ANC to Tackle Youth Unemployment Through Business Enterprises

Alexander Cummings: “Our party envisages transforming the youth through business enterprises.”

The political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander B. Cummings, said the ANC will prioritize the empowerment of Liberian youth as entrepreneurs if given the chance to lead the country in the October elections.

Mr. Cummings made the statement on Monday, March 20, 2017, when he addressed students and professors of the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) in Monrovia.

“One of the primary ways to address the issue of unemployment facing Liberian youth is to encourage private sector investment. The youth must be encouraged to become entrepreneurs in the private sector if the country is to move forward. Our party therefore envisages getting more young people to become owners of businesses. We will provide credit opportunity in the country’s national budget to encourage more youth getting into business. This is how more jobs can be created so that the youth cannot continue to aspire for work in the public sector,” he indicated.

Mr. Cummings holds a vast experience in the private sector given his past record with the Coca Cola Company. He also has a long history of philanthropy in the global private sector, supporting and funding water projects and providing scholarships to students in Liberia, as well as donating to various causes, including the AMEU Innovation Center named in his honor.

“We cannot continue to vote for leaders possessing similar experiences (political) to get a better change as we will always get the same result. I do have a great experience as a private sector individual and now interested in public office. If elected, we assure you that youth unemployment will surely be minimized to move Liberia forward,” he mentioned.

To boost financing for youth enterprises, Cummings said his administration will visit the rules governing taxation to reduce tax burdens to encourage more youth-led enterprises.

“I offer myself as a true alternative to solve the problems confronting the youth as it relates to the creation of more jobs. We will look at rules on taxation and make sure to eliminate wasteful spending in government and direct such money to empower the youth in businesses,” he added.

Despite his promise to transform the lives of the youth when elected, Cummings told students that change in Liberia would require the collective effort of the citizenry. “We cannot do all by ourselves unless you all are willing to work hard to change the country to benefit all of us.”

Meanwhile, the agriculture sector of Liberia employs 67 percent of the country’s workforce, which Mr. Cummings promised to prioritize to promote job opportunities for the youth.

“Agriculture must remain the backbone of our country to get the youth to find employment opportunities. When elected, we will increase more funding to the sector so that young people can be empowered for profitable agricultural businesses,” he added.


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