ANC’s Fate Lies in Recount for Seat in 54th Legislature

The hope of Alex Cummings' ANC for the party's only elected seat now rests on Bong County District #4 incumbent Rep. Lester Paye (right), pending a recount of votes cast for his seat.

71 ANC candidates failed to secure seats in October 10 elections

The Alternative National Congress (ANC) will not hold a single seat in Liberia’s 54th Legislature if incumbent lawmaker Lester Paye of Bong County District #4 fails again in the recount of votes cast during the recent elections.  The recount is expected to be conducted today.

None of the 71 ANC candidates secured a win during the October polls making the party the only one among the seven top parties to tally zero in the 2017 representatives elections despite being the party with the highest contestants. The ANC fielded 56 males and 15 female aspirants.

That number placed the party second to the Independent candidates who fielded 96 contestants.

Following the ANC, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) had 69 aspirants; while the United People’s Party and the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) had 64 apiece, with the Unity Party (UP) carrying 63.

According to the NEC results, 21 contestants each from the CDC and UP accrued the highest numbers from 42 to 73 districts across the country, followed by 12 Independent candidates. The People’s United Party (PUP) put forward six candidates while Liberty Party (LP), All Liberian Party (ALP) and the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), three each.

The remaining parties, United People’s Party (UPP), Liberia National Union (LINU), Liberia People’s Party (LPP), and Liberia Transformation Party (LTP), had one each.

UP aspirant Robert P. Womba earned the highest votes of 4,232, equivalent to 19.6% of the votes among the 14 candidates who contested the Bong County District #4 election. He was followed by ANC incumbent lawmaker Lester Paye with 3,471 votes, equivalent to 16.1 percent.

According to the NEC, through its local office in upper Bong County, it will conduct a recount in Electoral District #4 later today.

Senior Elections Magistrate for Upper Bong County, Daniel G. Newland, said the recount will be conducted in nine of the 84 polling places in the six precincts of the District.

Newland named the precincts as: Shankpalai Public School, with code #06102, housing polling places 1, 2 and 3; Nyensue Palava Hut, code #06088, housing polling places 1 and 2; Kollieta Public School, code #06092, polling place 2; Foequelleh Public School, code #06018, polling place 1; Payeta Public School, code #06064, polling place 2; and Bellemu Public School, code #06008, polling place 3.

Incumbent representative Lester Paye and three-time defeated candidate Susannah Lorpu Mator filed separate complaints of election irregularities to the NEC.  Hearings were conducted by the NEC hearing officer at the NEC office in Gbarnga resulting in today’s recount.


  1. Looking at past and the present Presidential elections, it’s very cleared. Liberia have two major political parties-UP and CDC. Now that Liberia’s many other Political Parties are aligning with either UP or CDC, Liberia will be far better off, with two Political Parties. Let’s eliminate all other Political Parties. That will make our ELECTORAL PROCESS a lot easier and effective, comes elections time. It’s just not wise, for a Country, the size of Liberia to have 20 political parties. It’s costing too much money and absolute waist of time. Comes elections time, let the two Political Parties have a primary among themselves; at their own expense, to choose who they want as their standard bearer. That will leave us with two candidates on election day. We can then elect by popular votes who should/will be Liberia’s next President. Of course, there should/will always be considerations for an independent candidate; provided such a person can raise enough(highest) signatures to be on the ballot at election time. Had this been the procedure, we should have known by now; Liberia’s next President.

  2. Amen!
    Freemanvery, you are on the ball!

    The real truth of the matter is that the nations of this world that practice demoncracy have two “major” political parties. Examples…..
    Israel’s demoncracy is parliamentary, but there are two “major parties”. They are Likud (Conservative) and Labor (Liberal…left-leaning).
    The UK….two major political parties.
    The US…..two major political parties. The US’s form of demoncracy is what is known as Jeffersonian demoncracy. The UK is similar to Israel, theirs is also parliamentary.

    It is okay to have parties in any demoncracy. But there must be two major parties of the land!The parties that formed before and during the October 10 elections in my view are “deal-making” parties! Connections! Jobs! Favors! Contracts! You name it!

    As Johnson-Sirleaf departs from the scene, the Unity Party is dead in the ditch. Fact! If CDC wins the rerun or runoff, pray to live for 60 years. Because after his 12-year government concludes, his party which is the CDC with be headed for the graveyard. But I hope Boakai wins though.

    We have problems that stretch from east to west.

  3. The political climate in Liberia today is rather disconsolate. If concrete steps are not taken immediately to put things in motion, Liberia will not be able to extricate itself from the problems that hover over its horizon.

    The daily diet of the Liberian people is in short supply. The price of food items is ballooning out of proportion because of the political stalemate and because the motor roads are bad off. Think torrential rainfall!

    A good number of our youth who sat for the WA exams did not do well. For sure, the young men and women who sat for the West African exams cannot be blame solely and squarely. Someone or a group of decision makers are blameworthy. There aren’t enough textbooks and dictionaries for the youth. Also, teachers are not incentivized and some administrators lack management skills. What do you expect?

    Let’s look at the Chicago for a moment.
    Before it snows in Chicago, the snow removal crew position themselves for battle. They don’t wait to plow snow after the snow falls. No, no! The snow crew put their trucks, ice, and other equipment out in readiness mode before it snows. Finally, when the snow begins to fall, the primary roads are done first, example, Lake shore, Michigan Avenue, Dan Ryan, Stevenson, Kennedy Ensenhower, etc.

    Now, back to Liberia.
    Two seasons, namely, dry and rainy. There’s a functionality problem at the Ministry of Public Works. When it rains, it pours. No trucks or caterpillars will be positioned on the tiny roads we have. But after it rains and roads get damaged, that’s when the news of bad roads get announced. So there are two words that set Chicago (a city) and Liberia (a country) apart. The magical words are:
    1. Before and
    2. After.
    Before it snows in Chicago, the snow removal crew fully position themselves.
    Ater it rains in Liberia and roads get damaged, that’s when the Ministry of PW gets informed.

    Local development in the city….
    While in Monrovia before Ebola decimated and terrorized our beloved compatriots, I went to a Ministry to attend a function (name withheld). At the Ministry, I wanted to visit the men’s room. An employee directed me to the place. When I entered, I could hardly do what I went for. The stench of the environment was so bad that I could not in-or exhale! Only the devil and his minions can dwell there. It was terrible! But guess what…. the Minister of that Ministry has a driver and a government issued car.

    The bottom line?
    We must change with the times and stop being old-fashioned.


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