ANC Rejects Nimba Primary Result

CPP chairman, Alexander B. Cummings

Though it expresses continued loyalty to the CPP

The Alternative Nation Congress, one of the four political parties making up the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), has categorically rejected the outcome of the just-ended primary in Nimba County that was held to determine the candidate to contest for the county’s senatorial seat in the upcoming December 8, 2020 senatorial mid-term election.

The ANC’s rejection comes after Madam Edith Gongloe-Weh claimed victory in the primary and the violence that ensued, on Sunday.

The ANC’s rejection of the result is based on the fact that its candidate, Taa Wongbe, was allegedly prevented “maliciously and abruptly by supporters of Madam Gongloe-Weh “from participating in the primary,” he party said in a statement. 

“This unfortunate situation was preceded by a series of blatant violations of the process which, when ultimately failed to frustrate Taa, led to premeditated attacks on him, our delegates and officials.” the ANC explained in a statement endorsed by its chairman, Sen. Daniel F. Naatehn. 

“The refusal of Madam Gongloe-Weh’s team to allow ANC’s candidate to enter the stage was avoidable and should not have happened.”

Furthermore, the ANC said it is rejecting the primary results due to the fact that the primary was conducted in the absence of its candidate, who was attending to his injured partisans after the previous gathering had turned bloodily. 

While Taa was attending to his injured partisans, an inconspicuous regrouping of the other parties “without notice to our candidate took place to announce LP’s candidate, Edith Gongloe Weh as the CPP’s candidate, “ the statement noted further.

“The ANC will not support the outcome of any process it was prevented from being a part of as a member of the CPP. Moreover, the numbers are not reflective of the facts. Each party had 45 delegates, which gave us a total of 180 delegates. In the absence of ANC’s 45 delegates, the other 3 parties equal 135 delegates.” 

“As such, it is nearly impossible for 134 out of their 135 to regroup in an hour’s time after such intense violence to conduct a process where Taa is said to have gotten six (6) votes. Who are the six (6) persons voting for Taa Wongbe when ANC delegates did not return for fear of their lives and were not present?,” the ANC said.

The party said a primary in such an atmosphere is a kangaroo process, which must be addressed in accordance with our collaboration and electoral laws. 

“As such, the CPP has no candidate for Nimba County until these issues are addressed. We are deeply disappointed by these happenings as they do not reflect the values and ideals of the ANC. 

The ANC said when they decided to join the CPP, they had the belief that it was an honest attempt by all four (4) parties to consolidate the opposition bloc to provide alternative leadership to the Liberian people and not the other way around.

“While we remain a part of the CPP, we call on our colleagues to ensure that the sanctity of this collaboration and the interest of the Liberian people remain paramount,” the ANC said.

LP Condemns Violent But…

It is not clear yet who perpetrated the violence on Sunday, as investigation continues.  Senator Nyomblee Karnga-Lawrence, political leader of the Liberty Party and a member of the CPP, condemned the violence and at the same time congratulated Madam Gongloe-Weh for the victory in the controversial primary.

“As a leader of the CPP, I express deep and heartfelt regrets for the acts of violence which occurred at the CPP Primary in Nimba County.  The CPP is a response to the call of the Liberian people to heal and unite not just the opposition community, but the country,” said Sen. Karnga-Lawrence. “We know we will face difficulties along the way but our determination to succeed for the Liberian people should never be underestimated.” 

Sen. Karnga-Lawrence, while condemning the primary violence outcome, called on CPP partisans and well-wishers to remain calm and refrain from any actions or public utterances that will further complicate the situation as they “Work out what is best for the CPP.”

“We thank the Liberian people for their continued support for the just cause and noble objectives of the CPP. The journey will be long and difficult, but we will win for the people of Liberia, Sen. Lawrence added.

CPP Chairman speaks 

Also denouncing the violence, CPP Chairman and political leader of the ANC, Alexander B. Cummings said CPP cannot claim to be different while at the same time acting like other parties.

 “The situation in Nimba yesterday was truly disheartening. We, as the CPP cannot claim to be different and act the same way.  As Political Leader of the ANC and current Chair of the CPP, it is unacceptable to have had an executive of the ANC or any constituent party badly injured as a result of the violence,” Cummings said.

According to Cummings, the CPP needs to know that it cannot conduct its activities in such a manner and, at the end of the day, expect to win the confidence of the Liberian people.

“We must do things differently and everyone deserves a chance to participate in the primary process in a safe, free, and fair environment. That did not happen,” Cummings said.


  1. At least, the Liberian people can take serious note of this confirmation that thieves like Benoni Urey, Joseph Boakai, that corrupt indiscipline Nyonblee Karngar, and this total stranger Alex Cummings who only purpose of politicking in Liberia is to mortgage our country and privatize key public corporations to be bought by their corrupt bunch! JUST PRIMARY AMONGST THEMSELVES, THEY ARE SO UNDEMOCRATIC, SAVAGE, AND BARBARIC!!

    Thank God ALMIGHTY for blessing our little country with a well connected President within the comity and community of nations, with the current Secretary General of the UN, with ECOWAS etc. and who is truly loving and caring person and has been able to put together the largest political following THE CDC without which Liberia would have been trapped under such thieves as Charles Brumskine, Joseph Boakai,Benoni Urey, this total stranger Alex Cummings whom Joseph Boakai says is a homosexual abomination which is totally unacceptable to our way of life, politics, religion, and civilization!!!

    • In a highly first time competitive and contested elections where hard work and time failed to make the process a successful story that was intended to have an impact on the organizers, and while political violence of any kind must be condemned in the strongest terms, it remains to be seen in comparison to other primaries held by CPP, that what occurred in Nimba County is the natural behavior of the CPP. This has not been identified and proven to be the case. So Mr. Gontee, your political joy and back flip dance concerning the primary disaster held by CPP, may be just be a short lived story. It is regrettable that some peaceful citizens who wanted to participate in a peaceful primary, got hurt in the political process due to poor administrative planning by those who were in charged. Now it is up to the leaderships of the various political parties that makes up the CPP to show how politically they have matured in solving their internal conflicts and political problems. But in a first time competitive and contested primary, where administrative hard work was not part of the planning, political disaster like this is will always occurred. Your political joy is well understood. Because CDC has longed been associated with inter-party violence and street violence and protests, by the same CPP. Now the same violence has occurred within the organization. It is up to them to prove otherwise that this is a one time thing, or a kind of usual political violence to be expected at every event. That the voters and the nation will see.

      • James Davis, your wishful thinking could suffice if what transpired in Nimba were of an external making and not of an internal conflagration within the very CPP. which is AN EXTREMELY LOSE political arrangement (not a coalition but a collaboration) led by individuals at each other=s neck with their individual chronic violent mentality and de facto dictatorship tendencies. Remember, the sayings that @politics is no church@!

        James Davis, make no mistake about that! According to political psychology 101, the characteristic way of thinking or acting of the given political leaders or the modus vivendi of the given political organization does not evaporate forever simply because the given mentality of a set of political leaders or the modus vivendi of the political organization have been exposed, punished, or frowned, upon!.

        We are surprised that despite THE EXTREMISM regarding that dictatorial tendency on the part of Urey 12 hours to the primary the leadership of the ANC proved incapable of foreseeing, hence did not have the intellect to envisage the undertone the internal bloody violence waiting to explode within the CPP.AN EXTREMELY LOSE political arrangement at their so called primary….

  2. A house that is divided among itself can’t stand. From the just ended CPP primary in Nimba county, am with the strong conviction that they meant no good for Liberia. This is just the beginning of what will happen in the future. What change are they going to bring on board from what we saw?

    • The crux of the matter is that the CPP has no democratic DNA in itself in toto! And that is because scientifically, it has a huge and uncontrollable mount of OCHOLOCRATIC..POLITICIANS WITH THE IDEOLOGICAL CONVICTION OF .RULE BY A MOB in its CPP DNA! RES IPSA LOQUIROR! THE FACT SPEAKS FOR ITSELF!

      This is why ECOWAS, THE UN, and the Diplomatic Community in a near Monrovia had to directly warn them that their hidden agenda to reverse the 2017 democratic choice of THE PEOPLE would never ever be accepted.

      So, people may just be sentimental to want the rest of society to believe that primaries of CPP in electoral battle grounds political subdivisions as Nimba, Bong, etc. would ever be democratic.

      No, not with caustic and inherent opposing party leaders as Urey, Cummings, Boakai, who would incite, foment, organize, plan, and finance, MOB ACTIONS using so called protests as ploys to oust a very popular democratically elected government which has just been in power under two years of its six years first term.

      This so called CPP IS SIMPLY A REDUCTION OF DEMOCRACY TO OCHLOCRACY by hypocrites as..

      1 Urey a corrupt criminal and diehard ideologue of OLIGARCHY and violence who according to Abuja especially is the one responsible for the electoral violence in Nimba, and or a Boakai the Standard Bearer of Unity Party who plotted with conspirators and ousted the Chairman of his party because of the democratic conviction of the Chairman Wilmont Paye, or..

      2 better still ,violent and indiscipline Nyonblee Karngar who would incite and participate in electoral violence and pour boiling water on the head of her senatorial colleague,, and..not to talk about,

      3 an Alex Cummings a total stranger in Liberian Politics who is on ECOWAS RECORDS FOR FIANCING TREASONOUS ACTS and as we write is now been frowned on by the international and diplomatic communities for financing brigades ahead of elections!!!

      The CPP WITH MOB RULE INITS DNA simply can in no way stand perpendicularly strong and united as the Coalition of Democratic Change! Hence even after the 12 years first and second terms of President Weah and the CDC, the CPP shall have long been NATURALLY bulldozed into oblivion VIA SELF DESTRUCTION OR SUPERNATURALLY BY THE GODS!!!

  3. I do believe that those guys are the same people who have made this country like this ,and I can see them coming again but I pray that this country will never be a backbencher among it’s friends

  4. Unsurprising!

    It is of no surprise to see what is unfolding within the CPP for the first primary. The ANC is fully aware of the people with whom it has affiliated.
    We know that there are wolves in sheep clothing flocking with us, we know that we do not have the same perception of politics or how to channel grievances and conduct political polling. We know that our allies perceive politics as the major means of enrichment in Liberia, we will prove them wrong in times to come.

    To all the birds of ill omen, stop rejoicing! Though our (ANC) mission is tumultuous, we will get the job done. There will be unity and harmony within the CPP. Together, we will undo the mediocrity in Liberia.
    We will bring Liberians to accept and uphold excellence, put them to work and pay them decent wages.

    Congratulations, Madam Gongloe. We should have celebrated your election were the process not marred by violence and irregularities. We are willing to support you provided you accept to abide by the legal process to be introduced by Mr. Wongbe.

    May the CPP learn to play by the rules to bringing sanctity to our democratic process!

    • Thanks for your understanding of this matter, Petarus. I hope our detractors will soon comprehend the intricacies of human interactions, in relations to our collaboration.

  5. Jesus! I am sorry to invoke the super gentleman’s name in this business. But they need Him in their dis-organization in order for them to be credible.

    Minority vs. Majority….

    If I say that their caucus is a dis-organization (as I have said repeatedly), because of the most disgraceful things they have been doing, a minority of Liberians will disagree, but a whopping majority of the Liberian electorate will agree that their dis-organization is truly disorganized.

    If I say “he” is not a truthful reliable fellow in a straight and sincere political way, a minority of Liberians will disagree. But on the other hand, an overwhelming majority of the Liberian people will agree with the stated fact that”he” is politically naive and completely unreliable.

    If I say a lot of “troubling things” are being said about them within their weak dis-organization, a minority of Liberians will disagree. But on the other hand, a good majority of the Liberian people will agree with the fact that the “troubling things” that are being said will ultimately damage them politically and socially when the time comes in a few years.

    If say that, “their influence in Nimba” was on the ballot and therefore understandably rejected by the Nimbaians, the minority will disagree, but a majority of the Liberian people, including the Nimbaians will agree with the fact that “they” (meaning them, and not the Nimbaians) have no sting power, but rather a zero or mediocre influence.

    If I say that “they” do not have a populist message (let’s say a bread and butter message) that could appeal to the Liberian people, the pretentious minority will disagree. Why? Because that’s how they do business. When something is not there, the minority always disagrees and says “it’s there”. But the powerful majority know better. Without throwing temper tantrums, the powerful majority strongly believes that “they” (meaning the minority), care less about bread and butter issues.

    Finally, if I say that the recent Nimba political exercise was a referendum or let’s say a repudiation of the minority, the minority will disagree. But a majority of the Liberian people will agree with the fact that the recent Nimba political exercise was unequivocally teachable. In other words, “the minority” will not stand a chance to gain traction in the remaining 14 counties of Liberia, come 2023.

    Theirs is a dis-unity and a dis-organization. They always agree with themselves, but they disagree with the majority. Sadly, they cannot win without the majority.

  6. News of violence at the CPP primary which reportedly included a fire arm, allegation of a murder plot ,and police response didn’t surprise many. After all, the alliance was harangued into being by Pedro H. Costa who once threatened to “buy guns for old rebels to bring down the President if the authorities should close down his radio station”.

    Not to mention that CPP firecracker Hon Yekeh Kolubah, a former Bong Mine community armed robber turned NPFL’s butcher, with a ghoulish habit during the civil war of hanging skulls of victims around his neck, loves giving lectures on how to ambush the presidential motorcade. Incredibly, that’s supposed to be his free speech right. (And to date we don’t even know the group that burnt down a police station in Margibi County). In short, violence is normal within a party that has made pre-election street protest and radicalization – amidst an inherited ailing economy and a pandemic – strategic calculations. God have mercy.


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