Amara Konneh Blames UP Rift on Joseph N. Boakai

“When Joseph N. Boakai (right) failed to deliver on the commitment he made at that meeting, the line was now drawn, and this was at the core of the choice that was made in 2017," Konneh (left) said.

— Says former VP responsible for his own defeat in 2017

Former Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Amara M. Konneh, has blamed former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai’s (JNB) stubbornness and inability to reconcile with then President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as the main cause for his defeat during 2017 elections.

In a Facebook post, Konneh, a staunch stalwart of the erstwhile ruling Unity Party, disclosed that the former VP had a list of 17 grievances against his former boss – Madam Sirleaf – which hardened his heart to forgive her.

“Most of us who attempted to reconcile the two of them were shocked by the list of 17 grievances that JNB had written down, and kept in his home office. I attempted five times, and he read that list to me each time. Others did too and failed. All of the issues were personal; some genuine and others frivolous to say the least,” Mr. Konneh said about Mr. Boakai.

Konneh added that former president Sirleaf became stunned when she got to know about the list, and could not believe that her VP “had been unhappy with her all these years.”

“I saw her struggle with it and made efforts to solicit help from others, who could help. She was also depressed that he had not raised any of the issues during their regular one-on-one meetings during their 12 years of marriage, including when she selected him in 2015 as the choice to succeed her.

“Also, during the UP Executive Committee’s meeting that was organized by party stalwarts, the UP political leader said EJS had done nothing wrong to him,” the former minister added.

Mr. Konneh said the rift between the two politicians became severe, and visible to the extent that those who had severed ties with the former President kept throwing fuel in the fire instead of focusing on winning the 2017 elections.

“No one cared about the campaign’s slogan to put country first, but an opportunity to attain top jobs should JNB win,” he said.

The former Finance Minister, who now works at the World Bank, said that when all efforts by many people in Liberia failed, Madam Sirleaf solicited the help of the same regional leaders from whom she had solicited moral and financial support for Mr. Boakai, including former Nigeria Head of State Olusegun Obasanjo, who flew to Monrovia to broker peace between the two.

“When JNB failed to deliver on the commitment he made at that meeting, the line was now drawn, and this was at the core of the choice that was made in 2017,” Konneh said.

He declared that supporters of VP Boakai did not care to know the truth and to help close the gap between the two, but rather refused personal contacts with folks who were associated with Madam Sirleaf and the faction panicked,” Mr. Konneh said.

He added further that the rift between the two leaders of the party came as a surprise, “as none of them expected a deep rift between the party’s two leaders.”

Meanwhile, Konneh has also said that there remains a serious rift between Madam Sirleaf and Mr. Boakai; therefore members of the party need to work together to resolve the impasse.

Mr. Konneh: “For any reconciliation of the two and their supporters to be successful, those 17 grievances must be resolved. They were at the core of the choice that was made in 2017. Life is a competition with winners and losers. For the losing side to win the next game, a good coach always makes his/her team watch the video and review the plays of the game they lost. Regrettably, I see folks in the JNB faction still pointing fingers and not accepting any personal responsibilities.”

Mr. Konneh, whose revelation reinforces long-held speculations of a rift between the two politicians, said contrary to the rumors, he was never a choice to succeed former President Sirleaf or to become VP Boakai’s running mate.

“By the way, I was never a choice to succeed EJS, neither was I a choice to be JNB’s running mate as was widely speculated,” he added.

Mr. Boakai, in a statement issued on Monday, October 28, said he has personally forgiven individuals from the party, who by design or omission offended him, and asked them to do likewise.

Mr. Boakai added: “[Unity Partisans], the time has come when we must bite the bullet, bury the hatchets, and reach out to those who we feel have hurt us. We must do so not because we are weak, nor that they are indispensable to our progress, but because we must, as people of faith in God and in the nation, be willing to give each other a second chance for redemption.”

He continued, “As a Christian and a devout Baptist, I have learned to trust in God and allow Him to fight my battles. In my public life, I have always strived to be a man of peace, and a servant dedicated to working assiduously and selflessly to making our beloved country, Liberia, great. This I intend to do as long as God continues to give me strength and wisdom. No sacrifice for me is too great a price to pay for peace and reconciliation.

“In this connection, I wish to announce that I have personally forgiven all who, by design or omission, have offended me, and ask them to do the same. I hold no malice toward any partisan. I also appeal to all partisans, home and abroad, to do the same and initiate true reconciliation at all levels of the party.”


  1. Boakai should know that without Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf choosing him for her VP, NO ONE would have ever chosen him Boakai for VP.

    Instead of acknowledging he owed her such gesture, he went on making list of grudges and keeping malice.

    And he calls himself a church-goer. Because of course, no man of God makes list of grudges and keep malice for people.

  2. Thieving Amara Konneh would say anything to be in the good books of his wicked puppet-master Ellen Johnson. You better be happy where you are, and say thank you to God, because if it had not been for a banana republic like Liberia, your thieving ass would be in prison for helping your sugar-momma Ellen loot Liberia. Who are you to question Boakai? What were you doing before Ellen? Weren’t you working in a group home in Philly? Count yourself lucky that through Ellen you got a backdoor non academic scholarship to study at Harvard, a program meant for people from the developing world. Thieving Amara Konneh, shut up and leave the papay alone. You are nothing but a mere hustler,

  3. It’s reasonable to fault Ellen for not supporting Boakai. But from a purely political standpoint, how many politicians would render support to a successor who postures as an avowed nemesis? None! Country comes first but politics is always a game of quid pro quos. If Boakai’s actions were so overt in showing Ellen that his agenda was clearly to avenge a list of grudges against her and bring her downfall, then I would say that he was politically foolish, and strategically naive in calculation. A wise politician would have played her differently.
    In the end, the the foolish collided with the crafty, and produced an Oppong and his gang of CDC thugs to loot and pillage whatever was left of the country.

  4. Mr. Boakai has been in government for a half century and it is time for him to retire. What new ideas does he have to develop Liberia? Can anyone name any of his accomplishments? Why does he still want to be President? He’s a coward because he never spoke up against corruption or anything for that matter. He didn’t have the balls to tell Ellen what he thought. He can take his 17 grievances into his retirement. It’s time for new generation of leaders.

  5. Oh my God! They guy who could not write his own thesis at Harvard but had to hire a professor at his alma mater, Fourabay College, to write for him is now the one spewing filth at Boakai for not bootlicking Ellen for the presidency?

    Shame on you Amara. You know your presence at the World Bank is all the handiwork of Ellen who talked to some her friends at WB to hire your at the twilight of the her regime departure. You are utterly incompetent to hold such a position at the WB.

    Your hold an adulterated degree in Information Technology. Your competence in finance and economics is deeply shallow. You owe your grace and superficial luck to that much talked about relationship you had with Ellen’s son, Robert Sirleaf. He made you and you gave yourself to him. But the days of reckoning will come one day. You guys will be made to account for those loots you gathered at the backs of the Liberian people.

  6. How sure are we what Konneh is saying is true?
    Konneh did not name any of the grievances that Mr. Boikai had on his list. Is the list of grievances made up by Konneh? Why is this issue just coming to light? Who are some of the UP partisans that attempted to reconcile any perceived rift between EJS and JNB?
    This is politics fellow Liberians, let’s open our eyes and be wise. Question your politicians and do not take anything they say to be the truth. They will always say what people want to hear. Ask the “why”, “who”, “what if”, “what”, “how” and “where” questions.
    I am not an EJS nor JNB fanatic. They have all being a great disappointment to our nation and people.

  7. People of Faith, Do Not Hold Grudge.

    Time and time again, we hear from people that Liberia is a “Christian Country”. It was “founded” on “Christian Principles”. People in Liberia must live like Christians. One of the biggest pillar in the Christian Faith is forgiveness. I m not religious, because people hide behind religion and destroy others. However, due to the unforgiving natures of some Liberians toward their fellow Liberian, we have become the “problem child” in the subregion and beyond.

    Inception of Grudge
    One hundred forty-nine years ago, in 1870, the fifth president of Liberia, Edward James Roye, was forced out of office due to allegation that he was corrupt. Others in his circle, at the time had rumours that he ( Mr. Roye ) had rift with light-skin color Americo Liberian, like Jehudi Ashmun, Joseph Jenkins Roberts and other elites mulattos. Roye (who was dark skin), was the first member of the True Whig Party to serve as president of Liberia. Something that might not have gone well with the mullatos at the time. Roye will be deposed in 1871 and eventually killed in 1872, marking the first violent overthrowing of a leader in black Africa. This marks the long time division in the True Whig Party, brewing grudges that will last up to 100 years, ending in the 1970s.

    Hidden Grudges
    Bridging the divide in the True Whig Party will never be easy for staunch ” Church goers”. When a former Pro Temp of the Liberian Sentate SAMMUEL DAVID COLMAN try to refom the party ( TWP), in 1955, WVS Tubman saw it as a challenge to his autocratic dictactorship. He came down heavy handed, which led to the death of the former Senate Pro Temp who was accused of treason by the Tubman regime. With Tubman in charged, the divide got widened–Tolbert will fuel it up by hanging 7 Marylanders ( who were tried by court and found guilty of ritualistic killings). Most Marylanders at time saw it as unfair justice. By hanging prominent members of that county, they saw it as keeping the former TWP members from Tubman’s own back yard at bay. Tolbert will give a speech in Sanniquellie, the follwing year in 1979, after the hanging, title: “It is The Law, Crime Does Not Pay”. In that speech, tolbert outline the reason of the hanging. ” I don’t have any grudge against Allen Yancy, James Anderson or any Marylander”.

    The Quiwonkpa and Doe Enmity
    This was our time, we all know a little of it. Not all, but a little to say hear. Two best buddies, joined the AFL( Arm Forces Of Liberia). Took oaths to protect, and defend their people. Due to some circumstances created by outside hidden hands, they found themselves at top of the “food chain”. Struggling to get more to fill bellies along with those with them, fell off. No reconcialiation, no forgiving. Others capitalized on thier weakness, the results, 14 years of carnage and more than 350,000 of our people dead. It spilled over to other area in the subregion. We are still struggling to recover.

    The Oldman and Oldlady
    Two old friends, half a century friendship. Cannot reconcil and forgive each other, where is their faith?

    To the two old friends, if you firgive each other, you will not change the past, but rather change the feature. You will not allow Liberia, to slide down those ugly past anymore.
    Not about self, but for country and people.

    Mamadu Bah.
    Born 1982 in Harper Maryland, Liberia
    NP (Nurse Practitioner)

  8. Well said, Brother Bah, though I am a bit younger than you, but you said a lot things that I did not know and now it helped me put a lot of things in proper perspective.

    I also agree with you when you say that forgiveness is the bedrock of our christian faith. we have to cling on to that to be able to maintain our sanity


  9. JM,
    It is undoubtedly true that forgiveness is a bedrock in Christianity. Christ Jesus did not invite legions to defend him when he was being led to Calvary. In fact, Jesus asked God the Father to “forgive them because they knew not what they’re doing”. When you forgive, don’t be rolled on. In other words, don’t allow yourself to be used. If someone thinks that you are the weakest link, she or he will find ways to misuse you. But yes, bygones must be bygones!

    You have to be skeptical about some of the those Aussies. Some of them eat kangaroos and other exotic animals. If anyone you know from Australia wishes to treat you to a lunch, be careful. Thinking that you will be eating a chicken, you might be fed with an an emu or a duckbill platypus.

    Okay JM?

  10. Incompetent Corrupt Amara Konneh owes his “success” to EJS so he will always defend her, lest she calls her powerful friends in D.C. smt

  11. This is why liberia has always had a problem. This is lack of leadership. This is the Boakai that wants to be president? How possible is that being second in command he would act as a viable member of the team, yet was so dishonest and resentful if any of this is true. Is this why he was like a parked car in the garage? He parked himself, not Ellen. Lord have mercy. What has Liberia come to. As leader when others fail to lead, you do. He should have taken the lead and have a one-on-one meeting with Ellen to smoke the peace pipe and resolve these issues long ago. He could have died with these 17 grievances. Is this what being a devoted Christian is all about? Who else does he have quarrel with and eating him up that he isn’t say? Cummings, Brumskine,etc., and why he’s been parked in the CPP again, who else? Liberia doesn’t have time for these pitiful leaders. We must move on.

    A good leader take responsibility, mend fences, resolve conflicts, lead by example, is honest, trustworthy, and reliable. He’s none of those.


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