ANC’s First Primary Goes Nationwide

Cummings stresses wealth and Job creation


Alexander Benedict Cummings, the Alternative National Congress’s (ANC) political leader and former Coca Cola chief administrative officer, has emphasized among other priorities the creation of jobs and wealth for all Liberians.

Mr. Cummings, who has been travelling to Maryland, Grand Kru, Sinoe, Rivercess and Grand Bassa counties for his party’s national primary and convention, was endorsed for the position of the party’s first standard bearer since it came into formation in 2013. He said Liberians should not accept their current condition, rather, demand transformation of their lives from present and future leaders.

According to an ANC release, Mr. Cummings spoke to hundreds of his supporters and members of the party in his home county of Maryland.

He outlined the need for Marylanders and the entire southeastern region of the country to support him as their son based on what he has done in the past which, according to Mr. Cummings, will determine what he will do for them as President if he is elected. “It is always said that to determine what someone will do in the future, you should look at his past records. And as a son of Maryland, and the entire southeast, look at what I have done here and then you will know that I can do something for you in the future,” he said.

Cummings outlined contributing L$300,000 for preparation of the Maryland County team and providing over 400 tickets to Marylanders in Monrovia to attend the finals during the just-ended National County Sports Meet, contributing US$5,000 for the reopening of the Harper Radio Station and providing air condition for Phoenix Radio, which is operated by the Tubman University (TU) in Maryland County, as few of the things he has done for the county.

Mr. Cummings acknowledged the importance of computer laboratory in universities, as such, he promised to revamp the computer lab of TU and open a resource center on the same campus as he has done in other universities including the University of Liberia and the African Methodist Episcopal University.

However, the ANC political leader told Marylanders that if they should vote for him, it should not be based on just what he is doing, “because I am not doing it for pay back, rather the decision should based on my qualifications for the presidency.”

While in Maryland County, Mr. Cummings met with chiefs, elders, traditional leaders, women and youths groups. He also attended a well-organized dinner held in his honor by the group under the banner, “Citizens United for Cummings.”

It can be recalled that the national primary and convention of the ANC started with the people of Montserrado being the first to endorse Mr. Cummings as their standard bearer, followed by Bong, Lofa, Grand Gedeh, Rivercess, Grand Bassa, River Gee, Grand Kru, Sinoe, and Maryland counties, with Nimba, Bomi, Grand Cape Mount, Gparpolu and Margibi counties remaining.


  1. Cummings, you are new comer in the body politics of Liberia. What did you do for the people of Liberia and even your county Maryland when you were managing Coco cola?All you outlined in the speech to the people of your county are recent initiative you carry on because you want to be president.If you get five percent of the total valid votes in these elections then you did well.

    • do you want to put your reputation on the line with this prediction or is it just another rash comment with no analytical facts. It is the Liberian people who will make that determination all you have said here is just emotional out burst, again we say at the ANC Liberia Fisrt and it is the Liberian people who will decide my brother.

    • Is this the litmus test now? If it is then I am not sure which of the candidates qualify. I guest this question goes to every one as well, what have you done lately Mr. Wulu? At least Mr. Cummings listed tangible initiatives…

  2. A very bright and attractive Leader is about to lead Liberia. This is a welcome NEWS for a Nation that is in need of CHANGE in politic. Liberians have witnessed how poverty and corruption continue to rain down on them daily while the few GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS live rich lives and can afford to seek medical services ABROAD. is this the kind of LEADERSHIP Liberians need comes 2018? I believe the answer is, No. We have a new MANAGER to run Liberia. He is ALEX B. CUMMINGS..A gentleman with experience and compassion and has the WILL power to bring positive changes in the lives of Liberians. I am with Alex Cummings because I see bright future for Liberians when ELECTED.

  3. Well I’m J Roosevelt George from Maryland county, but basing in sinoe county founding member of team cumming Liberia presently serving as youth program and project affair but there’s nothing since to be done in sinoe for the youth! Therefore Mr cumming we are serving this party for the love of you and believe we will make it work!, and I pray for long life to be on the convention in magibi thank

  4. We are for you 100 percent, because you will bring jobs, schools, hospitals and industry to Liberia in good faith.

  5. My name is Lee Williams
    I am from Phoenixville PA our governor Mr Tom Wornf had thousands of people working for him before he started running as governor for Pennsylvania he didn’t go campaigning before he started talking about creating jobs. What do you have to become president? What is the name of your company and how many people do you have working for you?what is your contribution to society? Did the people in your community ask you to run as a President or you are like every other persons that is thinking of getting rich by been President. Look you guys should try and find the right thing to do in Liberia. USTC do not have any money to pay any employee to get rich so Mr. Cummings can you please tell me where are you getting money from to become president?

    • Please my brother, just google Alexander B Cummings…it’s all there. And when we talk about CocoCola, we are not talking USTC… we are talking the GLOBAL CORPORATE GIANT!!! Aye mehn, we must be educated about our candidates so we vote knowing all the facts.

  6. All very interesting comments! Let’s wait and see! Good things come to those who go out and make them happen, not to those who wait! Analyze!

  7. The current Government has one accomplishment that matters to all Liberians, rich or poor – PEACE! Absent peace, the country suffers. The next President must be someone who first and foremost, can hold the country together as the UN prepares to depart. Capacity building through affordable, quality education should be a priority as well. Education is the single, proven weapon against poverty, disease, and ignorance – sound familiar? Long live our dear homeland Liberia!!


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