ANC Welcomes Over 50 ‘New Members’

Cummings addresses new members at a welcome program at the ANC's headquarters.

The opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) on Thursday, January 10, 2019, welcomed over 50 new members, who joined the party, and charged them to work closely with the party leadership to ensure success for the transformation of the country.

The event, held at ANC’s headquarters in Sinkor, Monrovia, marks the first phase of a weekly welcome ceremony of ‘new members’ ahead of 2023 general and presidential elections.

Alexander B. Cummings, ANC political leader, called on the ‘new partisans’ to work collectively as a team, “because they have joined a party that is committed to diligently serve the nation, so as to improve the lives of its citizenry.”

Mr. Cummings added, “ANC believes that the country deserves better than it presently looks, because we deserve better than we have. For this, we want you to join us. Come work with us to make the change the Liberian people want.”

He thanked the ‘new members’ for making the right decision,’ and promised that they will never regret the steps they have taken to join the ANC, because the party believes in serving the people through collective decision.”

Cummings rhetorically asked new members to encourage their respective family and friends to be part of the struggle to make the country a better place for every citizen.

Lafayette O. Gould, ANC chairman, described Liberia as a “very rough country that is going through difficult financial and insecure times, where crimes are committed without justice for the victims.

“Our country is at a crossroad; a road of unimproved economy; unstructured security, but Mr. Cummings has prepared himself to lead the way forward,” Gould said.

Gould said it is now time Liberians roll up their sleeves, and get ready to work ahead of 2023.

Momolu Johnson, who spoke on behalf of the new members, said they are confident that through collectively work and strategic planning, ANC will become victorious in 2023.

He added: “We all know our strategies, because we are aware of the history of leaders who are in power, and have come to join and win the 2023 elections, because Liberians must enjoy the resources of the country.”


  1. ANC or African National Congress, the South African liberation party stood for something. The ANC’s architects like Walter Sisulu, Oliver Tambo and Nelson Mandela envisioned a democratic South Africa. As time went on and despite the rough and tumble during those apartheid days, the hopes and dreams of the above named gentlemen were realized.

    There is a kind of ANC in Liberia. The ANC in Liberia is referred to as Alternative National Congress. No one knows why it is called Alternative National Congress. Perhaps its founder, Alexander Cummings knows. But what can be said is that the Liberian ANC is visionless.

  2. F. S. Hney, how is something built in mind without a vision? Have you had a dialogue with any of ANC’s leadership to conclude that there’s no vision?

  3. E. Nicol,
    Thanks for asking. I will answer your last question first. Honestly, I have not dialogued with any of ANC’s top brass. I have however held a few exchange of friendly words with some of ANC’s supporters. Frankky. I do not believe that the party’s supporters with whom I have chatted, would foolishly misrepresent the significance of the party or exploit its agenda for propoganda purposes.

    Now the second question…..
    I don’t know how something like that could happen. I can say that there are billions of people worldwide who do all kinds of crazy things. I cannot get in anyone’s mind. (Please be notified that I am not accusing Cummings of being crazy!) In the case of Alternative National Congress, Cummings has made some provocative statements that boggle the minds of many people, especially some Liberian people. For instance, in the past, Cummings had said “we want the country back”. That’s very provocative and divisive. The history of Liberia is sad. A minority of people (Americo-Liberians) ruled Liberia with pure racist tendencies. Example, A Barbados immigrant became president of Liberia. Yet, a native educated Liberian could not become a cabinet minister! How could something like happen in a democratic society? So, if Cummings demands the country back, he means something! Alexander Cummings is an educated guy. His pronouncements on how he would govern Liberia should be simpatico. We as a people should be going forward, not backwards. The time is long gone for a minority of people to govern a majority of people with impunity. I want to be clear. I am open-minded. I don’t give a hoot about whether this lady or guy is an Americo-Liberian or not. I show respect for the individual, Americo-Liberian or not!!!! Americo-Liberians are bonafide Liberians. They’re entitled to rule Liberia like any ethnic Liberian without a sense of superiority.

    In recent weeks, Cummings had said that he would consult with international agencies in order to show that Weah is not in sync with the Liberian people. Guess what? i disagree with Cummings also because his line of thinking on the above issue was unwisely said. As a challenger, Cummings should tell the Liberian people how he would solve complex issues. But, taking a run to any international agency to lodge a complaint against his political opponent is irreconcilable to reality. I am a Weah supporter, but not a Cummings’ hater. I cannot and will not say what Cummings ought to do. Cummings has the burden of proof to contrast his agenda with his opponent. A failure to do that will show that it is all talk but no vision.

    • E.Nicol thanks for ur objective conclusion..
      But u will never know why its call ANC because u have never interacted or had a clue conversation with ANC top brass stated by u ..
      According to u, Cummings statement made in the past was” provocative”..
      Are u for real??
      Beside “Bring our country back can be place in so many phases and form..
      In fact talking about the (Americo Liberians)
      Wasn’t u people who serves in position now as the weah supporters preaching samillar things like ” its time country gaint rule”..
      Let’s come to this,the phase “country gain” its not distinguishing among the Americo Liberians and the country people u speak of today??
      We are not distinguishing any thing among Liberian people, but rather seek for the best of this country..
      Just as a weah supporter u know best ,we too as a Cummings supporters know he stands for the best and the best for this country call Liberia..


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