Amidst Huge Financial Demand Facing GBCC, Brazilian Envoy to Visit Bassa Community College Today


Amidst huge financial demand for the smooth operations and relocation of the Grand Bassa Community College (GBCC), the Brazilian Ambassador accredited to Liberia, Andre Luiz Azevedo dos Santos, is expected to visit the college today, Tuesday, June 10.

The visit of the Brazilian Envoy was prompted by a letter addressed to him recently by the Senior Senator and Senate Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate, Gbehzohngar M. Findley.

The letter asked the diplomat to seek for his government’s support to the people of that county, particularly to the community college.

In the communication addressed to Ambassador Andre Luiz Azevedo dos Santos, Senator Findley stated that the college is in desperate need of adequate budgetary support for its relocation drive as well as the construction of its new facilities in Payne Berry with the estimated cost of US$2.2 million.

Dr. Levi Zangai, president of GBCC, named the lack of transportation and water system as hindrances holding back the relocation exercise of the college.

 He then noted that there is an urgent need to transfer the departments of Health Sciences, Agriculture, Technical/ Vocational Education and Business Startup Center to their new facilities, which he said, “Doing so would provide an enabling learning environment.”

“We need two buses to take students and faculty to the new campus,” he declared.

According to him, the lack of funding has also created serious problems for the college, thereby making it difficult to bring aboard several programs. Some of the stalled plans include the USAID-FED US$80,000 Agriculture program and the barefoot college activity.

At the same time, Dr. Zangai has disclosed that the college needs US$246,280 to purchase office furniture, wall-to-wall carpet and 18,000 British Thermal Unit (BTU) air conditions amongst others during the relocation.

“With these enormous challenges, the citizens of the county are now hoping on high expectation that Ambassador Dos Santos’ visit will make a difference in solving some of these problems that the college is currently facing,” Dr. Zangai said.

The college, he said, is receiving US$600,000 every fiscal year from the government plus US$400,000 from the county’s Social Development Fund—making it the total of US$100,000.

 Meanwhile, GBCC administration has organized a general assembly of faculty, students and staff to welcome Ambassador Dos Santos to its campus.


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