AML Train Kills Man, 38

ArcelorMittal locomotive

Police in Ganta, Nimba County is investigating a case involving a 38-year old man, who was allegedly killed by one of the locomotives operated by steel giant Arcelor Mittal Liberia on May 16, 2020, between Duo and Bunadin Towns.

Saye Gweh, 38, was the father of five children from Bunadin, Lao Clan in the Meinpea Mah Administrative District.

According to the report, the lifeless body of Gweh was found lying in the middle of the rails passing through Bunadin Town from Yekepa to Buchanan.

The Ganta Crime services Division says an investigation by a 15-man quarantine jury found that he sustained multiple fractures on his left arm and also sustained an injury on his forehead.

The CSD quoted the operator of the train as saying that when he noticed that he had hit something that appeared like a human, he brought the locomotive to a stop and informed the private security guard on duty.

The security, in turn, informed the community, and the community was able to identify the deceased after they arrived on the scene.

“After the quarantine jury investigation, they established that the man was killed by the train,” said CSD officer Redeemer Toe of Ganta Detail.

However, the company has confirmed the incident through their Communication Manager Amanda Hill, who said the fatality was reported to the national security and the investigation was ongoing. But the circumstances under which the incident occurred have not been fully established.

Speculations that the deceased may have been suicidal or gotten  drunk and fallen asleep on the rail track have not been confirmed and, at this stage it remains unclear whether an autopsy was conducted on the body to establish any trace of alcohol or drugs that may have impaired his ability to react to the sounds of a moving locomotive.


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