Amb. Sulunteh Speaks of Effects of Ebola, War on Liberia

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Liberia’s Ambassador to the United States of America, Canada and Mexico, Jeremiah C. Sulunteh, has spoken of the effects of the 15 years of civil war and that of the year-long Ebola virus disease on the country.

The Liberian diplomat spoke of these two crises on June 19, as he presented his Letters of Credence to the President of Mexico, Mr. Enrique Pena Nieto at the National Palace in Mexico City, capital city of Mexico.

Amb. Sulunteh, who has been posted to those nations since 2012, stated: “The people of Liberia had suffered the consequences of both a civil war and a war of disease that left us decimated.” He, however, told the Mexicans that the resolve of Liberians is strong, and with the assistance of the international community, “we fought off the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD and on May 9, 2015, the World
Health Organization (WHO) declared Liberia Ebola- transmission free.”

“As the Government of Liberia endeavors to meet the post-Ebola challenges, I wish to declare that our doors are open for business and would wish to encourage Mexican investors to consider Liberia as their next investment destination,” he stated.

Amb. Sulunteh further said Liberia’s reconstruction and drive for development can benefit greatly from the assistance of friends in Mexico. “Mr. President, let me reiterate President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s declaration of Mexico’s vast knowledge and experience in the mineral sector dominated by hydrocarbon as well as agriculture and other forest commodities. Together, we can work to leverage the greatest possible outcomes for both of our nations.”

According to Ambassador Sulunteh, the day he presented his Letters of Credence was of “a personal significance” to him; adding: “We have waited two years to make this presentation since I’ve taken post in 2012 in Washington, D.C. and the Government of Liberia looks forward to establishing offices here in Mexico.”

On behalf of President Sirleaf and the people of Liberia, Ambassador Sulunteh extended cordial greetings and conveyed best wishes to President Nieto.
Amb. Sulunteh was accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Kabeh Sulunteh, who also stood in a photo with him and President Nieto.

According to the dispatch from Washington, President Nieto in response, told the Liberian Ambassador that he looks forward to receiving Liberia’s development agenda, including its post-Ebola Recovery Plan, as Mexico would like to partner with Liberia.


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