ANC National Convention Goes to Nimba

Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, Chairman, Collaborating Political Parties

Partisans of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) say they have selected Ganta, the commercial hub of Nimba County, as venue for the party’s national convention, scheduled for Saturday, May 4, under the theme, “The Alternative Liberia Deserves.”

Accordingly, delegates are being drawn from every part of the country to attend this year’s “highly-anticipated” National Convention, during which partisans are expected to discuss a number of critical and pressing landmark national issues, while some of the “influential party heavy weights” will also fill positions during the convention.

In a statement, the ANC said ahead of the national convention, the First partisan, Alexander B. Cummings, has concluded a week-long tour in the Southeastern and Nimba Counties, where he appreciated a cross-section of citizens who are mainly supporters of the Party.

Cummings also encouraged citizens to support his party during future elections beginning with the 2020 senatorial, and the 2023 presidential elections.

While touring the counties, Mr. Cummings spoke of the need to fix the country’s economic woes, which he said has, to some extent, left the country at the bottom, in abject poverty where citizens are living on empty stomachs.

He informed citizens that it is time to change Liberia, and make it an inclusive state for everyone to access quality and affordable healthcare services, education, jobs and a share in the national cake.

Mr. Cummings said job creation should be based on competence, not on tribal connection, “because everyone needs to have equal access to the country’s resources.”

He said it is unfortunate to have a government that does not care about the citizens’ welfare, evidenced by its lack of accountability and transparency in running the affairs of the state.

Mr. Cummings said the opposition collaborating parties will keep holding the government’s feet to the fire to ensure the right things are done to better the lives of ordinary people, who cannot afford to educate their children, have access to quality healthcare and provide daily bread for their families.


  1. Welcome to my beloved county, your Excellency.
    May the people be attenive to the message you will bring them.
    Sorry I cannot be there physically but I am with you in spirit for the rebirth of Liberia.

  2. THIS RASCAL Alex Cummings is A MONEY HUSTLER AND A LIAR! DO NOT LISTEN TO HIM. You saw how the court had to force him to pay poor people who worked for him during the elections in this our very county..

  3. Welcome back, Kou. Your 2-week hiatus has been noticed. Don’t stay away from this blog for days. A week without your perspective is somehow injurious to your readers. Also, your star-power has been raised from four to five! You deserve it.

    Your past and present experience:
    Having worked with Johnson-Sirleaf at the WB as you said in your blistering comment the last time, I believe you have a good work experience. At present, maybe because of your past experience, you’re in an advisory role in whatever you do. In which case, I am still proud of you. Lastly, because of your past experience, I would like to suggest the issue of politics to you. Will it be possible for you to run for a senatoial position in any of the surrounding counties of Montserrado county? Let’s say Margibi or Bomi for instance. A populist message from you will resonate. I have the capability to run your campaign should you ask. In return, my pay will be a cold bottle of water. Nothing else. Lol.😛

    Back to basics:
    I think Alex Cummings is not well-suited to lead Liberia in a presidential capacity. Cummings has a right to run. But there are a slew of questions or a plume of black smoke in his past. His supporters will cry bloody murder if his weaknesses are exposed. But, no one (especially you or I) can be stopped. I think the gentleman is weak. He has not been able to contrast his views of the economy with those of Weah. Also, Cummings has been unable to propose a significant political contrast.

    In the US, the presidential season is quickly heating up. So far, a total of nineteen Democratic candidates have thrown their hats in the ring. There is one declared candidate in the Republican camp. He is the former gov. of Massachusetts, Mr. Weld. In any case, what’s going to be seen and heard by us throughout the campaign season is a “set” of various contrasts by the Democratic candidates. Example, the “New Green Deal” is a new contrast that’s being proposed by some Democratic candidates. The issue of climate change is another proposal that’s being proposed by some candidates. In Liberia, there’s no new contemporary proposal that one could motivate the Liberian electorate! What we often hear is a condemnation of Weah.

    Weah is not a saint. I demand an ounce of a credit from his critics.

    Despite the dirt that’s being dumped on him by his critics, road construction is ongoing. It was announced recently that the Chinese have completed a good portion of the road (asphalt wise) from my beautiful county of Maryland into Gee county. That’s progress under Weah. To his critics, that probably means “no big deal, or maybe forget it. No one gives a hoot”. Well, come election time, George Weah and his acolytes will list his signature accomplishments. It’s a sure bet that road construction will be one of his signature accomplishments. But there’ll be no persuasive concrete proposals from the opposition.

    Nimbaians….be honorable as usual. Be sure to welcome every Liberian during the upcoming ANC convention. We’re one. Money will be spent in your county. Be kind to a candidate even if you’re skeptical. Be open-minded. But, don’t quickly embrace. Give the whole thing a second thought. Peace.

  4. I am counselor James Boayue living in ganta, Nimba. My father was adopted by the Boayue which I claim as my family. I live on the late Joseph Boayue farm which was inherited by his six sons who live in America. As I wrote earlier, president Weah is a bi-sexual and Alex Cummings is a bi-sexual. These two men represent sodom. Alex Cummings is a rich businessman & should demonstrate to Nimba his plan to make us self sufficient in food production.
    James Boayue 0112310888305743

  5. Gontee are you a Fruits Loop? What your George Weah is doing for the Liberian PEOPLE’S? He only Stealing and building MANSIONS for himself right?


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