“Ancestors Mandated Me to Petition Rep. Moye for Senate”


…Former Rep. Mulbah

While Representative Prince Moye is yet to break silence on whether or not he will contest the 2020 senatorial election, political dramas continue to unfold in the county to the extent that ‘political actors’ are claiming to have received orders or mandates from “spiritual sources” to effectuate their plans on who will lead the county, and how it should be led.

The latest of the news took the airwaves on Tuesday, May 21, 2019, when the former Representative of Bong County District #3, George Sylvester Mulbah, said on the Truth Breakfast Show (TBS) that, in a dream, he was mandated by the county’s “ancestors” to gather support for Representative Prince Moye’s senatorial bid.

Rep. Moye is currently the House Deputy Speaker, and represents the Bong County Electoral District #2 at the 54th Legislature. He is now serving his second what he believes will be his final term in the House of Representatives. His first term ran from 2011 to 2017.

Mulbah, who said the “ancestors” spoke to him in a dream, has committed himself to doing all that is required in order to convince Rep. Moye to abandon his current position and contest the mid-term senatorial election in 2020.

“Moye is not the one seeking election to the senate, but the people want him to go to the Upper House and serve them. Therefore, we are praying that he accepts our petition, because it is not just our thought, but the thought of our ancestors,” Mulbah claimed.

He said many people across the seven electoral districts in the county are ready to support Rep. Moye’s 2020 senatorial bid.

“They are gathering resources to pay for cows as we await Moye’s acceptance of our petition. We will kill the cows on the day he will accept our appeal to contest the pending senatorial election,” Mulbah said.

When asked as to whether he and his supporters seeking Rep. Moye’s approval and acceptance to join the political race are considering the country’s lack of money to continue holding by-elections, realizing that Moye’s tenure will still have three years remaining, Mulbah added, “Bong is part of the rest of the counties for whom same 1986 Revised Constitution was crafted and endorsed for use.”

“The deputy speaker position is not a permanent position for Bong County, and there is no guarantee that the legislature is under any legal obligation to secure deputy speaker seat for us,” Mulbah said.

He added, “The argument that the country does not have money for several by-elections even in a year is mute, because Senator Joseph Nagbe was serving his term when President George Weah appointed him to the Supreme Court and currently we have two legislative positions that have less than 500 days, but government is committing over US$2 million to them to fill the vacancies.”

He said it will cost government less than US$200,000 for the people of Bong County to have the needed person in the right position, and that person will be Rep. Moye.

Mulbah served as Representative for Bong District #3 from 2006 to 2017. Although he sought reelection in 2017, the residents resolved to elect Marvin Cole instead of Mulbah.

Concerning any plan for him to reenter politics, he said he is now a farmer and his focus is to raise money from his farming and enroll that the Louis Arthur School of Law.

If Rep. Moye agrees to throw his hat in the race for the 2020 senatorial seat in Bong County, he will be up against the incumbent, Senator Henry Yallah.



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