800 students from kindergarten through 9th grade.

The school caters to students from poor families in the community who cannot afford the regular cost of education. Basic survival is tenuous for these families, many of whom live in one or two rooms and share bathrooms and kitchens with several other families. The school does its best to provide counseling and to serve as an advocate for students when necessary.  The school also reaches out to children, who are not attending school and tries to get them into school.

The operating costs of the school are covered by a small tuition fee based on the family’s income and donations and fundraising events.

Core Objectives

Education at Ann Sandell is practical and every effort is made to ensure students READ, WRITE, and SPEAK STANDARD ENGLISH.  Emphasis is placed on teaching students to think, to solve problems, and to become self-reliant. Ethics and values are reinforced.  Students are taught about their bodies and how to stay healthy. They are taught the importance of a clean and safe school and community and how they can help to keep their surroundings clean and safe.

Community leaders, parents, guardians, and students are encouraged and required to participate in the process of providing a meaningful learning environment and to support the objectives of the school. The school’s administration works with the Ministry of Education to ensure that the school meets required national standards and guidelines.



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