Amputees Football Association Commend Pres. Weah

Liberia National Amputee is plying the colors in Angola.

The Liberia Amputee Football and Sports Association, has expressed gratitude to Chief-Patron-of-Sports, President George Weah, for assisting the Amputee National Football team to enhance their travel to participate in the 5th Africa Amputees Cup of Nations in Angola.

After several weeks of seeking support from stakeholders, the team’s call for support was finally answered following a visit to President Weah’s office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to a release from the association, the undisclosed “needed funding,” which the President provided to the team to enable them make the trip, has added value to Amputee Footballers, who seem to have been forgotten in recent times by Liberians.

“We are very grateful to our President, who loves the game, and has done so much for it, and still wants to do much more. The financial aid to the Amputees has proven that President Weah is a leader for all Liberians, and all sporting disciplines. We can assure the President, the government and people of Liberia that we will return with the trophy to Liberia at the end of the tournament,” the release quotes Cooper George, president of the Association.

An 18-man Liberian Amputees Football delegation, which will be headed by Assistant Sports Minister James Toe, five officials and 12 players, will depart Liberia September 29, 2019 for Angola to honor the tournament that is slated from September 30 to October 14, 2019.

The team is expected to compete in Benguela province, Angola.

Angola (continental runner-up and world champion – Mexico 2018), Liberia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Kenya and Niger, are the countries expected to participate in the continental showpiece.

The Liberian Amputee National Football Team will be defending the Africa Amputees Cup of Nations title, which they have won three times in the last four years.


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