AMEU’s Muslim Students Urged to Represent their Faith

Partial view of the students

Members of the Muslim Students Association of the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU- MSA) were recently told to demonstrate the values of their faith in their relations with fellow students.

Speaking at the official launch of the organization on Camp Johnson Road, Assistant Minister for Expenditure at the Ministry of Finance & Development Planning (MFDP) Alieu F. Nyei said it is the responsibility of Muslim students to demonstrate the values of their faith in Allah in their daily activities.

Nyei, who is also an alumnus of the AMEU and founding member of AMEU-MSA, told the students that he was on campus to tell them what it means to be a Muslim in a Christian institution.

He said there are many misconceptions about Islam, which starts from communities, high schools, universities, and work places, even in government.

“You sometimes listen to people in authority making statements that demonstrate lack of knowledge in all aspects of a particular issue,” he said.

Nyei said both male and female Muslims should be modest in the way they appear in public and they must always try to keep themselves far from anything that is against Islam and the laws of Liberia.

“You know very well as a Muslim you need to be modest in the way you appear in public and you need to uphold that. Also, as Muslims, when you are in a class and other students want to cheat, try to exclude yourself from it. If you observe that your comrades are trying to put ideas together to do something that is wrong try to oppose it; and if you cannot oppose it, try not to form part of it,” Nyei said.

“The way we compose ourselves in public sends so many massages to people around about our faith; and if you are a Muslim, for example, and after school you see your friends going out and you decide to go with them and all of you drink and get drunk, no one else will take you seriously.”

Mr. Nyei said Muslims, like all other human beings, are liable to being inefficient; and any Muslim who gets involved in wrongdoing does not only affect his family, but his religion as well.

“Corruption is when you take public resources and use them for private gain whether people see you or not, whether they talk about it or not.  So that is why I want to encourage all of us, I myself not excluded, to work every single day in order to uphold the code of principles of Islam in our society and in our country,” he said.

Mr. Nyei paid homage to the administration of AME University for granting and authorizing the organization to operate on campus. He called on his fellow Muslims to play by the rules governing the institution if they want to continue to use the facility.

The AMEU-MSA was established in 2005 with two goals: to bring all the Muslim students of AMEU together and to make them understand the meaning and functions of Islam in and out of the AMEU.

The association is headed by its President Hassan Twally; Vice President Soko Wiles; Secretary General Suliaman Bah; Financial Secretary Zwannah Massaley; Madusu Kanneh, Treasurer; and Vamuyan M. Fofana, Imam.


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