Amos Lodge Conducts Annual Charity in St. John River City

Members of the Amos Lodge No. 10 and KEEP founder, Brenda Moore, at the newly dedicated KEEP reading room in St. John River City

Amos Lodge No. 10 of St. John River City, Grand Bassa County, performed its Masonic duties of Charity in St. John River City by dedicating the James E. Pierre Reading Room at the St. John River Senior and Junior High School, a release has said.

Additionally, the Lodge generously provided drugs and medical supplies to the St. John River City Clinic, and agricultural implements to Union Baptist Church Farming Project.

According to the release, Amos Lodge No. 10, in collaboration with Kid’s Educational Empowerment Project (KEEP), dedicated a modern reading room in honor of Most Worshipful James E. Pierre, 33°, Immediate Past Grand Master of Masons, at the St. John River City Elementary and Junior High School.

Worshipful Brother Edward L. Sharpe, 32°, Worshipful Master of Amos Lodge No.10, said that dedication of the reading room in honor of Immediate Past Grand Master Pierre, is indicative of Past Grand Master Pierre’s interest, and promotion of arts and the sciences in the country, and a testament of the spread of Liberian scholarly possibilities.

Sharpe, said that Amos Lodge No.10 was excited to partner with the KEEP Executive Director, Madam Brenda Brewer Moore, to ensure that the dream and aspirations of young Liberians, especially the younger generation of St. John River City, is accelerated through their scholastic advancement of acquiring knowledge through access to the reading room.

Madam Moore praised Amos Lodge No. 10 for its continued support to KEEP’s work over the years.

She recounted several charity initiatives Amos Lodge No. 10 supported under KEEP’s stewardship.

Immediate Past Grand Master of Masons, Cllr. James E. Pierre, who cut the ribbon to the reading room, lauded Amos Lodge No 10 for the “remarkable project.” He congratulated Brethren of the Lodge for “doing good on to all,” a cornerstone of Freemasonry.

“Today marked a significant moment for not only the Pierre family but for the children of Liberia, particularly children of St. John River City. Today, our children of St. John River City and parts adjacent in Grand Bassa County have a modern reading room to enable you properly learn and study,” Pierre said.

He further thanked KEEP foundation for its continued works across the country by enhancing the education capacity of young Liberians, and called on others to support KEEP in sustaining its programs.

After the dedication of the Reading Room, the Lodge proceeded to the St. John Clinic.

Sharpe, who made the donation on behalf of Amos Lodge No. 10, stated that the donation of the drugs and medical supplies is indicative of the Lodge’s Masonic duties of caring for the well-being of the people of St. John River City and fostering brotherly love.

He assured the officer-in-charge and other staff that the Lodge will continue its assistance to the clinic and people of St. John River City.

The officer-in-charge and staff, who received the drugs and medical supplies, lauded Amos Lodge for its continued assistance to the St. John River City Clinic.

“The presence of Amos Lodge has boosted the staff’s collective efforts to ensuring we serve patients with adequate medical care,” the officer-in-charge a the clinic said.

Amos Lodge No. 10 furthermore provided assorted farming implements to the Union Baptist Church Farming Project climaxing the event. Items donated included shovels, rakes, cutlasses, and other items.

Amos Lodge No. 10 is one of the 20 Lodges under the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Liberia, under the current Grand Master George Edward Henries, 33°. It was founded around 1912, and has contributed to the development of St. John River City and Grand Bassa County since then.


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