Alvino Hotel Under Construction


The rebuilding of Alvino Hotel in Ganta, Nimba County, has begun, a year after it was set ablaze by an angry mob over the brutal death of a motorcyclist.

According to the hotel’s proprietor and CEO, Mr. Prince Howard, the cost of the reconstruction is US$700,000 of which, he said, US$400,000 has been raised.

“We received US$350,000 from the Liberian Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) and we added about US$50,000 to begin the reconstruction work,” Howard said.

“If we are fortunate to raise the entire US$700K, it will take us to the finishing and even pave the portion of the street linking the hotel to the main road,” he explained.”

The new Alvino Hotel comprises an additional two-storey building at the front of the edifice, a multipurpose building with two nightclubs and a conference hall.

“This time we are going to have two clubs – one underground and the other will be upstairs,” Mr. Howard said. “One of the clubs will strictly be for VIPs where we expect to host high profile clients. There will also be a modern conference hall that will accomodate at least 200 persons.”

In September 2015, the Alvino Hotel was set ablaze by an angry mob over the brutal killing of a motorcyclist in Ganta.

The Hotel, then a three-storey building, was ransacked and destroyed, while Mr. Howard’s residence was also set ablaze for his alleged role in the murder of the motorcyclist.

Mr. Howard said despite the Hotel’s new look and upgraded amenities, management will maintain the same price per stay as before.

“Previously, accommodation at the hotel was US$25, and the highest was US$50. We are going to maintain the same price, because we want to serve the people,” he said.


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