AME Zion University Graduates Over 482

Graduates of the AME Zion University.

The African Methodist Episcopal Zion University (AMEZU) owned and operated by the A.M.E Zion Church on Thursday, April 22, 2021, hosted an elaborate 30th Commencement Convocation for over 482 students who completed their respective courses in various disciplines over the last four years.

The convocation began with series of activities within and around the University as graduands trooped in with family and friends on the university’s campus as early as 7:00 a.m. to graced the occasion. As the day progressed, more students, staff and guests flooded the environment awaiting the formal commencement program to begin.

Of the number of graduates, 62 obtained Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, 26 in Economics, Management 34, Public Administration 75, Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography 1, Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology 75, Bachelor of Science degree in Education 24, Bachelor in Theology 6, Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice 146 and Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture 27, respectively.

Of the said amount, 16 persons graduated with distinction. They include Titus P. Dennis, Magna Cum Laude, Sylvanus Lahai, Cum Laude, Isaiah Z. Clinton, Cum Laude, Wesley Greenes, Cum Laude, Zinnah Helnor, Cum Laude, Emmanuel S.L.H. Kollie, Cum Laude, Thomas I Fallah, Cum Laude, Clara P. Thompson, Cum Laude, Roland Deline, Magna Cum Laude, James T. Fayia, Cum Laude, James Y. Achampong, Cum Laude and Abdul Karim-Sheriff, Cum Laude.

The President of the AME Zion University, Dr. Benjamin Dorme Larteh, administered the oath of office to the graduates, while the respective Deans of the seven colleges presented the graduates.

Situated on two main campuses, Benson Street and Vincent Town, Po River in Bomi County, the institution can now boast of seven (7) colleges. Namely, the Wilfred E. Clarke College of Criminal Justice Administration, the Andrew Catwright College of Business and Public Administration, the Reuben L. Speaks College of Liberal Arts, the Bishop Warren M. Brown College of Divinity, the Alicia Smith-Larteh College of Education, the College of General Studies, and the College of Agriculture and Agribusiness Studies.

 AMEZU, formerly A.M.E. Zion Community College, was established in 1987 offering Associate Degrees in Criminal Justice Administration and Law Enforcement, Liberal Arts, Business, as well as Diploma in Trauma Counseling, and it held its first convocation in May 1989.

In 1996, by an act of the National Legislature, the AME Zion University College was established with the Reverend Frederick Umoja, serving as its first President.

In January 1999, the Rev. Frank K.M. Zarmelo was inducted as the second President of the University. In August 2001, a year and a half later, the Rev. Dr. Mulbah B. Gray, Sr.; was appointed the third President.

Prior to his appointment, he served as Vice President for Administration. In 2016, Dr. Charles Wesley Ford, Jr., became the fourth President of the A.M.E Zion University.

Prior to his appointment, he was Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and professor of Computer Science at Central States University in Wilberforce, Ohio, USA.

The University also has an extension program in Unification Town, Margibi County. AME Zion University has enrolled over 20,000 students and graduated over 5,000 since its establishment.

Earlier, Dr. Benjamin D. Larteh, President of the AME Zion University, began by welcoming everyone to the great occasion. “Today,” he said, “marks the   30th successful graduation ceremony of the students of this great University in various disciplines. We have been having some tough times but glad that you are graduating successfully from our university.”

Dr. Larteh disclosed to the audience that over some 400 could not complete their academic studies all because they were not able to meet up with their financial obligation, but “we are hoping that they will return in the coming school year to complete their academic studies by June of this year.

He said: “We know that you who are graduating today have some serious difficulties, but we try to ensure that you will not graduate if you owed the institution.      

“I know what we went through and so if you are able to be here today, I think you need to thank God thank you because they were many other students who could not make it here today. I am aware of some 80 plus students who are not able to join you today because of some financial reason and maybe 100 plus because of academic reason.

“Zion University loves you and working with you we want to make sure that you do things the proper way. If you are in our ward, you must be serious academically, pay your way because there is no more time when you enter the classroom, sit down and expect to graduate and you don’t pay your tuition,” Dr. Larteh added.

At the same time, the University conferred upon Mr. Sachdeva an honorary Doctor Degree in Humane letters (DHL), Mr. Musa Hassan Bility, honorary Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) as well as Prof. David Sardai Dahn, honorary Doctor of Education (DEA) as a result of their outstanding contributions to education and humanities, which has and continues to impact Liberia positively.

Meanwhile, the A.M.E. Zion University has many challenges and opportunities ahead in the reconstruction of a new Liberia in the 21st century. It aspires to expand and develop new programs to meet the needs of the nation.

The University is committed to responding adequately to the national need for high manpower development that will spearhead and also guarantee Liberia’s sustainable development by strengthening and expanding its academic programs and making them relevant to meet the demands of the third millennium.

The A.M.E Zion Church owns 100 acres of land donated by the late Bishop and Mrs. Solomon D. Lartey at Po-River, Vincent Town, Bomi County.

This piece of legacy has buildings that were heavily looted and damaged during the civil crisis. It is hoped that this site will be the permanent location of the University.


  1. Post-civil war Liberia has created the new assembly line of college graduates at various universities, awarding graduate degrees in the absence of curriculum rigors to march international standards. The degrees are circumscribed to the Liberian job market.

    Current approach will be the new frontier of academic civil war when people are made to believe that education means acquisition of academic degrees (without the knowledge based intelligence and erudition to back it).

  2. Once again, Miatta Sando Momoh is right. Degrees upon degrees are being awarded to a lot of our fellow compatriots, but yet some of the degree holders do not measure up to par. I’m not trying to be vindictive. I have evidence. I converse with some of them. I sometimes read some of their messages or letters by way of Messenger or WhatsApp.

    On the college level, I heard about a professor who is very knowledgeable, but he uses his old notes from previous years to teach….no recent textbook! Isn’t that a disgrace? But no one can blame the guy, right?

    Higher education professionals should do something about this burning issue in the name of Jesus. Lucifer should be left out of this one.
    I mean it!


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