ALP Won’t Honor Inter Religious Council Initiative

Bishop Hart and ALP Leader Benoni Urey

The All Liberia Party (ALP) has informed the Inter Religious Council of Liberia that it won’t attend its inter-party inaugural meeting.

In a letter to Bishop Jonathan B. B. Hart, President of the Inter-Religious Council of Liberia, the ALP said the premise of the forum is “unduly redundant, in light of the fact that there is already an Inter-Party Consultative Committee at the National Elections Commission, which addresses these identical issues that are being raised.

“We have, and always shall remain committed to the preservation of peace and stability in our country,” said the letter dated May 24 and signed by J.S.B. Theodore Momo Jr., national chairman of the party. The ALP noted that it was invited by the Inter-Religious Council of Liberia to participate in an Inter-Party Forum under its sponsorship with other political parties leaders in Monrovia to ensure the maintenance of peace in the wake of the forthcoming elections in the country.

The release quoted the party as saying: “It should, therefore, not come as a surprise that the ALP is resolved not to participate in any forum designed by this government. Moreover, we discern the handiwork of unpatriotic Liberians, who have perennially masterminded acts of constitutional abuses.

“Once more, they are seeking to undermine our state of peace and tranquility by being at the fore of this new mercurial action that is being trumpeted by the Inter-Religious Council of Liberia, perhaps entirely unknowingly.”

The letter pointed out what it described as the “continuous abrogation of our Constitution and the flagrant attempts to circumvent the Code of Conduct (COC), for example, of high level partisanship positions in the ruling Unity Party.”

It cited, for example, Lenn Eugene Nagbe, Minister of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism, for simultaneously being elected and serving as National Secretary General of UP; Messrs. Cole Bangalu, Deputy Director General for Administration at the GSA and Neto Z. Lighe, Minister of Labor, both of whom the ALP said are currently serving as senior national vice chairpersons of the Unity Party.

The letter drew Bishop Hart’s attention to what it described as other acts of gross violations of the Code of Conduct by the government.

Citing nepotism, the ALP said President Sirleaf has violated the Code of Conduct by appointing two of her sons Fumbah and Charles Sirleaf as Director of the National Security Services and Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia, respectively.

The ALP reminded Bishop Hart of the “illegal closure and seizure” of Radio LIB-24’s equipment by the National Security Agency (NSA) and said to date “against all appeals to the Minister of Justice, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the President of Liberia, the government has refused to return said equipment.”

The ALP pointed to the exclusive use of public facilities for the sole political interest of the ruling establishment, “thereby creating an unlevel playing field to the detriment of the other political parties.” It said the recent endorsement of Vice President Joseph N. Boakai by 19 senators at the rotunda of the Capitol Building was attended by the Minister of Justice, Cllr. Frederick D. Cherue; Minister of Health and Social Affairs, Madam Bernice Dahn; and others using government-owned vehicles, all in flagrant violation of the COC and the electoral laws of Liberia.

The ALP also reminded Bishop Hart of what it described as “the blatant acts of corruption, abuse or power with impunity, as demonstrated by the Unity Party,” though it did not provide details.

More troubling, the ALP said, is the deliberate silence of the religious community. However, the ALP welcomed the repudiation that has come from the European Union to ensure that the rights of Liberians are not violated and noted that the EU’s action resonates with its position. “We are resolved to reach out to the diplomatic community, especially the Embassy of the United States near Monrovia, toward ensuring that checks and balances evolve in these dire straits.”

“We are in a quandary as to why the religious community has remained impervious to these human rights violations,” the ALP said.

The ALP reminded Bishop Hart that “when we posed the question to you as to the source of your funding for this undertaking in the interest of fair play, your response was that you are being supported by the government.”

The ALP said it does not feel comfortable to be led in the direction of the Inter-Religious Council of Liberia, with a government that has not demonstrated its preparedness to ensure that it is even-handed.

The ALP meanwhile called on the Inter-Religious Council to bring pressure to bear on the government “to reverse these glaring violations of the electoral laws of Liberia as a basis for adherence to the rule of law and enhancing a level playing field for all political parties.”

Meanwhile, when contacted yesterday, Bishop Hart did not deny the Council’s invitation extended the ALP to participate in an inter-party forum, but said information that the funding of the initiative is from the government is incorrect. “I never provided anyone that information,” he said in a mobile phone conversation.

The ALP letter is dated May 24, but Bishop Hart said he has not received a copy, and that it will be addressed upon receipt.


  1. Yes, ALP, your position on this matter represents a truly patriotic and very real opposition party or coalition! Can a very old man and worst of all from the ruling Unity Party intending to be in power for 24 years—quarter of a century take such legitimate and constitutional position???HELL NO! NDC WHERE ARE YOU! CDC WHERE ARE YOU? LIBERTY PARTY WHERE ARE YOU? ANC WHERE ARE YOU? ALL OTHER POLITICAL PARTIES WHERE ARE YOU? TIPOTEH AND LPP WHERE ARE YOU? UPP, BACCUS MUST BE CALLING UPON YOU TO DO JUST WHAT HE WOULD HAVE DONE HAD HE BEEN HERE? WHERE ARE YOU! THE PRESS UNION OF LIBERIA WHERE ARE YOU?

  2. ALP, I hear you but since we are on this matter, can we just refresh your memory on the inclusion of a renown killer collaborating with your party. Let him first admit to all the senseless killings he (Prince Johnson) has carried out in Liberia. My only dismay is that he was allowed to collaborate with you. First, take the tree stump out of your eyes, before you try to blow out the lint in someone else’s eye. Don’t invite others to join you in your senseless quest. It will never work.

  3. We Liberians make a lot of mistakes when it comes to the civil war in Liberia in terms of who did what and so forth. Every single Liberian is guilty one way or the other by virtue of the role he or she played including EJS, Amos Sawyer, Sumoka (minister of Defense),AL haji Kromah, and ordinary Liberians. It amazes me how everyone focus is always on Prince Johnson alone. If we are going to move forward as a country, then we need to reconcile our differences for the good of the country. What is the difference between individual or group of individuals that provided financial/material support that led killing of others and an individual or group of individuals that physically/directly killed another Liberian? Providing material/financial support and physically killing someone is just as bad. Neither is better than the other. Kromah is at the University calling himself a professor while Sawyer is running calling himself commissioner of “good governance”. Nobody says anything to any of these people at all with respect to their role in the past, present or future. Is that not a text book definition of biasness? If not, then I need to know. We need to stop this nonsense of demonizing one individual over the other.

  4. It is critically important that the Supreme Court of Liberia withdraw its endorsement of the Code
    of Conduct; as the Chief Justice-in-fact and others were unduly influenced by the President of Liberia
    Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to sign. It is not only violated by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf but also
    shamefully and immorally cancelled it by allowing Eugene

  5. It is critically important that the Supreme Court of Liberia withdraw its endorsement of the Code
    of Conduct; as the Chief Justice-in-fact and others were unduly influenced by the President of Liberia
    Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to sign. It is not only violated by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf but also
    shamefully and immorally cancelled it by allowing Lenn Eugene Nagbe, Minister of Information
    Cultural Affairs and Tourism, appointed as Secretary General/up; Cole Bangalu, Deputy Director
    General for Administration GSA and Neto Z. Lighe, Labour Minister all in Unity Party for politicking
    and yet they have not resigned from Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s Government to wait for three years
    to join her political Unity Party. You see, when you point one finger at someone, the rest four
    fingers are pointing to yourself. Did President know that this would have been in her case NOW?

    The Supreme Court of Liberia, being a separate Branch of Government, is NOW seeing the
    violation of the Code of Conduct by Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf who influenced the Judiciary to endorse
    a bill before it became Law. How can the Judiciary look at itself NOW? And why in the world
    Judiciary would not prosecute President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf NOW? The best thing to do to
    save face and keep the Supreme Court clean executing the function (legislating) is WITHDRAW
    ITS SHAMEFUL ENDORSEMENT OF HER CODE OF CONDUCT! Are the Liberian people sleeping?

  6. Nyah Gonkar, justice and peace do not work like. You can not move forward with people of war and
    wantonly destruction hands are full of innocent, the age and sicked-in bed blood. That is not the
    way to go. Those who are responsible including Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf must be brought to justice
    and, then real peace will reign in the country. Otherwise, moving ahead as you appear to suggest
    is not going to save the country at all. This is one of the reasons why we still live in exile because
    justice has not taken its course.

  7. I don’t blame the ALP and its leader Benoni Urey at all for not attending the Inter-Faith program.
    They, the Inter-Faith, should be different from those Liberians who see wrong things happening
    and yet do not talk about them.

    The Inter-Faith group does not need to pray for anything else, but go directly to President Ellen
    Johnson-Sirleaf to tell her that she has violated her new Law the Code of Conduct for allowing
    this of that men currently serving in her administration and yet joining her political Unity Party;
    which are direct and dried-face violation of her Code of Conduct. Tell her that that Law violate
    the freedom and human rights of the ordinary Liberian people. She must repeal it at once! That
    is what the Inter-Faith needs to do if at all they are men of God’s truth.


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