Amara Konneh Takes Issues with Samuel Tweah

Former Minister of Finance (Republic of Liberia), Amara Konneh

– over his statement that President Weah’s was not elected to pay civil servants

Former Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Amara Konneh has branded Samuel Tweah, the current occupant of the office, as “insensitive” to the plights of hardworking civil servants who are experiencing a countless number of difficulties to receive their salaries from the banks.

Former Minister Konneh’s statement comes in the wake of Minister Tweah’s public declaration that “President George Weah was not elected to pay government workers on time.”

Min. Tweah earlier last week told his kinsmen from Barrobo Statutory District, Maryland County who reside in Clara Town that President Weah “did not run for office to pay people on time”.

Minister Tweah furthered added that the main economic problem in Liberia was high prices, the inflation rate, and lack of money in the banks.

“These are not the problem he (President Weah) is coming to solve. That’s not the reason why he wanted to be President. George Weah does not want to be President so when you go to the bank you will get money from there,” Konneh recalled Tweah’s statement on his Facebook page.

Contrary to Min. Tweah’s statement, his predecessor, Amara Konneh, said the Minister should understand that his assertions were wrong because economics and politics are linked together.

Konneh added that the minster’s statement suggestion  that the President was not elected to implement policies that put food on the tables of families, by paying their wages on time and ensuring honest workers get their money from banks when they need it, is embarrassing and grossly insensitivity to the plights of hardworking families.

“Economics and politics go together. Economics is about people, and people elect politicians, including Presidents. That’s how you got your job,” Konneh said.

He added,  “The government, led by elected politicians, is expected to foster stable economies that create jobs in the formal sector, empower those in the informal sector and win more votes for them to stay in power, but if the economy does not perform – doesn’t get into normal gear – it will cause inflation, which affects the people (businesses and households) that elected them.”

Konneh added that any Minister of Finance who does not understand these dynamics is incapable of helping his/her boss (the politician) to deliver promises and meet the aspirations of both households (voters) and businesses.

He said for the Minister of finance to say that a country’s President was not elected to do those things that would help to improve the human condition is “absurdly insensitive” and shows a lack of understanding of and appreciation for the job.

“{If} he/she is unable to get the economy into a normal gear and everyone suffers as a result, but especially the poorest and most marginalized people in society, that tall building on Broad Street is not MICAT. Let the real MICAT do the talking,” Konneh said.

Konneh recalled that during the days of the Unity Party-led government, all Christmas wages were paid and stressing that such loosed talks and excuses do not grow economies to put food on the tables of poor families.

“Look, Ebola was 4 years ago; UNMIL departure was 2 years ago, and all the politically motivated lies are being told about the previous government that it left behind a 12-year mess. The 2-year old political rhetoric is mostly tolerated to buy you time to show your juice. Unless one is blind or dumb, everyone knows that the 2017 Liberia left behind by the UP Government in which most of you served was not the Liberia it inherited in 2006, and certainly not the Liberia of 2019,” said Konneh.

“The campaign was over two years ago. What the Liberian people need now are solutions, not blames and excuses. Loose talk and excuses don’t grow economies and put food on the tables of poor families. Working very long hours in a disciplined way does the trick,” Konneh added.

Konneh noted that the Minister’s statement hurt his boss, the President, more than it helped him during this holiday season, especially so when workers were accustomed to getting their pay on time during the 12 years reign of his predecessor.

“That statement was the real news of this week that should have enraged the Unity Party, not President Weah’s ELBC interview. The UP should be fighting for families that are hurt rather than fighting for the elites,” the former Finance Minister said.


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