Amb. Kronyanh Presents Credentials to FAO Director General

Amb. Kronyanh presents his Letters of credence to Dr. Dongyu (L).

-Hails the organization’s support to Liberia

Andrew W. Kronyanh, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Italy, and Permanent Representative to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), has assured the director general in Rome, Italy of Liberia’s preparedness to join ongoing efforts by the Rome-based United Nations agencies, including FAO, IfAD, and WFP, aimed at addressing issues of hunger and malnutrition in line with meeting, in particular, the Sustainable Development Goal #2 by 2030.

Amb. Kronyanh said the critical need for Liberia, as a responsible member of the United Nations to join the FAO, and other United Nations humanitarian agencies to address hunger and malnutrition problem, which is a major agenda item of the UN.

A Foreign Ministry release quoting a dispatch from its Mission in Rome, says the Amb. Kronyanh made the statement on Wednesday, October 2, 2019 when he presented his Letters of Credence to the director general of the FAO, Dr. Qu Dongyu.

Amb. Kronyanh thanked Dr. Dongyu for the warm reception accorded him, and hailed the organization’s renewed commitment in supporting Liberia’s recovery efforts, especially in the area of food security.

He also applauded the strong bilateral relationship subsisting between Liberia and China where Dr. Dongyu hails, referencing the Chinese technical experience in rice production.

Dongyu initially informed the Amb. Kronyanh about the experience of Chinese in rice production, stressing that such experience could be replicated in Liberia’s vast coastal region.

He welcomed Amb. Kornyanh to the FAO Headquarters and congratulated him for his preferment as Liberia’s Permanent Representative to the organization, assuring him of the organization’s unflinching support to Liberia, especially in the areas of technical cooperation, knowledge sharing, as well as South-South and triangular cooperation.

Dr. Dongyu then promised to provide technical assistance to Liberia’s fishing industry through the Aquaculture Department of the FAO.

Amb. Kornyanh is the first ambassador and permanent representative to be received by Dr. Dongyu, since his election in June 2019 as FAO Director-General, the release further said.


  1. The news of the abrupt and unforeseen removal Dr. Ophelia “Phe Phe” Weeks is yet one of the heart-broken decisions of President Weah. This one took me by surprise. As the writer and some of the respondants may suggest, Phe Phe’s political or “tribal” persuation has no bearing on her position as President of The University of Liberia. She is first and foremost an academician and a professional. Talking about people from the Southeast? Dr. Weeks is also from the Southeast, if indeed, you count her late biological mother into the equation. Talking about tribe? Dr. weeks’ brothers are married to President Weah’s home-town girls!

    Yes, we are Liberians and we are inter-related than we want to admit! Weah may not know how close he is to the Weeks. But, inspite of this, why remove the woman? What has she done?


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