ANC Endorses Cummings’ 2017 Presidential Bid


The chairman of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Orishall Gould, has endorsed and welcomed the presidential bid of Alexander Cummings in the 2017 elections.

Mr. Gould made the announcement on Tuesday when a group, under the banners: “Center for Campaign Strategies (CECAS)” and “Wave of Cummings for better Liberia (WACUBEL)” announced their organizations’ support to campaign vigorously to ensure that Mr. Cummings is elected president of Liberia in 2017.

Chairman Gould said “We at the ANC are very excited to receive this caliber of personalities to join ranks with us to help in making the right decision for our country. We are not surprised that they have chosen the ANC. We are endeavoring to build an institution around a set of ideas and ideals, not individuals; and today, that has attracted them.”

The ANC is delighted to have Mr. Cummings, whose character speaks for itself in Liberia and in the corporate world, Mr. Gould declared. “Given his immense lifetime accomplishments and his outstanding career as a highly regarded and successful international corporate executive, we strongly believe that Liberians will choose to work with him and for him,” Chairman Gould added.

If Mr. Cummings were given the chance to lead Liberia come 2017, there would be clear transformation for the people and the country at large, assured Gould.

Mr. Gould lauded the two new groups for pledging their organizations’ support to the ANC and Mr. Cummings, adding, “We will waste no time in welcoming you and putting you and many others who are lost out there, together with the ANC and bringing you into our ranks.”

Patrick Y. Moore, national chairman of CECAS, said the organization was created to usher Liberians into the path of patriotism, not selfishness, and to educate the public on the need to prioritize the future of the country “as we introduce and expose a brand new group of political leaders.”

“We have been able to identify that the problem we face as a nation is not about Liberia not having enough resources to make the citizens achieve an appreciable standard of living, but basically the misdirection and misapplication of our priorities and resources as a nation,” Chairman Moore stated.

He said CECAS wants to help Liberians identify a leader who is financially potent and not someone that will depend on government officials to handle his personal responsibilities while serving as President of Liberia.

“We are proud to identify a leader who has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to international political and financial fair play. We decided to scout the world and fish out someone who has been able to manage both human and financial resources worldwide without denting his personal character or the integrity of his country. We plan to seek a selfless candidate for the country who knows the meaning of development and how to get it done,” the CECAS chair said.

Chairman Moore observed that in the recent past the citizens have prioritized trivialities, tribalism or elitism during elections, thereby voting the wrong people to lead the nation.

He said elected officials, in return, knowing fully well that they were products of misdirection and misapplication of political will, took the oaths of office to do little for the people in return.

Mr. Moore added that many of these politicians buy their way to the top without any proof of competence and or platforms convincing people that they can better the lives of the voters.


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