Amb. Malac Reaffirms U.S. Respect for Freedom of Religion

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United States Ambassador, Deborah Malac, has assured the Muslim community in Liberia that her country respects and protects the right to religion regardless of the faith.
Amb. Malac gave the assurance while identifying with Muslims of the New Georgia and Sinkor 17th Street Mosques in Monrovia.
“We in the U.S. believe that whatever the case, no one should be targeted for how they worship.”
The US Envoy delivered to the Muslims a message from President Barack Obama about duties of Muslims during Ramadan.
She recalled that Ramadan is a time of recommitment to faith following days of discipline with nights of gratitude for gifts that God (Allah) bestowed upon people.
She also reminded them that Ramadan is a time of spiritual renewal and duty to fellow men, adding that during this time, Muslims show compassion to the less fortunate, pray for peace and forgiveness.
She said President Obama urges Muslims during their holy month to keep in their prayers those who are suffering around the world from conflicts, deprivation and hunger.
She then urged them to also keep in prayer, families and communities struck by the Ebola virus disease (EVD) not only in Liberia, but also in the Mano River basin.
She extended gratitude to them for keeping their communities and families safe from the virus.
Ambassador Malac presented a ram (male sheep), six gallons of vegetable oil, four bags of onions, 16 bags of rice and several bottles of mineral water and boxes of sugar to each mosque in the two locations that she visited.
In his response at the 17th Street mosque, Mustapha Barday commended Ambassador Malac and the U.S. Government for the gesture. Barday asserted that muslims are people of peace with love for their neighbors and the less fortunate, and not fundamentalists as people may brand them.
“We believe in the rule of law, and are not people to be perceived as “trouble makers, said Barday.”
He did not state any instance wherein Liberian Muslims have been branded as trouble makers.


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