Ambassador Nyenabo Urges Colleagues to Push Africa’s Interests

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Liberia’s  Ambassador to Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and the European Union, Isaac W. Nyenabo, has called on his African colleagues in the diplomatic service to remain supportive of the continent and its respective countries.

During his recent induction in Belgium as one of the new diplomats in the European belt, Nyenabo, urged his colleagues to be true representatives of their people in order to see the continent uplifted.

Reminding his colleagues that poor infrastructures, poverty and disease remain problems on the continent, he admonished Africans representing their countries in Europe and the Carribean to exert all  efforts to pull their people out of poverty and spurr economic and infrastructural development on the continent.

He further challenged his African colleagues to seek support from partners through whom  resources could be mobilized to help with the development of the African continent.

The African Union Group of Ambsassadors  comprises16 with 52 representatives.  The African Carribbean Pacific Ambassadors number 52.  The African Carribbean Pacific Ambassadors at the European Union are made up of representatives from 79  countries, 15 organizations and 28 European Union Countries, respectively.

Ambassador Nyenabo, prior to the 2014 Special Senatorial Elections which he did not contest as an incumbent, was named by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as Ambassador to Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and the European Union.

He remained in Liberia during the peak and decline of the Ebola disease and took up his assignment recently after being confirmed by the Liberian Senate.

Commenting on the epidemic, Ambassador Nyenabo said Liberia had been making tremendous gains before the outbreak of the Ebola virus which caused a significant setback to the country's economy. He called on friendly countries to support the post-Ebola recovery programs of affected countries, including Liberia.

He said the post-Ebola recovery plan of Liberia, will require regional and international support, noting that the country has not experienced any new cases of Ebola for over three weeks.



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