ANC to Take NEC to Court

"By accepting current election results without challenging them... we the Liberian people would again be accepting the same behaviors and tolerating the same injustices," said Cummings.

The standard bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander Benedict Cummings, is contemplating possible legal action against the National Elections Commission (NEC) as his team of legal and fraud experts are putting together every piece of information and evidence that would culminate into a sensible case against the electoral body.

The ANC’s lawsuit would come in the wake of reported or possible fraud into the October 10 presidential and legislative elections; and by that, would be seeking redress against the NEC’s many irregularities that greeted the voting process, such as stolen ballot boxes,  mix-matched tally sheets, to centers moved with no notice to voters and the intimidation of poll watchers, among others.

“While I am thankful for a peaceful process and the impressive turn-out of voters, I am very concerned about the integrity and subsequent validity of the recent election outcomes,” Cummings said at a press conference in Monrovia yesterday. “I am also disturbed by the reported thousands of Liberians that were denied their constitutional right to vote due to inefficiencies and negligence in the administration of the process,” he said.

“From stolen ballot boxes, to mix-matched tally sheets, to centers moved with no notice to voters, to the intimidation of poll watchers, and an unprecedented number of both invalid votes and turned-away voters, it is clear that our election process lacked the capacity, preparedness and consistent application of the rules to ensure that the votes of the Liberian people were protected with a guarantee of results that’s the true will of the Liberian people,” he noted.

At the press conference held in the presence of some international observers from the EU EOM and NDI, Cummings said that the ANC will only accept a result that is free fair and transparent in a process where every eligible voter had the opportunity to exercise his/her constitutional right.

International elections observers were invited to attend the ANC press conference

“I want to state emphatically that we, the ANC, would accept the outcome of the election as the will of the Liberian people if it was free, fair and completely conducted,” he said.

Cummings assured his supporters and every Liberian whose rights may have been violated on elections day that he will not stop until due process is served. “I want to let you know that I am even more determined and passionate about helping change the process and this broken system. After 170 years, Liberia deserves better!”

He asked his many partisans to continue to remain calm during such “a very difficult period in our democracy. We must remain steadfast in the preservation of peace and stability of our great nation,” he said.

“During my campaign,” Cummings said at the conference, “I outlined many reasons why we  are where we are as a country, consistently noting that if we keep doing the same things, we will not get different results. Today I find that to be truer than ever.”

“The acceptance of an incompetent, inefficient and rigged electoral process is an illustration of that expression.

“By accepting current election results without challenging them amid the numerous and wide spread improprieties, we the Liberian people would again be accepting the same behaviors and tolerating the same injustices,” he said.

“As Liberians, we will never fully be empowered to exercise our constitutional rights- and Liberia will never change-if we tolerate mediocrity and corruption in any fact of the electoral process. We cannot do the same things and expect different results.

“So, after much consultation and initial review of substantive evidence, I find it as my duty and responsibility as a Liberian that is dedicated to creating change and reform, to explore challenging the purported outcome of the recent election.

“As such, the ANC has engaged expert assistance to conduct a detailed review of the party’s findings with a view to verify and pursue every available avenue, legal and otherwise, to a fair, transparent and valid election result.”

With the registration of his intention to take legal action against the NEC, the  ANC political leader would be joining his colleague from the Liberty Party, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, who has also registered his intention to take legal action against the NEC.

After all, these were the same two men who challenged the NEC at the Supreme Court after their respective running mates were barred from contesting the elections all because the NEC held them in violation of contents of the controversial Code of Conduct. The High Court vindicated them.

Brumskine is demanding that the election be rerun, claiming that massive fraud and irregularities are to blame for preliminary results indicating that the LP performed poorly.

He said that the elections were faced with “serious gross irregularities and fraud that undercut the integrity of the process as well as denying voters their constitutional rights to vote.”

He added: “The preliminary results released by authorities of the National Elections Commissions (NEC) are not valid, because we at the LP have evidence to prove our case.”

The LP’s evidences, the political leader said, range from the stuffing of ballot boxes with marked ballot papers for a rival party in Nimba County by a NEC presiding officer; the late opening of polls at some centers; and the omission of names and photographs from the voter roll.

The standard bearer of the All Liberian Party, Benoni Urey, has also voiced out similar discontent.

Meanwhile, to his many supporters, some of whom graced the press conference yesterday, Cummings said, “I want to sincerely thank all of our dedicated supporters and to every Liberian that participated in our recent hallmark presidential elections. Your passion, energy and love for our county inspires me and strengthens our resolve as a party to continue to fight for the Liberia we all deserve.

“Many of you took the time to wake up early and exercise your civic duty. Whatever your reasons were, and whoever your choice was, you were involved in the democratic process of our nation. For that I am grateful. That single act of exercising your right to vote demonstrates your commitment to Liberia and participation in its future,” he said.


  1. I said this few days ago the chairman of this election made BAY, so all sorts of cases will come again him. I want to believe some of them who didn’t get even one percent will come forward with a case against NEC. Who know UP and ANC in Liberia as major political parties only one slow and never on time election commission chairman got these parties make noises.

  2. My prayer is for God to deliver Mama Liberia from the hands of those evil ones whose their thinking is not in the betterment of Mama Liberia. May God forgive them and bring changes..

  3. Cummings, you need to stop. I believe you had a clean record with Coca-Cola and you respected every bit of their laws and policy. Because Liberia is like a trash, you took advantage to test our court with something you knew very well that was wrong. Your running mate was not eligible to contest and when NEC asked you to provide another name, you took the case to court and it went in your favor. Again today, you’re are challenging the NEC for the integrity of the election, how daring you have become. Although, our country is not all that but the people are resilience. You had the opportunity to set the example. Many people were counting on you but your running mate was a big factor and you refused to listen. PUAH!.. Please accept the results and let’s move on. Remember karma is a bitch!

    • Don’t be silly. How do you think NEC will correct its mistakes in the future if it’s not challenged in court for its sloppy work? Nothing will change if we as Liberians accept mediocrity as good. We can do better…

    • At some point Liberians will have to say enough is enough and reject mediocrity as the acceptable norms. As Cummings alluded to, Liberians cannot continue doing the same thing over and again and hope to get a result different from the previous; it is a hopeless proposition.

      There is no election void of irregularities and we understand that but the level seen in this election, especially in a nation that is striving towards building institutions with integrity, is one that seems concerning and Liberians must confront it head on. The delays at precincts, high rate of invalid votes and trucking of ballot boxes on impassable terrain should be of concern to all Liberians yearning for representative democracy.

      I don’t think anyone is questioning the choice of the voters as to who they want for they will have to live with that choice, but the process must be somewhat free and fair, void of any avoidable irregularities.

      You talked about Cummings’ running mate being ineligible to contest in this election and I could agree with you, but remember the law sees it differently. Is it possible that you and I, not been a lawyer, could have been wrong all along? The fact that these candidates challenged the law at the time gives us, through the legislature, the opportunity to amend that portion of the code of conduct. These laws are not static but are allow to evolve overtime and if we cannot adapt than what good is it?

  4. Only in Liberia, an election eve humanitarian, who received single digit of the total votes (million), will claimed that the elections were not free and fair.

    • Even if he received less than one percent of the votes, does he not have the right and obligation to call out and challenge the obvious problems that voters encountered? Can one answer with confidence that the just completed elections gave every eligible/registered voter every opportunity to cast their vote? I don’t believe that anyone is trying to change the outcome of the elections. Lets take these concerns as a GUIDE to IMPROVING the process. Democracy is not easy…….

    • Wettee you need to stop going about on social media and postings these kind of rubbish remarks my man. So you mean a presidential candidate who spends thousands of dollars if not millions of his money does not have the right to exercise due process if he or she feels cheated by the process? I really don’t expect this from someone as intelligent as you are. I know a lot of you are excited about a possible Weah presidency to easily get jobs in Liberia. But if I were you, I won’t be so excited knowing that this same Weah was soundly beaten by Ellen in the second round of the 2005 elections never mind he had about 41% of the vote tally in the first round with Ellen just 19% of the tally. There were over 20 candidates in this election. Hundreds of thousands of Liberians voted for the 18 losing candidates simply because they don’t like Boakai or Weah. From the way the Weah supporters are behaving, I won’t be surprise if the buck of those voters come out in the second round to vote for Boakai.

  5. The NEC need to face the curroupt justice department.
    Ellen Johnson also finished purchasing the superme court with LD $5.00 … ANC good luck.
    Alex, please, just ask Mr Weah what happening g to he in 05 and 2012 election !

  6. The ANC is right. Other parties (especially Brumskine) are too anxious to sell their voters to UP or CDC just as long as they get something. Ask so-called Kennedy Sandy who jumped ship before the ship left the port. All the parties waiting for their brown envelope or promise of big jobs to secure tehir votes. Cummings does not need their money and he has the integrity to show that things did not go right. Ballot boxes being transported through muddy swamp, counting by candle and lantern, How can we improve as a country? We are behind you, Cummings.

  7. Hmmm, Liberia again” Want to acknowledge gracious hearted patriots and loyal citizens who one way of the other participated this the just ended October 2017 general elections of our beloved country. I am proud so say how much I love this small , enriched, mix-cultural, poverage but very influential sod on mine. Compliments to all politicians and political institutions as well as the NEC and to all of you for your common commentry and we should always remember to be civil and respectful in our responses , irrespective of an individual mindset or any factor that stimulates, impact or influences our desire to defend ourselves or to protect one interests in the of these controversies that surrounds the quest for a change and progress in our emerging democracy. The hard truth is we almost always celebrate evil in exchange for good and it will not be strange to see Liberia go to an interim government once again!!.. #just saying from what I foresee!

  8. The National Elections Commission has been corrupted by the Sirleafs, and so it needs to be cleaned up if not replaced and the process cleaned up before any re-run.

  9. The NEC and is chairman have been corrupted by the Sirleafs, and so must be cleaned up or replaced before any rerun. Otherwise, the will of the Liberian people will not be reflected in the results.


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