ALP Warns Prez. Sirleaf against Binding Liberia


The All Liberian Party (ALP) has cautioned Liberians that the country is in danger of being sold off and has called on citizens to join the movement to take back their country and restrain the Unity Party-led administration from committing the country to any long-term contracts and agreements that will unduly obligate succeeding governments.

Mr. Urey urged Liberians to be mindful because the Sirleaf government is now seeking to deceive the people by embarking on projects that they could not fulfill in more than ten years and would be difficult and unrealizable in the remaining months of this government.

This government has brought too much stress on the nation and has become abusive of the rights and dignity of the people by subjecting them to unbearable hardships, said Mr. Urey.

The ALP Political Leader was speaking in the Red Light commercial district of Paynesville last weekend to a group of marketers who pledged to support his candidacy for President, according to an ALP press release.

Mr. Urey told the marketers that the ALP will provide an alternative leadership to replace the Sirleaf-Boakai hegemony and provide hope for a new Liberia.

He pledged that under an ALP government, the price of rice, the country’s staple, will be reduced, improved medical and education services accessible to all and more job opportunities, while at the same time providing security and protecting the civil liberties and rights of Liberians and all those residing within its borders.

Mr. Urey said that a majority of Liberians are going to bed hungry on a daily basis, while President Sirleaf and her cronies are bleeding the nation’s coffers leaving the economy wobbling on the brink of collapse, according to the press release.

He said the Sirleaf government is insulting the intelligence of the Liberian people and creating more bitterness by projecting Vice President Joseph Boakai as their new Standard Bearer when the UP government has fallen far below the standard of national leadership for Liberia.

The ALP leader admonished Liberians to make wise decisions during the 2017 elections by rejecting the Sirleaf Unity Party and their collaborators for their failure to improve the living standards of the Liberian people.

Mr. Urey assured the Red Light marketers that when elected President, he will seek to advance their commercial activities by placing more emphasis on indigenous businesses and made in Liberia products, vowing to ensure that all Liberians have a stake in the wealth and resources of their country.

The failure of the Sirleaf government to provide improved health services, reliable electricity and water, a sound education system and a dependable airport, among others, cannot be achieved in the remaining months of her government, said Mr. Urey.

He said his party will soon embark on a “take back Liberia” movement across Liberia, as a patriotic campaign to sensitize Liberians on the importance of direct involvement in the governance of their country.

The ALP, he said, will continue to reach out to other opposition parties, irrespective of their ideologies, to work for the common good of the country, to retire the Sirleaf-Boakai team, a press release said.

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