ANC Donates 30-KVA Generator to Islamic University

The brand new 30-KVA Fireman generator that was donated to Annur Islamic University by the Alternative National Congress

The opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) on June 25, 2019, donated a brand new 30-KVA Fireman generator to Annur, an Islamic University in Monrovia.

Annur University is the first and newly constructed Islamic University that is expected to open its academic door this September operating the college of Science, Liberal Arts, Business and Arabic Language Studies.

Annur, in Arabic means “the light verse,” or “the parable of light,” a mystical group of lines that have been the subject of much scholarship and reflection that “Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth.”

Aloysius Toe, ANC Secretary-General, who made the presentation, said the party’s donation is part of the importance Alexander B. Cummings attached to educate the young people of Liberia.

Toe said Mr. Cummings has demonstrated his commitment to educating the youth of Liberia by supporting a lot of learning institutions throughout the country, including primary and higher learning institutions.

Mr. Toe presents the generator documents on behalf of the ANC to the Annur Islamic University.

“Not only has he supported schools, but he has also built a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) school to demonstrate his commitment to education,” Mr. Toe said.

“Building a center of higher learning is no small enterprise,” Mr. Toe said, “but it is the most worthy cause anyone can and should invest in.”

Mr. Toe said ANC strongly believes that among the many causes of the country’s conflict is the lack of education.

He praised the few Islamic brothers, who conceived the idea of establishing the Islamic University, which he termed as a “type of self-help initiative that will develop the Liberian society.”

“We must take responsibility for our own advancement, which can only come with education,” Toe said. “You can be proud of what you have accomplished so far in this building, in such short a time is an indication of your commitment to education.”

He said the university computer lab, the library, the soon to be completed science lab, which will serve the school of nursing, are necessary in this contemporary era.

Mr. Toe spoke of the significant role religious institutions have played in the nation’s education system and the “Islamic community has many schools and a high school providing quality education to thousands of future leaders of our nation.”

He said ANC is proud to be associated with the university project, and look forward to the strong partnership with the institution and look forward to the first graduates that are going to be molded to serve the nation.

Osman A. Kamara, president of Annur University, praised Mr. Cummings, who he said fulfills promise when he makes one.

Mr. Kamara said the strategic goals of Annur University are excellence in education, research, and distinctiveness in innovation, and to achieve these goals, the university is going to continue to improve on its faculties, facilities, and financial sustainability programs.

Kamara, who is a lecturer at the University of Liberia Business College, took his guests around on a tour of the facilities and disclosed that the university.



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