‘ANC Leadership Can Change Liberia’


Immediately after his election as political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings last Saturday promised Liberians that with the combined strength of the party they can change the current social and economic problems facing the country.

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Cummings told his followers that the problems that are confronting Liberia cannot be easily tackled by anyone person or one group.

He said he is convinced that they party, together with hard work and sacrifice can solve the many challenges facing the country.

Mr. Cummings was elected at the second Annual Convection of the ANC, in Bentol, Montserrado County, after the party’s national chairman Lafayette Gould who also a candidate of said post withdrew from the race.

“I accept your election as a political leader of the party and also thank you for your faith and confidence in me, and, you, as well as the people of Liberia would not be disappointed,” Mr. Cummings said.

“As we commenced this quest,” Mr. Cumming said, “it demands focus and determination and with that we can make Liberia work.

“There is no second plan, no fallback position. It can and will be done by us, and for us, this change cannot be shifted to the succeeding generation, we must make our country now, and begin the transformation, today.”

He challenged his partisans to play their part, with or with some else, because “if it is to be, it is ought to be, this must be the private and public chant for each Liberian at home and abroad.”

According to Cummings, “if we want to make Liberia first, then, we have to put national interest above partisan, personal agenda, individual ambition, sectorial or sectional, tribal or ethic objectives.”

If elected, in six years as President of Liberia, Cummings promised each Liberian child would get up in the morning not afraid of darkness, for he or she will turn the light on or the flick of her thumb. Each child in his home would be able to decide which water either hot or cold they would like to bath with.”

“In six years, every Liberian child of school going age would have a school to attend and their mother or father would work as they chose. They would go to school in peace, safety and trust,” Cummings said.

According to him, “This is not too much for Liberian child to ask. When we achieve it in six years, we would be on our way in becoming one of the greatest countries in the world.”

Disclosing his ambition to be President of Liberia, Mr. Cummings said, it was because of the vast potential resources in and outside of the country, which he believed have not been utilized by past leaders for the people.

“There are many opportunities for the millions of Liberians in and outside of the country, and together we can make it, if we can create similar opportunities for all Liberians,” he said.

“The change we are yielding for is very durable, it can only be done by us (Liberians), not by an American, Nigerian, Chinese or anyone else, this change if it is to happen, it must come from us,” Cummings emphasized.

Earlier in his remarks, ANC National Chairman Lafayette Gould told the gathering that Mr. Cummings is the best political leader in the country because of the level of achievement he has made in his life time.

Gould described Mr. Cummings’ acceptance as a clear demonstration that their party is now one of the competitors in the 2017 general and president elections.

“Our party is now the talked of the country and in a short period, you have added value to this party. You proved that you are truly a commodity and you are a presidential material. You are new life in the ANC to pursue our party’s goal in the forthcoming elections,” Gould emphasized.

He promised that “With our combination, we are going to change the course of our nation, where our citizens cry for daily bread and struggle for living space; we can find a way to make our economic bloom away from a single commodity to a diversify speed to include agriculture.”


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