‘ANC Gov’t Will Create 100,000 Jobs in 100 Days’

Alexander Cummings: “Our party envisages transforming the youth through business enterprises.”

Party platform targets infrastructure, agriculture, health, education, economy

The standard bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander B. Cummings, yesterday promised to create 100,000 jobs if Liberians elect him as president on October 10.

Revealing his platform at the party’s headquarters in Monrovia, he said his government would concentrate on infrastructure development, invest in agriculture, health, education, the economy, governance and the rule of law.

He added that if elected, his first 100 days as president will see the immediate commencement of the construction of Kesselly Boulevard to connect Gardnersville to Central Monrovia and the launch of a US$20M empowerment fund to support women, youth-owned businesses and farmers.

Unveiling the ANC’s manifesto or what could be termed as its social contract with Liberians if they elect Cummings as the winner of the October 10 polls, he said an ANC government will usher necessities and satisfaction of life that have eluded Liberians for so many years.

“Electing the ANC will also be the creation of a new chapter of development, prosperity and social cohesion in the history of this country,” he said. “Every day, thousands of Liberians across the country struggle to make ends meet. Liberians are in need of a government that can deliver on promises and that can lead towards a future where the core elements of a good life (health, quality education, employment, and safety) are neither luxuries nor the sole domain of a small segment of our population.”

An ANC government will represent and stand for real change, Cummings asserted, adding that the ANC seeks prosperity and security for all Liberians. “We understand Liberians want jobs to support their families. So our socioeconomic and jobs creation policies will aim at developing Liberia’s human capacity through investment in education, vocational training, and healthcare to ensure the youth, who make up 65 percent of the population, are prepared for the job market.”

Up to now, many Liberians remain undecided as to tho they will be voting for because almost all of the political parties, especially the leading ones — the ANC aside, have refused to present to them their platforms or what they intend to do if elected.  The only other party that has unveiled their platform is the United People’s Party.

It is becoming apparent that many of the parties with no platforms are intentionally planning to make their way to the presidency using generalized rhetoric — banking on a possibly gullible electorate.

A platform, for clarity, is a formal document containing a set of ideals and principles which are supported by a party, that appeals to the general public, for the ultimate purpose of garnering the general public’s support and votes on complicated topics or issues. The ANC seems to be only the second political party to unveil its manifesto during this election campaign season.

Cummings said at the press conference an ANC Government will create an export-oriented agriculture sector that will seek to generate income for farmers and tax dollars to help fund national development programs.

The ANC plan also focuses on low-tech but labor-intensive manufacturing and tourism sectors, ensuring a place for every Liberian in the job market as the ANC seeks international investment partners.

“Our people want a Liberia with a booming economic growth, stability, and opportunities, and the ANC’s platform is designed to achieve these,” he said.

Platform Highlights

Build roads that connect all our major cities within six years. This nationwide transport network will create jobs, increase access to markets and improve access to health.
Increase access to electricity to every major city by expanding the electricity distribution system and the use of solar energy. Increase and improve access to internet connectivity across Liberia.

With its program in the agriculture sector, the ANC plan indicates that Liberia will be closer to feeding itself within six years. “We will increase the output of farmed products by supporting the many farmers in the country with the tools and resources needed to be successful; strengthening rural infrastructure capabilities and increase access to financing,” the platform indicates.

The party will also focus on agricultural training and research and leverage technology to increase farmers’ outputs.

Private free quality healthcare for every child up to six years old and elders above 65, and provide affordable healthcare to the rest of Liberians through a healthcare insurance system.

Strengthening the healthcare system by improving the system and increasing the quality of the health care delivery system by focusing on primary and preventive care.

Provide free quality education up to high school and focus on early childhood education for Liberian kids.

Prioritize vocational and technical training as alternative beyond primary education to provide young people employment opportunities.

Focus on teachers training to improve the quality of teachers and the quality of education Liberian children are receiving.

Job creation and the Economy
Massively reduce unemployment by 40 percent within six years by annually creating over 100,000 new jobs for Liberians, especially the youth.

Provide millions of dollars in micro-loans to small and micro businesses and as well provide basic business training programs to help them grow their businesses.

Governance and the Rule of Law
Ensure robust anti-corruption efforts by strengthening integrity institutions, combating frauds and abuses and eliminating wasteful spending.

Gender parity and youth inclusion
Increase gender participation within government by 40 percent. Ensure youth are trained with the requisite skills that would prepare them for the job market.

National Security and Foreign Policy
Secure the peace and the safety of the Liberian people. The ANC government will reorient the foreign policy of the country with a view towards the economy and attract investors. “Our embassies will become economic centers to increase foreign direct investments.”

The ANC’s First 100 Days “Talk and Do” Plan:

  1. Will begin building Liberian roads for the Liberian people. Begin the construction of Kesselly Boulevard to immediately relieve congestion and connect both sides of Monrovia. Immediately identify and fix many of the critical hot spots that cause breakdowns on critical routes such as River Cess to Maryland, Ganta to Tappita onward to Zwedru; Ganta to Sanniquellie. Ensure all road projects funded by tax dollars are constructed by Liberians.
  2. Create good quality jobs for youth and help women get into business. Create 100,000 immediate jobs for the youth to rehabilitate social infrastructure including schools, community help centers, and sanitary facilities in various communities. Launch a US$20M empowerment fund to support women, youth-owned businesses and farmers.
  3. Revive agriculture to boost the economy and reduce cost of food for every Liberian. Convene a forum with farmers and experts from across the country to make recommendations.
  4. Create a pro-business government to support economic growth, freeze all taxes and regulations at current levels while reviewing the appropriate business friendly tax and regulatory environment. Implement improved pay and conditions of service of the security sector employees, healthcare workers, and teachers.
  5. Foster entrepreneurship by establishing an Economic Stimulus Program (ESP) for the provision of microfinance schemes for new businesses and farmers to kick start focus on entrepreneurs and enterprise development to support SME business incubation.
  6. Stimulate economy to benefit Liberians and the creation of jobs. Begin the robust enforcement of the Liberianization Policy by immediately conducting an audit of all businesses that are operating under the category secured for Liberians only. Institute the adoption of “Buy Liberian” procurement and maintenance policy by all government apparatuses and parastatals to support domestic businesses. Government’s 50 percent procurement localization target made an integral component of the annual audit process.


  1. This one that lie, some people told us papa would come with juicy black plastic but is been 11 years now no coal plastic before we talk about black plastic. This one is just political-talk da ain’t true.

    • Cummings! If even the USA, Japan and or the EU, or Germany alone, or Britain alone, CANNOT create such amount of jobs in years, you should know better not to make a clown out of yourself! You are really a JOKER NOT FIT FOR THE PRESIDENCY!

    • Cummings cannot even get his wife pregnant in 100 days. Alex Cummings has realized that the CDC and the Unity Party are too strong and that his ANC will not make it to the second round. Cummings was stupid to leave Coca Cola and meddle in the wayward and backward politics of Liberia. Now he is saying things that he knows are complete bullshit. Ellen and Robert will crown George Weah King and leave the Senatorial seat of Montserrado County for Robert. Weah will appoint the worst cabinet in the history of Liberia and show to the world that he is illiterate. Liberia will be a land sold to and owned by foreigners and the country might descend into a civil war between Weah, NPP and Prince Johnson. All Hail Liberia Hail, All Hail!

  2. Cummings has been good on the campaign, but not a good presidential material.
    I enjoyed some of his messages, but not him making claims that don’t make sense.
    Liberia is not ready for that numbers of jobs when there is no infrastructure to support. We don’t have power, water etc.., where will that number of jobs come from?
    Joseph Boakai will become the next president from everything I can see happening at the moment unless something dramatic changed.

  3. Alex Cummings says that he would create 100,000 jobs if he were President. But Presidents don’t create jobs.The most a President can do is to put policies in place that would allow private employers to create jobs!!

    But Cummings say his ANC government will “Create 100,000 immediate jobs for the youth to rehabilitate social infrastructure including schools, community help centers, and sanitary facilities in various communities”.

    In other words, the ANC government will hire 100,000 youths to repair or build schools, community help centers, and government toilets, ete..

    But where will the money come from to buy the building materials and pay these 100,000 youths? From Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy or Mr. Cummings Piggy Bank? The government has no money of its own. So, Mr. Cummings needs to tell us where will the money will come from to pay for the 100,000 snow jobs, oops I mean youth jobs!

    • It would be virtually impossible to create 100,000 jobs in 100 days…I don’t care what kind of jobs they’re. Cummings should quickly clarify that statement because it could cause voters to question his integrity. Other than that, I think we can all agree he has a very good platform.

    • Quite on point! Where is the study to justify this sweeping pronouncement? I would have expected Cummings to share findings of a study that his Economic team(if any) had conducted to arrive at such numbers. When much of the country’s economic development strategy is dependent on Foreign Aid, one is hard pressed to question where he hopes to find the money to create that number of jobs. Furthermore, even if we grant that one of his strategies to address this, is to tackle wastes in government by going after exorbitant salaries, travel expense, and expensive cars, as well as other general support services that sucks up much of government recurrent budget, Cummings owes the public an explanation on how much is expected to be generated, saved, and eventually applied to creating his 100,000 jobs in 100 days. The media and the public should probe the candidates further when such wild pronouncements are made, otherwise they end up being “political promises” that are unrealistic and unachievable, and only intended to win a few votes.

  4. Cummings, Cummings .. come on now. I like the way Fatu put it: “This one that lie, ” I say, If you don’t consider Liberia’s corrupt and broken system of governance a serious problem, how on Earth can you create 100000 jobs in 100 days when conflict of interest is legal and lawmakers have power to raise their salaries to the moon leaving nothing for roads and education? I am not sure what you believe but the Holy Bible supports systemic change as a priority. Matthew 12:33 “Either make the tree good, and its fruit good; or make the tree corrupt, and its fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by its fruit”. You are not fooling anyone if you think you can jump into the sea of corruption and not get wet. Stop making claims that are unbelievable!

  5. A few months ago Cummings was showing a bit of a fixation on an Einstein quote: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    So I’m very disappointed to see Cummings advocating the same tired policies of almost every other Liberian politician, past and present, which can be summed up with: Under my Presidency the government will spend lots of money doing stuff for Liberian that Liberians, if they weren’t so beholden to government and impeded by government regulations, could do better and more cheaply and efficiently themselves.

  6. They have little faith. Consequently, they remain in darkness. From their comments it is clear to behold that they have hearts of poverty. All they have seen is deceit and lies. They behave like the Egyptian slaves in the wilderness… Pitiful.

  7. “Immediately commence the construction of the Kesselly Blvd…within the first 100 days…”
    How? The planning and design and sourcing of the money and procurement of the services and mobilization of the contractor…oops 100 days?
    This one can not hold oo Alex.

  8. Well at this point, I don’t care who wins. Just provide me the opportunity to run my Eco-tourism business in my homeland freely without being harass.

    Since Cummings is the newest kid on the block, two things are missing in this peace for me: 1. Addressing policy for Liberians returning to invest, how will tackle it. And 2. Lebanese given huge loans from Liberia banks to invest over local Liberian. Let’s put all on the table. These issues are very important to me because I would like to come home but need a guarantee.

    • Liberians don’t repay loans so it’s a huge challenge giving them loans – a tough one solve. With regards to direct investment by diaspora Liberians, this government failed miserably. There is no clear policy on that and it would help if the new president come up with a good policy to encourage Liberians to invest.

  9. Fake, fake rhetoric. When – 100 days but how????mark. Probably Cummings could be an ok guy but too many vampires around him. As the old say goes, monkies will not change its black hand. I would love to see Cummings governing as a county Sup. or a senior/jr senator where he will have the power to bring the type of changes he is talking about. As a president, you don’t have that much power for creating jobs. You are sitting in a bubble and sending hungry vampires to represent you where as a sup. or a senator, you are able to engage the people directly to help to carryyour agenda. Take County and let it be the envy of Liberia. I wish I had a million dollars I will be competing with those Lebanese in my country. The best elementary and private schools, hospitals etc will be built in my County. So Cummings, if you don’t win please consider this my proposal.

  10. Too much of talks that will not see the day of light due to lack of through understanding of Liberian politics on the part of Cummings. The issues in Liberia do not call for extensive rhetoric but examination before implementation.

  11. Mr Cummings’ Plans seem very ambitious and attractive and even insurmountable. Instead of jumping to conclusion, I believe that the ANC, through Mr. Cummings should be allowed to spell out how they plan to implement these plans.

  12. 100,000 jobs in 100 days? that is a tall order, but if you can do it, as dey say, “More feathers to your hat oh” I hope you are speaking as a blind man with the rock in his hand just awaiting the sound of your voice to know in which to throw the rock. Great platform, I just hope, if elected you will live up to what you are promising.

  13. 100K jobs in the first one hundred days is not impossible at all. I understand the skepticism expressed on this thread . But it is time to be bold. I have voiced my own reservations about Alex Cummings, but I must admit, I like very much, his agenda. He is a little man with a BHAG vision. It is very refreshing. What our country needs is someone with this kind of ‘kick -ass no holds barred- attitude.
    Mr. Cummings , if elected, will not have to produce all of the 100K jobs because Liberians will be inspired and excited and will also join in to achieve this goal. This could be a game-changer for us. It restores our confidence as a nation but even more important, it gives us A NATIONAL GOAL. Love him or hate him, no matter what party you are supporting, this man, Alex Cummings is saying the right things and THE ONLY ONE who is really coming with a plan. I am leaning Joe Boika , but I must say, Alex Cummings has made me excited! ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

  14. From most of the comments, I see that Liberians are stuck in and with status quo
    that do not make any better difference. Mr. Alexander B. Cummings spelt out how
    his Government is going to achieve those areas of dire needs in the country. Just
    because of those hopeless comments, still Liberians need such developments. It
    take a moment to slip into another arena for a real change. Don’t tell me that a
    good Government is not able to do those that ANC Standard Bearer promised.
    Just because you have never witnessed such before does not mean that they are
    impossible to do. The change Liberians need for the country is jump over and see.

  15. It is shame to read these negative comments about Mr. Cummings’ platform. I think we need to stop missing the opportunities to make lives better for our Liberian people. Mr. Cummings has the vision of our Liberia better for the people. Let us stop negativity and give the man chance and hold him accountable. I believe in him. We have been lied to by current and previous administrations. I do not think Mr. Cummings will let us down.

  16. This is a very strong point. The people are not use to positive changes in their lives. With strong connected and well organized leader with vision, these can be done.

  17. I’m not into politics, but these are my first thoughts on our current election.

    On October 10th Liberia will select its 25th president. Every election is essential, and every decision we make as a nation will have impacts on our current and future generations. Liberia deserves BETTER.

    Unity Party, as an organization had more than a decade to bring significant amount of changes, but we still see more of the same. They had the CHANCE.

    CDC’s George Weah is an iconic and remarkable person, especially from his past glory, but he isn’t entitled to the presidency.
    Mr. Weah can be easily manipulated, mainly because of people surrounding him, his intellectual ability and his ability to make decision; those are potential DEFECTS for an administration.

    However, in life we all HOPE for the best. Being hopeful has something to do with the choices we make. You cannot hope it doesn’t rain during the rainy season.

    After assessing my top three candidates, I am officially endorsing Alexander B. Cummings for the next president of the Republic Of Liberia.
    His visions and plans for Mama Liberia are in-lined with what I have.

    Liberia can do better. Liberia deserves better. Liberia needs new ideas, new leaders with innovative minds. 171 years and we are still living in an era that is way beneath the standard of the stone age. High unemployment and illiteracy rate; no job for our youth, no road to connect our cities, towns and villages. No healthcare system; people die from common causes.
    It is obvious to our knowledge every factor that is damaging our country and its economics.

    “The United People’s Party and The Alternative National Congress are the two parties to unveil their platforms.”
    “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” If your leaders don’t have visions, your country will never improved. How can we elect people without visions? It’s good for your leaders to communicate visions. When God said “Let there be lights”, light wasn’t in His hands. He was imagining. He had a vision. People without vision are the ones who live with notion that Liberia can’t never be changed or improved. We need new ideas, and I do respect Mr. Cummings’ visions and ideas for Liberia.

    • What a gimmick!

      No government in Liberia is capable of creating 100,000 new jobs even within four years!

      That’s a gimmick and Cummings is a fraud!

      This crook is so desperate for the presidency to the point of arousing voters appetite!

      If Mrs Sirleaf with the massive international support didn’t do that within 12 years, what are the economic ripple effects of doing so that Cummings believes he can deceive Liberians by?

      International investment in a volatile economy is steady! Liberia is not a manufacturing export-oriented economy, where are the factors for such new job creations? The variables are just not there, so it’s a scam to speak such uttered nonsense as creating 100,000 jobs within three months.

      This is a scam! Alexander Cummings is a liar and a fraud!

      Liberians should not be falling for any hustler Scam that is promising a heaven in hellish economy!

      What are the macroeconomic factors for a country new job creations?
      -Road connectivity that facilitates free movements of goods and services,
      – Upticks in GDP growth,
      -export factors of production,
      -economic mobilisation of capital investments.

      Does Liberia have good road networks?
      Does Liberia have a performing GDP?
      Are there companies in Liberia that produce goods and services that are exported?
      What are Liberia’s capital investments?
      How many better properties that are investment worth in Liberia? How many valuable buildings, land, resorts, tourist attractions?

      There’s no international backing of Mr Alexander Cummings from anywhere?

      This fraud cannot deceive this generation! The economy of Liberia will grow steadily!

  18. Alex is trying to mobilize Liberians, and wake then up from their slumber. But i’m afraid he start losing already as evident by the negative comments.

  19. Yarkpajuwur N Mator

    is the only HighEnd Engineer (German & Americian standards) in the race who has reduced our native rice farming time from 12 to 3.5 months. He will be elected as president .

  20. He is not the only Candidate making such claims.
    Liberia is seriously functionally illiterate.
    The Country Rice Farming improved by Sr Engineer Mator has a potential of 15+billion dollars during the first harvest. This is the direction Liberia must start with, engineering.

  21. Why is everyone on going off on Mr. Cummings for is planned 100,000 job in 100 days?

    He is not promising to create 100,000 high tech jobs or 100 jobs for plasma physicists, quantum physicists, industrial scientists, or aeronautical jobs.

    He said he will create 100,000 menial low wage jobs to get the young people to earn some money. Getting the young to renovate abandoned government properties and clean other facilities is not something that is far fetched. Unless you just devoid of simple reasoning or too accustomed to the failures of Ellen and Boakai that you think no one can do anything as simple as getting unemployed young adults to clean the streets, renovate buildings, patched problem spots on our roads,etc.

    How do you expect Boakai Joseph to build all the highwaysame he’s promising if you doubt something that is doable like what Mr. Cummings envisages to do?

  22. Moses Kwawho Kerkula

    Liberians are not used to seen governments upholding or delivering on their promises. They have not seen governments that have minimized or eliminated corruption. Liberians have not seen governments capable of providing employment opportunities for Liberians in the first 100 days. You are not used to good leadership and governance, thus the reason for your negative comments on the ANC Platform. I do understand that. Please stop believing that because Paul failed to deliver on his promises David will also fail.

    Give Cummings chance. He has tracked records, he is highly educated, he is qualified, he is a responsible gentleman, he is humbled and he believes in what he says and he delivers what he promises. You have not seen this kind of leader.

    He said he will create 100,000 jobs in the first 100 days. This man has a lot of international contacts. He is more likely to get support from his international partners and the private sector. He also mentioned that he will concentrate on providing jobs for our youth. Just in Monrovia, there are things that the youth could do to earn living wages that they do not currently have. These are few examples of the jobs: cleaning all the beaches could be permanent jobs for thousands of people; cleaning and clearing drainages; sweeping the city and getting trash from the streets; repairs on bridges, roads; schools, hospitals, etc.

    Cummings could use vocational training opportunities as jobs to the youth. For example, those who undergo vocational training will be given living wages to encourage them to be trained.

    Funds will be allocated to local businesses for development and they will be required to employ a giving number of people. Therefore creating 100,000 jobs in 100 days in achievable with Alexander Cummings as head of a responsible government in Liberia.

  23. There are some in the Liberian community who declare without fear that the ANC’s Alexander Cummings is nothing but a buffoon. In fact, some of Alexander Cummings’ critics say he is worse than a mirage. Wherever the truth lies, I have my own doubt. What I can say without fear of retribution is that Alexander Cummings uses charade to keep his name alive until the next round of elections. Example, the creation of 100,000 jobs in one hundred days is not as easy as one might think. But a game is being played….. Cummings can create 100,000 jobs in three months. Or, Cummings is a stooge. He cannot create 100,000 jobs in three months. So, in order to keep Cummings’ name alive while we wait patiently (through God’s grace) for the upcoming elections, supporters of his and his opponents alike will bandy his name around. It is smart politics for a candidate to introduce a controversial idea during a run for an elective position. In any case though, the 100,000 jobs issue is weighing heavily on people’s minds. In that sense, it helps keep Alexander Cummings’ name actively alive. In reality, the idea of creating 100,000 jobs in three months is not pernicious, but when the Liberian people get fed up, it could boomerang big time in the ANC camp.

    Realistically, Alexander Cummings will not be a lone presidential candidate. Given what we’ve had the last time, I strongly believe that up to 46 political parties will be formed until the sad day of reckoning…. … that’s to say, the real day of elections! (There were 23 political parties the last time. I predict that the number of political parties will double, that’s how I arrived at 46 political parties. If I am off a little bit on this one, my buddy, True Nationalist will plea my case). In essence, the idea I am trying to expose is that the presumed presidential candidates will put forth all kinds of sluggish ideas. The hope is that the Liberian people will think twice.


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