ANC Declares Saturday ‘D-Day’ to Elect New Corp of Officers

ANC’s political leader and former standard bearer, Alexander Benedict Cummings.

Authorities of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) have declared Saturday, May 4, 2019 as one of those very important days in their history as delegates will elect a new corp of officers to take the party to the next general and presidential elections in 2023, a release said.

According to the release, ANC’s present political leader and former standard bearer, Alexander Benedict Cummings, said those expected to be elected in Ganta, Nimba County, will be the national executive committee members, who will take the party to the next national elections.

The ANC is one of the four opposition political parties working together. It said hundreds of their stalwarts, auxiliary groups and well-wishers have converged in Ganta for what party hierarchy terms as a “critical political decider” in view of the enormous task ahead.

“The ANC is also expected to elect a political leader whose leadership will set the tone for a progressive political direction of the party amid Liberia’s turbulent moment,” the release said.

Party officials say tomorrow’s event is indeed the ‘D-Day’ for the new political leadership, who will present their respective platforms containing the true and best alternative Liberia can count on, “if the nation must rise again to make the dreams of Liberians alive, thereby putting smiles to their faces,” the party said.

Meanwhile, reports from Ganta so far say, the ANC euphoria and momentum has gripped the this Liberian bustling commercial city that people are seen in pocket of groups discussing the party’s crucial national convention.


  1. If the ANC is expected to make an ounce of progress in years to come, its top brass must immediately get out of the cockpit of leadership. In other words, Cummings and his current crop of lieutenants must step down and pass the baton to the next generation of younger Liberians.

    • Hney – I don’t understand the basis for your suggestion that Cummings and the top brass must step aside and give way to younger Liberians. As you know Cummings is a new-comer to politics and he must provide leadership to build his party so it makes no sense for him to step aside as you suggest. I think the ANC is making inroads because most young people that voted for George Weah are disenchanted and looking for an alternative because of Weah’s poor performance. The ANC stands to peel away a good chunk of CDC voters. And given the bad economic situation in the country, plus the corruption, ANC should be able to win some seats in the Legislature which will give it momentum going into general elections in 2022. That misappropriated $25 Million kinja will be George Weah’s achilles heel.

  2. Okay Phil,
    I may not have elaborated to your point of satisfaction. Sometimes as much as I try to convince you, I just can’t make it happen. We are not strange bedfellows. Maybe we need to go to Red lobster to get this thing straight. A Ghanaian national once said, “ah, if I can’t able, I will try”. So let me try.

    First, Cummings is the brain and founder of the ANC. By doing so, he performed one of his patriotic duties. Indeed, Cummings deserves to be credited. Realistically, because he founded the ANC does not mean he is the creme de la creme. I am certain beyond a reasonable doubt that some younger group of Liberians who are members of the ANC, can be given the baton of leadership. In the US, we all know that Obama was not alive when the Democratic Party came into existence. But when he announced his bid for the presidency, the younger Americans, often referred to as the Millennials, propelled Obama to highest office of the land. Is it possible for such a thing to be replicated in Liberia? (I am an outsider, not a Cummings acolyte, God knows I am not a hater either).

    Secondly, Cummings when he ran in 2017, he performed abysmally. He didn’t have a populist message neither did he garner up to 15% of the vote. Cummings’ economic message made a mockery of himself. Cummings told the Liberian people about his business connections. But again, that particular message was the moral equivalent of selling snake oil. The fact that Cummings worked for Coco-Cola does not mean that he’s got presidential credentials. A person who jumps into the politics of government, having worked in the business world is not automatically fit to serve as a president.

    Thirdly, Cummings is not as popular as some people would like us think. The planned ANC convention that’s headed for Nimba County speaks volumes. Sen. Johnson of Nimba and thousands of Nimbaians are unbelievably unhappy with Cummings. Nimba is blessed with good soil, gorgeous women and a host of educators. Nimba is also rich with people who are eligible voters. If some hardcore notables of Nimba are uneasy about Cummings’ presence there, Cummings needs to think twice. A local mayor in Nimba states that he cannot guarantee Kolubah’s security while the convention heats up. Kolubah is supposedly a follower of the ANC.

    Cummings is a patriot. He’s not a demon. The magical point to be reckoned with is that no harm will be done if a younger person is empowered to sit in the cockpit of the ANC. Am I wrong?

    Phil, you brought up the 25-million dollar deal. You predict that it could spell Weah’s death knell. I don’t know why that specific topic popped up. But, the truth is that if Cummings makes the 25-milion dollar deal a political talking point, he’ll be shamefully exposed to a disastrous awakening. That’s because the Liberian voters will say that they want to hear something different than jarring about 25 million dollars. Some voters might suggest that “if” he becomes president, money will get stolen under his watch. So what is new?

    Road construction is ongoing. Homes of Liberian residents are being electrified. There are many things that need to be addressed. Of course, the economy is one of them. But on the whole, fake news of incompetence hits the wires every day. We are told that Weah has a private jet. Weah has a yatch. Of course, no one knows where the yatch and private jet are hidden. Is Weah afraid to bring his yatch to Liberia?
    Who spreads this rumor about Weah? The underground political operatives? The Liberian people will someday understand that poor Weah was being bamboozled by his enemies. When the truth emerges, the young men and women will once again come back to CDC.

  3. Wow, Cummings, a well-educated man who also worked at the highest level for one of the most successful companies in the history of the world and the man that oversaw budgets of over billions of dollars is not fit to be president but an uneducated football player is fit to be president…help us God…

  4. Flomo,

    I too have worked for a Fortune 500 company. A company that has more assets than Coco-Cola. Does that give me the ability to become president of Liberia?

    Once again, you are making a statement without knowing the intricate details. Have you seen Cummings’ resume? Does his resume say he oversaw budgets of billions of dollars?

    No one disputes the fact that he worked for Coco-Cola. But what the resume actually says is another thing.

  5. Background

    Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings, also known as Alex, Jr., served as Chief Administrative Officer of the Coca-Cola Company from July 1, 2008 to March 31, 2016 and as its Executive Vice President from July 2002 to March 31, 2016. Mr. Cummings served as the President of Africa Group of Coca-Cola Company from March 2001 to June 2008 and as its Chief Operating Officer of Africa Group since July 2002.

    He joined Coca Cola Co. in 1997 as Deputy Region Manager, Nigeria based in Lagos, Nigeria and Managing Director/Region Manager, Nigeria since 1998. Since 2000, he served as the President of Coca-cola Co’s North and West Africa Division, responsible for the North African countries of Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria, along with all the countries of sub-Saharan West and Central Africa from Mauritania to The Democratic Republic of Congo.

    He started his career in 1982 with The Pillsbury Company and held various positions within Pillsbury, his last position being Vice President of Finance for all of Pillsbury’s international businesses. He serves as the Chairman of Coca-Cola Africa Foundation, which works to support health and education across Africa. He serves as a Director of S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc. He serves as a Board Member of the Africa-America Institute, Africare, the Corporate Council on Africa, Clarke Atlanta University and the U.S.-Egypt Business Council.

    He serves on the Advisory Board at The African Presidential Archives & Research Center. He served as a Non Executive Director at Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated from March 9, 2010 to May 09, 2017.

    He served as an Independent Director of Chevron Corporation since December 10, 2014 until April 27, 2016.

    He also serves on the Center for Global Development’s Commission on U.S. Policy toward Low-Income Poorly Performing States (LIPPS).

  6. Climbing the Corporate Ladder after a Military Coup

    Cummings, however, came back to the U.S. after the military overthrow of the government in 1980. After a stint working in finance at Pillsbury, he eventually gained a position at Coca-Cola in 1997 as deputy region manager in Nigeria. For close to two decades, he made his ascent at the mammoth soft drink manufacturer in positions that were closely tied to the company’s business interests within the continent.

    By 2000, he was named president of its North & West Africa Division and a roughly year later, he rose to president and chief operating officer of its Africa Group with oversight of operations in the continent’s 56 countries and territories. His prowess and collaborative management style would enable him to rise to EVP and chief administrative officer. In that role, he directed an array of functions, including legal affairs, global community connections, and strategic planning to support five operating groups in more than 200 countries. During his tenure, he was listed on BE‘s 2012 roster of the 100 Most Powerful Executives.

  7. The Coca-Cola Company Chief Administrative Officer Alexander B. Cummings to Retire

    December 07, 2015 02:05 PM Eastern Standard Time

    ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Coca-Cola Company today announced that Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer Alexander B. Cummings will retire March 31, 2016 after more than 18 years of distinguished service to the Company.

    “Alex’s legacy will be as a leader who focused on growth and made us more efficient and effective. He also has a passion for our people and a vision for building sustainable communities as part of our local business. We wish will him well on his retirement.” Muhtar Kent, Chairman and CEO, The Coca-Cola Company.

    A highly respected leader within the Coca-Cola system, Cummings joined The Coca-Cola Company in July 1997 as Deputy Region Manager for Nigeria and quickly advanced to become President of Coca-Cola’s Africa Group in 2001. A native of Liberia, West Africa, Cummings led a period of strong growth in Coca-Cola’s Africa business, overseeing critical investments in marketing and infrastructure across 56 African countries and territories from 2001-2008.

    In July 2008, Cummings was named to his current position of Chief Administrative Officer to consolidate oversight of key global corporate functions including Legal, People, Strategic Planning, Information Technology, Strategic Security, Sustainability and Technical. He has played a key role as an executive sponsor of efforts to imbed productivity throughout the Company, including current efforts to achieve $3 billion in annual cost savings by 2019.

    “We thank Alex for his tireless service to growing and advancing our business in key markets around the world,” said Muhtar Kent, Chairman and CEO, The Coca-Cola Company. “Alex’s legacy will be as a leader who focused on growth and made us more efficient and effective. He also has a passion for our people and a vision for building sustainable communities as part of our local business. We wish will him well on his retirement.”

    During Cummings’ time as Coca-Cola Africa’s President, he oversaw the creation of The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation in response to the growth and impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. In 2001, the Foundation established an extensive healthcare program for Coca-Cola workers affected by HIV/AIDS and related conditions across Africa in addition to supporting HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness throughout local communities. Today, The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation is the largest regional foundation within Coca-Cola’s global network with a focus on clean water, health education and entrepreneurship. Since 2001, it has granted more than $100 million to support sustainable communities in Africa.

    • Well, Weah’s resume is out there. Weah was hired by the Liberian people and that’s why he’s president of Liberia. I don’t need my resume out there because I am not looking for a job. I am not seeking attention for anything.

      Coco-Cola is not the only company that has made charitable donations in Africa and elsewhere. It was most unnecessary to inform your readers about Coco-Cola’s charitable donations. The information of donations, whether it is Coco-Cola or not, is obtainable via the internet; it shouldn’t be a part of Cummings’ resume. In other words, Coco-Cola didn’t make donations to African countries and elsewhere because of Cummings.

      I am opposed to Cummings politically and his economic plans from A to Z . I need not remind you or the readers about one of Cummings’ economic plans that called for hiring or creating 100,000 jobs in a short period of time. You may not agree, but I know as well as thousands of Liberians that the suggestion by him to create 100,000 jobs was like selling the Bay Bridge in California to the monsters. The plan was weak from scratch and unworkable.

      There is a constant drumbeat of Weah is this. Weah is that. Someone should have told a body of people in Liberia that the economy of any country is like a seed that’s planted. Since ours is a developing country, it takes time in order for the planted seeds in Liberia to bear fruit.

      Sure, I know darn well that people are in dire need. I am not happy about that situation at all. I have two brothers and a good number of relatives in Liberia. Like most Liberians, it gets rough on them as well. The truth must be told. Being supportive of a politician does not mean that I am gong-ho to ignore the harsh difficulties of life in Liberia. It’s rough in Liberia. I hope and pray that the economic situation will improve.

      The issue is whether Cummings has the magical hands that could shake and move things around overnight. I say no! He doesn’t. I don’t have any illusions about your answer. It’s a resounding yes. Well, that’s why we are entitled to our opinions!

  8. Now it’s Cummings having “Magical Hands” from not being “Fit” to be president…always moving the goal post when confronted with facts….total waste of time having talk with the disciples of a cult leader…..Cummings doesn’t have any “Magical Hands” but he has the training and knowhow as an executive at the highest level to bring revolutionary changes to government that will show immediate results.

    It’ll be apparent from day one the vast knowledge he brings to the presidency unlike the current occupancy.

  9. Don’t deny it. If he doesn’t have “magical hands” as you say, then nothing will be “apparent from day one”! Zilch!
    Only a magician can turn things around so swiftly on the very first day he or she gets inducted into office. Such a boast is precisely why Cummings was not taken seriously when he said he would create 100,000 jobs in a short period of time.

    George Weah is magnanimous. He’s been like that throughout his life. When his country’s national soccer team needed him, he didn’t hesitate to help. Mr. Smith, it’s okay if you dislike Weah. That’s how the world of politics spins. However, to call Weah a cult leader because you dislike him is to take this argument to a different level. Although I oppose him politically, I don’t use derogatory terms to describe Cummings. Never will I. What can be said is this….if you’re bored with me, I will move on. But, if your intention is to drive into a lane of “street jargon” in order to express yourself, I will not be dragged in such a lane.

    The world of business is completely different. The fact that someone has worked in business does not mean he or she is prepared to lead a country. May God prolong our lives. Come election time, we’ll see how you and your candidate will outperform Weah’s seasoned forces.

  10. Be careful Liberian else we will find ourselves in a never ending “Devil Circle” (a German Phrase).

    Those are/were administrative positions he had? He was working in an enviroment that was already built by others. He does not have the KnowHow to get similar enviroments started for Liberia. Liberia needs Liberian who can built the Liberian Industries. There is only one coca factory in Monrovia and what is it really doing for Liberia?

    We need steel, rubber, etc, ..factories. Do you think he has any knowledge/KnowHow about these things inorder to promote Liberia’s interest at the highest?

    Do you know the story about Ellen? We heard that she knew a lot from USA City Bank or some Banks? Do you also know about the politician, economist who went against Tolbert? Non of them could build anything but wanted to administer things they did not have any idea about?

    Some of us are still working in the advance engineering environments(20+ years); hands on and we know what it takes to build a modern economy (industries, etc). It is not an easy thing to get done. Nobody should fool you that its going to be a walk in the park.

    We will immediately tell our people that they should not allow anyone to fool them again.

    Example: Nobody in Liberia can create 100, 000 jobs in 90 days; there we go?
    Did you hear that in the last debates?

  11. Thank you Mr. Curran.

    Liberia is a country of approximately 5 million inhabitants. Illiteracy is very, very high. Most of the investors are foreign nationals. How is it possible that 100,000 could be created in three months? Mr. Cummings and his supporters tell us that it is doable.

    Take a listen at their response:
    “Cummings worked for Coco-Cola. Because of the fact that he worked for Coco-Cola, we believe Cummings will be a good president”.

    On the line of education, the following is the response of Cummings’ supporters:
    “Well, Cummings is more educated than Weah. Cummings’ education alone can help solve the economic woes of Liberia”.Bunk!

    Something to know:
    Weah speaks in French and English. Is that something to be construed as being uneducated?

    Reality check:
    An educated person can turn out to be a “jack of all trades, but a master of none”.

    When you remind Cummings’ supporters about Weah’s generosity (ex. his sponsorship of the Lone Star team during the hardest of times n Liberia) Weah’s critics will downplay that aspect of reality.

    Some of Cummings’ supporters tell us that Weah has a yatch. But when a concerned citizen asks, “where is the yatch you boy”? The mighty supporters of Cummings will be unable to tell you. Also, when a concerned citizen asks for a verification of sources, the war room from which Cummings’ mighty supporters fire their fake news will be completely quiet.

    Guess work:
    Maybe the Weah yatch is sitting on the grass in the New Kru town area. Never mind that a yatch is supposed to sit and sail on the water. When Weah announces his plan to travel to France, maybe the yatch is pushed and pulled by hands and taken straight to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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