ANC Takes Campaign to Bong

Cummings (right) and Sulunteh.

The ANC rally at the David Kuyon Sports Stadium

As the electoral battle for Bong County continues, those related to county who are running mates to presidential candidates are showcasing their popularity to their political leaders ahead of the October 10, elections.

On Saturday August 12, the Alternative National Congress (ANC) of Alexander B. Cummings held a campaign rally in the Crossroads City of Gbarnga at the David Kuyon Sports Stadium in the Millionaire Quarter.

The stadium witnessed a sizable crowd, but without the presence of any of the traditional chiefs including the county’s opinion leaders.

The program, which would have commenced at noon, was delayed for three hours as the ANC’s local officials tried to pull more crowds for the event.

Taking the stage, Mr. Cummings told his supporters that under during the ANC administration’s, first 100 days in office, the Bong County Technical College (BCTC) will be reopened to the public with all facilities installed.

The BCTC was established by Act of legislation in 2008 as a means to strengthen government’s effort to provide higher education for its citizens.

He told supporters that if they elect him president, his administration will protect the natural resources from leaving the country to ensure that the country is connected by roads, which Cummings believes are important to the country’s development.

Sulunteh had earlier informed supporters that the ANC is for change, noting, “It is time to vote Unity Party (UP) out and usher in the ANC, your hope, your future.”

Bong County has two vice presidential candidates in the upcoming elections-Senator Howard Taylor of George Weah’s Coalition for Democratic Change, and Sulunteh of Cummings’ ANC.


  1. On Saturday, August 12, 2017 the Alternative National Congress-ANC supporters, sympathizers and well-wishers gathered in their thousands to celebrate Bong County Official launching of Campaign. As you may be aware, Mr. Cummings had early on Officially Open Campaign in his homeland, Maryland County along with his Vice Standard Bearer, HE Amb. Jeremiah C. Sulunteh with the biggest size ever. What I see happening in Liberia is likely to be the defeat of conventional wisdom where October 10, 2017 election will bring forth a real astonishing package. From my reading and looking at Mr. Alerxander Benedict Cummings and Amb. Sulunteh clean record both in Corporate life and government employment, the combination of their reconciliation agenda; they will certainly put up real surprise to the their opponents. This particular Party can not be condemned for anything whatsoever. Their slogans “Liberia deserves better”, “Real Change You Can Trust” are resonating with the electorates. With ANC Motto LIBERIA FIRST, many people are now moved towards this saying and its demonstration in action by Mr. Cummings who is the lone Candidate that is not involve with bad mouthing his opponents but rather pushing the agenda of the Liberian people, not just saying the whats component of Liberia’s problems but importantly finding the solution by answering the how components.

  2. I was moved this gone Saturday when the Alternative National Congress-ANC launched its Campaign in Bong County led by Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings, Standard Bearer and HE Amb. Jeremiah C. Sulunteh, Vice Standard Bearer with thousands of Partisans and supporters in the Central City of Liberia (Gbarnga). On facebook, l have heard that ANC is the underdog among other Parties with an arrowhead whose opponents claimed is a new comer yet he is demonstrating not only in words but genuine actions. I think Liberians are gravitating to ANC because of the impact Mr. Cummings is making on the life of his people by providing $565,000.00 US (more than half a million) medical supplies to major hospital (CB Dunbar, CH Rannie, JJ Dossen, Zorzor Lutheran Hospital, Buchanana gov’t Hospital, Fish Town Hospital etc) around Liberia. His sponsorship of $1,000,000.00 Liberian dollars to UL Students Union, 350 KVA generator to BWI, $50,000.00 US sponsorship of Neigbein Community Clinic right next door to Ganta City which is ongoing, more than 4,000 students WAEC fees payment by the Cumming Africa Foundation and several other issues undertaking for the forward movement of our Country are glaring reasons why Liberians throughout the bailiwick are supportive of Cummings-Sulunteh ticket.

    The frustrating thing here is that elements of the governing establishment who have siphoned and pillage our resources and bamboozle our economy are the very people who don’t care about the plight of our people, but instead are saying to Mr. Cummings that they will eat his money. By my reading, it seems that the ruling establishment is indicative of the fact that our people should remain perpetual beggars while they wallow in riches out of poor taxpayers earnings. We can’t afford to have the “Same old-same old system”. We say absolutely no to the ruling Unity Party led government and welcome the Real Change You Can Trust through Cummings-Sulunteh Presidency and Vice Presidency of the Alternative National Congress-ANC.

  3. Sulunteh, was a key component of U.P; for how ever long. This is the very party he’s now criticizing. If the U.P party is/was that bad, why didn’t JERIMIAH SULUNTEH leave long ago? Sulunteh’s RHETORIC is not worth listening to. I believe the Honorable Citizens of Bong County know better. Say no! To J.S…


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