Amb. Sulunteh to Vie as 2017 VP Contestant

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Is Liberia’s Ambassador to Washington D.C., Jeremiah C. Sulunteh, joining the race as a running mate to any of the presidential contestants who will be vying for the nation’s highest office in 2017?

It seems all is now set for Mr. Sulunteh as this was disclosed by former Bong County Superintendent Rennie Jackson, a long-time friend of the Ambassador.

The Liberian Diplomat is also concurrently accredited to Mexico and Canada, two of America’s neighbors.

Speaking Saturday, July 2, in Kakata, Margibi County, Mr. Jackson told Margibians, gathered in the auditorium of the Frances Mitchell Memorial High School, to vote for the candidate with Amb. Sulunteh on the party’s presidential ticket in 2017. “He is prepared to be one of the leaders in our country,” he stated.

Mr. Jackson, who once contested against Amb. Sulunteh for the Bong County Senate seat said his friend has contacts with the nearly 200 foreign diplomats accredited to Washington D.C; and as such, those engagements could pay dividends for Liberia. “He has the contacts,” he emphasized.

He further noted: “I don’t think we have had a presidential or vice presidential candidate from Margibi. He has decided to go for the VP post, so please support the team he will be on.”

The former Bong Supt., who also served as a deputy minister at the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the present UP-led government, prophesied that any presidential candidate who will choose Amb. Sulunteh as his running mate will definitely win the 2017 Elections.

Speaking earlier, Amb. Sulunteh, who was accompanied to Kakata by his friend, Rennie, told the audience that he was glad to be home in Margibi, as his mother hails from Wong, one of the famous towns in the county.

The Liberian diplomat demanded that Margibians, whom he said are part of the silent majority in the nation who are only used by politicians to accomplish their aims, ask themselves when they get home, ‘where do I stand?’

“For too long our people have remained silent but it is time for you to wake up, look, see and speak out,” he urged the people of the county, which includes Firestone, one of the largest rubber plantations in the world.

Going back in time, he told his audience that his father worked for Firestone for many years and he, too, worked with his father many of those years collecting latex from the rubber trees.

“I didn’t begin school until I was 10, because one needed to be strong enough to walk about four miles to the only school that was available at that time. Like many of you here, I learned to make gangan ball. Many days, I found it difficult to get tuition; I felt hunger like many of you young people. Some of you are going through those same situations right now as I speak. Let me ask you, should we continue this way? I say no!” he declared to rounds of applause from the audience, predominantly young people.

“As we look towards the future, we have come to tell you as your son and nephew, that we want to be relevant in 2017. We don’t want to be silent any longer, because those of us who are silent are in the majority. It’s about time for the majority to seek leadership in this country, because the future is bright and we can make it better for all of us.”

A section of the young men, who looked charged, intermittently disrupted Amb. Sulunteh and others during their speeches with long, rambling political slogans and battle cries.

Amb. Sulunteh told Margibians that as the election season draws nearer, politicians are going to be coming again and asking for their votes, but they should not be moved by the wind.

The Liberian Amb. to Washington, Ottawa and Mexico City, didn’t clearly tell Margibians which post he will be vying for in 2017. He, however, offered himself as a mirror for the citizens of Margibi to look at as election season draws nearer.

Meanwhile, when he spoke to journalists after the meeting, he was not straight as to which post he wishes to vie for in 2017, but again maintained that he will be relevant in 2017.

However, if Mr. Rennie Jackson’s disclosure is anything to go by, then this will be Amb. Sulunteh’s second attempt for the post of Vice President. He ran along with Cllr. Winston Tubman in 2005 as vice presidential candidate on the ticket of the National Democratic Party of Liberia (NDPL).

Various speakers, who represented different sections of Kakata City, including youth groups, all pledged to support Amb. Sulunteh in his political quest, with an official of the county saying: “I can assure you, you are now the VP.”


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