ANC Takes Issues With Brumskine

-Goes to convention today


Lafayette Orishall Gould, chairman of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), has described as “unfortunate and disrespectful” a recent statement attributed to Liberty Party (LP) standard bearer Cllr. Charles W. Brumskine against Vice President Joseph N. Boakai.

“For Mr. Brumskine to denigrate the office of the Vice President is quite unfortunate,” Gould told reporters over the weekend in Monrovia.

“I think the office of the Vice President is sacred, meaning it is revered; and therefore, must be respected by all at any given time. It needs to be respected. For God’s sake, the Vice President remains the country’s #2, not because he is contesting in the upcoming elections.”

Cllr. Brumskine recently described as “nonsense” the Vice President’s comments regarding public concerns and pronouncements that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was clandestinely supporting his presidential bid, and not Vice President Boakai’s.  Boakai had earlier maintained that President Sirleaf was supporting Brumskine’s presidential bid rather than supporting her Unity Party candidate.

Gould said as a leader of an opposition political party, Brumskine’s clarity on issues should be done with utter regards, most especially for the office of the Vice President.

Meanwhile, the ANC is expected to go the convention today, Thursday, March 30, to symbolically elect its standard bearer, who will lead the party to the October polls.

For that, the party says it has invited over 583 delegates from across the country to elect the standard bearer, and that the chosen presidential nominee will later name his running mate.

Chairman Gould said the ANC has received one application for the standard bearer post, and that individual is Alexander B. Cummings, the man that has been bankrolling its activities and is publically named and known as its political leader.


  1. The spokesman for the ANC or whatever it is called is a complete fool. How is calling a statement by the Vice President nonsense being disrespectful?Liberia is not Equatorial Guinea or North Korea.Why would the Daily publish this no news?

    • Yep, while the office of VP needs to be respected, people should not feel they are unable to voice criticism of any utterance by any politician including the VP and President.

      • Andrew, I agree with you; Once a person throws his hat into the political ring and is running for a political position, he opens himself up for public X-Ray and criticism. I like the Political leader of the ANC Party, but I think Lafayette needs to pick his fight carefully and do better than that

  2. Anyone, whether as an independent or a political group who knowingly and willfully encourages, endorses or approves the participation of foreigners in the electoral process of Liberia, should be considered lawless, anarchistic, diabolical and not meaning well for the peace of Liberia. Liberians should therefore be mindful and wary of such non-law-abiding persons, lest they sow seeds of discord in the national body politic with unwholesome consequence in the end. When people can trounce the laws to get to power, what other laws will they respect or uphold in the future, especially ones not in their interests or favor? Often people who respect rules, laws, traditions, customs and especially the people those societal norms represent will do as a corrective in a given aberrational situation, is to challenge or propose with intent to correct or fix the prevailing situation, instead of throwing incendiary or inflammable objects at the scenario. Such persons are self-centered and could care less what befalls the rest of the population, so long as they get what they want. Those are not qualities we ought to be seeking as attributes in the leaders we want for Liberia. So help us God!

  3. When a top Lawyer like Brumskine contributes to the growing sense of lawlessness by being condescending to the Office of the Vice President of the Liberia should be alarming.
    Constructive discourse and criticisms should drive our democracy, but not the type Cllr Brumskine is advocating. He needs to apologize publicly if he honest about upholding the rule of law in the governance of Liberia👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸

    • William, I share the same name with you; therefore, let me say here that Cll Brumskine owes no apology whatsoever to the Vice President. You should be the one apologizing to the readers and all Liberians by wanting to circumvent our hard earned democracy and wanting to take us back to days when a citizen could not express his disagreement with another citizen without risking being jailed. Brumskine and the Vice President are both running to be president; therefore, each has the right to politically disarm the other. It is left with the voters to decide who is bowl shitting . The voters are sound and educated. The election season in Liberia has begun; let the candidates duke it out.

  4. Well said, Chairman Gould! The insult underscored the arrogance of a man who believes the support of EJS ensures that NEC will call the presidential elections in his favor. He should do due diligence to find out how many aides and family members she promised the presidency to as if it is hers to bestow on anyone.

    The ruling elites have taken the masses for a ride for so long that some are getting pretty much power drunk. Imagine playing kingmaker after presiding over twelve years of misrule and life – denying poverty of the vast majority. Only in Liberia can such cockiness be contemplated.

    • Mr. Moses
      I am shocked and taken aback that you support the ANC spokesman trash talk that Brumskine calling Boikai statemen nonsense is a disrespect to the VP. Why are you supporting such foolishness? Liberia is a democracy and if an opposition figure believes another politician made a silly statement he needs to be told. Even Brumskine has spoken nonsense at times. Our country is no one pepper bush.

  5. Brumskine is a dictator who knows he cannot accept the very thing he’s telling the Vice President. I don’t know whether he and his supporters know insults and cuss from criticism, but these are hypocrites that Liberians know. We all know that Brumskine is anxious and greedy for power, for which he somersaulted after declaring in 2012 that he has resigned from politics. Liberty Party too, being for an individual rather than being a national political institution, does not have any outstanding candidate other than this hypocritical and tribal politician-lawyer. Why will a leader set a premise for rudeness and lawlessness? I strongly believe from his comment that he is one person inciting the public to cuss the President and the rest of the leaders in this country. But, whatever a man soweth so shall he reap.


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