ANC to Close National Campaign Rally October 7

ANC partisans

The leadership of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) will be holding the party’s campaign rally on October 7 in Monrovia, climaxing the entire campaign exercise.
Following the launch of the campaign in the hometown of the party’s standard bearer in Harper, Maryland County and the party said it is planning to turn Monrovia red, white and blue, promising to pull an even bigger crowd the weekend before electorates head to the polls.

Although one of the newest parties on the Liberian political scene, the ANC is considered one of the five leading parties in the country for the upcoming elections, primarily because of its standard bearer Alexander B. Cummings, a recently-retired corporate executive from one of the world’s most well known organizations, the Coca-Cola Company.

In January, the party held its first Alternative Day Rally under the theme, “Liberia Deserves Better.” At the time, Mr. Cummings was still considered a newcomer to the Liberian political field, but the rally won the party many partisans.

The enormous crowd and parade caused a gridlock in central Monrovia as partisans and others trooped from all over the city to the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS). Cummings in a little less than a year has gone from a complete political unknown to being among the five prominent standard bearers in the country.

While the other major political parties, UP, CDC and LP, launched their campaigns in Monrovia, Mr. Cummings decided to travel to his home county to launch his campaign. Cummings and his team have been on the road touring the country ever since, and will close the ANC’s campaign process on October 7.

ANC campaign manager, Atty. Yafar Bakipeh, speaking on Mr. Cummings’ inaugural rally and the party’s plan for October 7, said: “We were able to pull off an amazing event in January when Mr. Cummings didn’t have as much support as he has now. One can only imagine what we have in store for Monrovia on October 7. We are going to use this opportunity to remind our supporters what we have been able to accomplish in such a short amount time, and remind our country the amazing opportunity we have on October 10 – the opportunity to elect Mr. Alexander B. Cummings as president.”

Meanwhile, last week, some members of Margibi County District #5, the home district of the Unity Party vice standard bearer and House Speaker J. Emmanuel Nuquay, endorsed Mr. Cummings’ presidential bid. In Whorn Town, the residents pledged to vote for the Alexander B. Cummings and Jeremiah Sulunteh ticket on October 10.

Oldman Ben Carter, Chief Elder of Gibi District, said that they have reached a unanimous decision to support Mr. Cummings for President because they know that he is a sincere and humble son who can truly change their lives. “You drove to come to our town and saw how we risk our lives daily to move from one place to another or to carry our farm produce to the market. But people came here several election times and promised to help change the state of the roads, but failed to do anything about it,” Oldman Carter said.

“We have decided to make you our candidate because we have heard what you are capable of doing for our district and Liberia when given the opportunity to lead this country. Your medical supply to our health center has helped to save the lives of many of our citizens. All of our votes will be for you and we know that you will remember Gibi District when we elect you as president,” he said. The elder also lamented the terrible condition of the roads throughout the district and pleaded with Mr. Cummings to make sure his government builds new roads in their various towns.

Responding, Cummings promised to ensure that the road conditions change for the people in Whorn, Gibi District, and the country. He said Liberia deserves better after 170 years of independence. He also told the citizens of the district that asking for good roads, good medical and health care services and good living conditions is not too much for Liberians to ask of their government.

Cummings promised to come back and celebrate his victory with the people of Gibi District if elected and said his government will pave their roads, and many other roads throughout the country.


  1. It is so simple to go with the comfortable and live by the expected. As the Holy Scriptures reads, GOD afflicts the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. If Almighty GOD, is not willing to go with what’s comfortable why should the Liberian people settled. Yes, I know your ballot could mean your children attending the best schools and you very well keeping your jobs. But remember, promotion comes neither from the east nor west and that only Almighty GOD has the power to give wealth. Haven’t we compromised enough? Where has it gotten us? No, where. My fellow Liberians, as you proceed to a new era, a new horizon in our nation’s history, please cast the ballot this time and not the bullet. No, by no means am I implying that the election of our next president will usher in some sort of civil unrest. For all Almighty GOD has taken us from such tribulation and never to return again in Jesus name. But I do speak of a different bullet. The inherent bullet that kills Liberia’s most priceless commodities. The potential of our children when they cannot acquire the education they deserve because opportunities are stifled and concentrated for the selective few. What will happen if we invest in all Liberians? What has the last 170 years taught us? For history is only learned when error is recognized and avoided. Please cast your ballots for the innocent. This time around don’t choose the broad and expected road. Choose the narrow and less traveled and see if GOD has ever forsaken.

  2. If my suggestion would mean anything for our country, I like to say that the first three parties to get the three highest votes should be declared standing parties in Liberia thereafter. Multiplicity of parties is not helping the nation in any way except that NEC or the government gets party registration fees from them. It is ridiculously obnoxious for a little country with population of around 4 million people to have these many political groupings. Let’s bring some sanity and sanctity into our body politics. It is rather divisive and a polarization of our unity.

  3. ABC/ANC; Not so fast! GMW/CDC have already laid claims on MONROVIA. They claim to have 3 million VOTES in Monrovia alone. You do the MATH. What’s left in Monrovia or Liberia; with a total registered voters count of 2.1 million people?


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