ALP, ANC Trade Blows over CPP Nimba Primary


The All Liberian Party (ALP) has accused the Alternative National Congress (ANC) of disrupting the Collaborating Political Parties’ (CPP) primary in Nimba County “to save its candidate, Taa Wongbe, from a humiliating defeat.”

The ALP, led by businessman Benoni Urey, in a press release further accused the ANC of inciting its partisans and supporters to not just verbal attacks the party, but also physical violence as it happened in during the CPP primary in Nimba in Sanniquellie, Nimba County.

“We must state further that ANC orchestrated the violent disruption of the primary to save its candidate, Taa Wongbe from a humiliating defeat, which was prophesied by ANC’s opinionated voter’s perception survey that was conducted in Nimba County, which placed Edith Gongloe-Weh as favorite of the people,” said ALP in a press release under the signatory of its National Chairman, J. S. B. Theodore Momo, Jr.

The party added that it does not have any fish to fry in the violence that occurred in Nimba County, during the primary that was meant to elect a candidate for the CPP to contest for the county’s senatorial seat in the upcoming December 8, 2020, senatorial mid-term election.

According to the ALP, the action by the ANC to cover its own pitfall by using the other party as scape-goats over actions it initiated and executed, is “unfortunate and shows dishonesty and a betrayal of the trust and confidence of the CPP membership. 

“It was clear therefore that ANC had incited its partisans and supporters against the ALP by their (ANC) verbal violent attacks which eventually were demonstrated by their physical violence witnessed in Sanniquellie, Nimba County on September 6, 2020,” said ALP.

The ALP, whose standard-bearer is the immediate past chairman of the CPP has called for the CPP national advisory committee to launch an in-depth investigation into the ANC’s verbal and abusive attacks on the ALP leadership and for its role in the Sanniquellie violence to ensure that the perpetrators are exposed and punished.

“Therefore, we wish to call on ANC to apologize to the Liberian people and to partisans and supporters of the CPP for denigrating the good image of the Collaborating Political Parties, which we have labored so hard for. 

How did the Violence start? 

The violence started when supporters of the two candidates, Madam Edith Gongloe Weh and Mr. Taa Wongbe clashed when the two were called on the stage by the election committee to witness voters’ roll call.

Madam Gongloe-Weh, who was first called in received loud applause from supporters, followed by Mr. Taa Wongbe whose applause, however, could not be as heavy as that of Gongloe-Weh.

As he mounted the stage with his supporters, the two groups mixed and the entire process turned violent with stones flying from various ends.

The stampede led two elderly persons to sustaining injuries as well as some women sustaining minor injuries.

What ANC Say?

Though the ANC has not released any statement in response to ALP accusation, the party immediately rejected the outcome of the primary, which was decided in favor of Madam Gongloe-Weh.

The ANC’s said it is rejecting the primary results due to the fact that the primary was conducted in the absence of its candidate, who was attending to his injured partisans after the previous gathering had turned bloody. 

“This unfortunate situation was preceded by a series of blatant violations of the process which, when ultimately failed to frustrate Taa, led to premeditated attacks on him, our delegates and officials.” the ANC explained in a statement endorsed by its chairman, Sen. Daniel F. Naatehn. 

It then described the primary as a “kangaroo process, which was not held in accordance with our collaboration and electoral laws.”

“The ANC will not support the outcome of any process it was prevented from being a part of as a member of the CPP, “ANC said. This decision is based on the fact that its candidate, Mr. Taa Wongbe was maliciously and abruptly prevented from participating by supporters of Madam Edith Gongloe with the eruption of violence, led and orchestrated by the ALP. This unfortunate situation was preceded by a series of blatant violations of the process which, when ultimately failed to frustrate Taa, led to premeditated attacks on him, our delegates, and officials.”

The bad blood between ALP and ANC has been long in the making.  Long before the primary, Businessman Urey and his party once said CPP’s current Chair and political leader of the ANC, Alexander B. Cummings, “was not fit to be President”, so he does not deserve the CPP standard bearer position.

“People usually elect people who have worked in government. You don’t elect people who just come from a country and come to another country and want to be president,” Urey said in a jab at Cummings in 2019.

In response to Urey at the time, Cummings criticized his colleague’s assertion, declaring it as being far from the truth.  

So, when his party felt cheated over the weekend in Nimba, Cummings made no mistake by taking aim at fellow CPP executives, including Urey.

Referring to the melee in Nimba Primary, Cummings warned that the CPP cannot claim to be different while at the same time acting like other parties.

“The situation in Nimba yesterday was truly disheartening. We, as the CPP cannot claim to be different and act the same way.  As Political Leader of the ANC and current Chair of the CPP, it is unacceptable to have had an executive of the ANC or any constituent party badly injured as a result of the violence,” Cummings said.

“We must do things differently and everyone deserves a chance to participate in the primary process in a safe, free, and fair environment. That did not happen,” Cummings said.

ALP defends suspending county leadership

Meanwhile, the ALP has defended its action to suspend the entire membership of its Nimba chapter at the eleventh hour before the primary, on allegations that they did not seek the party’s interest and continuously brought the party to public disrepute.

The move by the ALP came as a major blow to Taa Wongbe who was apparently relying on members of the Nimba chapter to improve his chances in the primary. 

According to the aggrieved ALP Nimba chapter members, the central leadership of the party manipulated the process by appointing new delegates who cast their vote along the party line instead of them.

However, for the ALP, none of the above issues was the central factor for its decision to reprimand its Nimba chapter members. Instead, the party said it took action on the basics of disloyalty, dishonesty, theft of party property, lack of leadership and coordination, undermining, and “other acts that have the propensity to bring the Party’s image to public disrepute, amongst others. 

“At the end of the investigation, the ALP’s National Leadership endorsed its Grievance and Ethics Committee’s recommendation to suspend the Nimba County Leadership and to undertake a comprehensive investigative restructuring of the Leadership at the county level. 

“This administrative action by the ALP is consistent with its constitution and had nothing to do with the CPP primary in Nimba County,” added ALP.

The party further added that at no point in time did it change the listing of its delegates to the Sanniquellie primary, even though it had the right at any given time to make decisions on its delegates when there was a necessity. 

“The ALP list of delegates was presented to the primary committee just about the same time the Liberty Party and the Unity Party presented their separate listings.

“The ALP was therefore taken aback when the Secretary-General of the ANC, Aloysius Toe, published widely on social media the letter of suspension served on the Chairman of the Nimba County ALP Chapter, Bob Yini. Thereafter, Secretary-General Toe and other ANC officials launched vicious verbal violent attacks on ALP and its Political Leader, describing the internal administrative decision of the ALP to suspend its county leadership in Nimba, as “criminal deception,” the release said.

LP’s response

As ANC rejects the result, the political leader of the Liberty Party and an executive of the CPP, Senator Nyomblee Karnga-Lawrence, has congratulated her candidate Gongloe-Weh for the victory in the controversial primary.

“Edith we have done a lot together and will win this time together! Congrats on the VPS (voters perception survey) victory and The Liberty Party is in Nimba with the mandate to ensure the LP primary victory,” Sen. Lawrence said in a Facebook post on Sunday.

However, her party chair, Senator Steve Zargo, emphatically expressed his disappointment in the ANC for the disruption and said it is incumbent upon all to respect the guidelines of the primary.

In an interview with a local daily, Sen. Zargo called on the ANC to accept the primary results under the spirit of the CPP and the voter perception survey that informed the engagement.


  1. The CPP and COP are not worthy of unity but rather of dis-organization and chaos. It’s apparent that the ungentlemen will lead Liberia into a ditch should any of them were elected to the presidency. The opposition leaders display disingenuousness by openly throwing jabs at each other. Their use of the word “primary” is a smokescreen. As we know it, a primary does not call for a brawl neither do voters take the liberty to shout profanities at one another. In short, the CPP/COP and their followers (who are disgracefully disorganized) should refer to their caucas as Antagonistic Disorganized Operatives or ADO.

    The CPP/COP opposition or the ADO (as they should rightly be referred to) do not have a contrast of views in relation to George Weah. Example, when Weah calls building bridges and roads, (something that will create jobs) the opposition calls for creating jobs by collecting unpaid taxes. It’s a big shame that during this day and age, we’ve got people who clamour to rule Liberia, but yet do not have the ability to prove themselves as credible people.

    • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. That is Hney OOOOOOO ! Just couldn’t resist putting the name of George or draggin him in the the political mess of the CPP. Even the CDC political leaders that are outspoken and like to take advantage of the dispute in the CPP to off how stable CDC has become, are staying clear of this stuff. Your independent thoughts as you see it are right on the money, but without George being dragged into that mess. But that’s Hney Oooooooo, everything George Weah. What A Guy ? What A Guy ?

  2. Undoubtedly, the CPP is a heterogenous political grouping!

    From inception, some of us could not really find a word or concept or ideology to affiliate with the Collaborating Political Party involving sheepish ALP, UP and LP and progressivist ANC. The grouping partly depicts The Animal Farm (by George Orwell), partly Macbeth (by Shakespeare) and partly Julius Caesar (by Shakespeare).
    However, we threw in our support because the (ANC) was ultimately founded with the sole goal of fighting to improve the welfare of all Liberians irrespective political and religious affiliation, ethnicity and origin.

    Some personalities within the coalition feel threatened by our resolve to bringing accountability, sanctity and probity to the political landscape of Liberia. We understand their agitations and decision-making postures. They want to label us (ANC) as anarchists, but they should know we’ve never in anyway been associated with any acts of violence in our lives.
    They’ve tried to entrap us (ANC) in corruption cases, but it is of public and international awareness that our integrity suffers no blemish.
    They’ve tried to corner or etiquette us (ANC) to unnatured and abominable acts against our Creator, but their snares and vain propagandas are closing up on them.

    In our entire lives, we have never, to the slightest possible means, been associated to any case of murder, embezzlement or misappropriation. We have worked honestly for everything and every penny we have in our assets.
    As much as we need everyone on board, we can equally part with people of less than 1% of our electorate. We do not, in anyway, want to be associated to jungle democracy. The way forward for Liberia is a system of the people, by the people and for the people.
    The system for the roguish few has lamentably failed; the people may lead a civil revolt if any of such system should be imposed on them.

    We are looking up to Weah to build bridges with his hands, since he doesn’t need tax money to do so. Let him wait for the international community to admire his beautiful face and build him bridges, roads and edifices.

    Whoever the cap fits, let him wear it!

  3. Alexander Cummings of ANC reportedly has support among millennials, thus, any attempt at making former VP Joseph Boakai the nominee in 2023 could splinter the alliance. Of course, a divided CPP, already established out of a threat to ensure mass nationwide civic action) could in desperation resort to continuous protests. And as a member of [email protected], our organization prefers a responsible opposition alliance to groups that promote streets’ thuggery and mayhem. Let the CPP have an early convention next year to put the issue of standard bearer at rest.

  4. The Beginning To The Way Out.

    The marriage in the CPP is like a Buddhist marrying to a Christian and each couple claiming his/her religion is the authentic. Whilst, they thing the relationship will survive. Unless dating, but marriage is different in which both couple must have one interest and goal.

    After the 2018 election in which both the head of ANC and ALP were losers, they (ANC and ALP) and other political parties decided to form a coalition call CPP. The problem with CPP is that every participating head wants to be the leader. That is the toxic concoction that is driving the organization into bottomless pit. Well, what I do know is that in any coalition, there should be a leader. Someone has to be chosen to lead. The organization must work to push one individual up the ladder to represent the entire group. We are seeing the opposite with “Liberian Politicians”. Everybody wants to be a leader. Then what is the use of forming a coalition at all. The interest of every participating political party in the CPP should never be the paramount, but the interest of the coalition.

    Mr. Cumming and Urey and others need to go back on the drawing board to reassemble themselves. A marriage with individual interest is doomed to fall apart.

    To those Liberians who are members of the CPP or planning to be member: holding together will bring more fruitful results, but the leaders have to do the binding-throwing away the individualisms amongst the leaders. If not, this will be the beginning to their way for 2023.

    Mamadu S. Bah, Meridian Health.

  5. Judging from what happened Sunday, September 6, 2020 in Nimba County, this clearly establishes and is probative EVIDENCE that Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings’ désire to get elected President of Liberia, is dead and gone. One thing I know for sure is this: Liberty Party(LP), ALL Liberian Party (ALP) and Unity Party (UP), will come together, nominate and name Dr. Joseph Nyuma Boakai the Political Leader of CPP to challenge President George Manneh Weah in 2023.

    After the nomination and election of Dr. Joseph Nyuma Boakai as the Leader of CPP, Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings like Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, will resigned from ANC and return to retirement and actively running his GAY RIGHT Foundation in Liberia. After Mr. Cummings announces his resignation, the hustlers and job hunters claiming to be key members of ANC, will swiftly pack their bags and run faster than light to give their support to Dr. Boakai or President Weah.

    Everything in Liberia whether Mr. Cummings likes it or not, is run and controlled by politics, structured and driven by deep TRIBALISM.

    When Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was elected the President of Liberia, she and her TRIBE primarily ran and oversaw everything in Liberia. So today, Liberia is virtually bankrupt.

    The way and manner by which Mrs. Sirleaf and her TRIBE looted Liberia, Liberia shall no longer make the mistake to return that TRIBE back to Power in Liberia.

      • The Minority Group, that ruled Liberia from July 26,1847 to April 12, 1980, is the TRIBE of Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Mae Moore, are you a Jew and know not what has happened in Israel? The walls of Israel, meaning Liberia, are totally broken down and the land of our fathers-fathers, are totally consumed by the fire of corruption and misapplication of Entrusted Property/Public funds. Politically, Liberia, has two major tribes: 1) Majority Liberian Group; and Minority Liberian Group. The Minority Liberian Group. is Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s TRIBE.

        To strengthen the hands of her TRIBE, January 2006 to January 2018, Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf nominated, commissioned and appointed key members of her TRIBE to high posts in Liberia and paid them between US$15,000 per month to US$35,000 per month in Poor Republic of Liberia; and together, they fearlessly looted Liberia from top to bottom. You may need to read our December 2017 Letter to President Donald John Trump and the Government of the United States, pleading with President Trump and his Government to please freeze the ill-gotten riches of Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf and her TRIBE, as the United States did to the officials and former officials of Nigeria.

        Under Mrs. Sirleaf and her TRIBE, the Crimes of Property Theft, Economic Sabotage, Money Laundering, Capital Flight, and Corruption remain the order of the day and the common weapon of choice and operation in Liberia in the days that Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf and her TRIBE ruled Liberia, Jan 2005-Jan 2018.

        All the foregoing took place while the Majority Liberian Group, stood by helplessly looked on and heartbroken, but powerless to stop Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf and TRIBE.

        If you claim that you are a Jew and you know not how Israel has been run and who has power and Control in Israel, then, I am not certain, if you are a true Jew!

  6. Cllr Jayweh,
    I will defend your right to express yourself.

    If possible, please do the most honorable thing by answering the following questions:

    1. Is Alexander Benedict Cummings competent to become president of Liberia? Why? Why not?

    2. Is Alexander Benedict Cummings a closet gay guy?

    3. Have you ever dealt with Alexander Benedict Cummings on a personal or professional level?

    4. Do you think Alexander Benedict Cummings has the capability to create 100,000 jobs in 90 days if he were president of Liberia?I

    5. Do you think Alexander Benedict Cummings will be dumped by his COP/CPP people before or during the 2023 presidential election?

    6. Besides promising to create 100,000 jobs in 90 days, do you think it is pure fantasy on his part for Cummings to create 100,000 jobs in just three months? And

    7. Do you think former VP Boakai will be a better president than Alexander Benedict Cummings?

  7. Laughable!

    Some detractors label my “demigod” Alexander B. Cummings as incompetent, really? Really? Really, really? Come on!
    And you know why, these same detractors are staunch supporters of a grade-9-dropout president, how come?
    Can’t you see your 3-star-general honorary-doctorate degree holder president fighting to address even female protests? Can’t you see him groping for words to construct one correct sentence before national and international press? Just imagine him amongst pool of national and international journalists without Tweah and McGill, will you have the face to look him into the eyes?

    Forget about the agitations of some personalities within the CPP. We understand them better than you do. We know why they want to have Old man Boakai as president but it’s a disillusionment.
    There are yet 3 years to go, and many things can happen within those 3 years. We urge you people to just watch and see as things unfold.

    Liberians are desperate, they are tired living from hand to mouth, they want something genuine and concrete.
    Currently, the ANC (not CPP or COP) represents 20% of the Liberian electorates. By 2021, we hope to have 25% of the electorates. If we can go to elections with 30 or 35% of the electorates, rest assure that we have the presidency against the deadly snares of some crooks or wolves in sheep clothing flocking with us.

    We (ANC) will bring some of you home, this we promise!

    • Petarus Dolo, you have always said it is only people who are not using their actual names and addresses dare accuse your demigod Alex Cummings about him being involved in the ungodly act of anal sex or being a rapist of little boys. But the day anyone comes out and affix their name and address, you and your demigod would take legal action against such a person.

      Well, a known lawyer in Liberia and in the diaspora Cllr. Frederick A.B. Jayweh has now spelled out that your demigod Alex Cummings is a known and notorious gay who wants to be president of a country in which gay life is not allowed by the culture, the tradition, and anot even allowed by the law and religions of the general population.

      Cllr. Frederick Jayweh has now challenged you and your demigod by affixing his name, address, and telephone numbers. What will you and your demigod do now in reaction to this act of Cllr. Jayweh which according to you is defamation and libel?

      • Dear Concerned Liberian,

        To answer you bluntly, everything about the individual using the pseudonym “Cllr. Frederick Jayweh” is FAKE!

        From common sense, no legal practitioner anywhere in the world, even in the most jungled democracy, will ever make remarks and comments like this sycophant while affixing his name and address. As a legal practitioner, he would know the consequences.

        Our remarks about baseless and insulting comments towards Alexander B. Cummings was not a vain threat.
        Allow me to post some of our findings on the character hereof:
        1. There is no name enlisted at the Liberian Bar called Cllr. Frederick Jayweh;
        2. The law firm called “Africa Center for Law and Human Rights, Inc” is not a legal or registered entity in Liberia;
        3. The above entity does not exist at the address provided above;
        4. All the telephone numbers provided, both in the USA and Liberia, are not operational numbers;
        5. Consequently, the credentials exhibited by the fraudster hereof are inaccurate.

        However, he’s been tracked through his ip address and believe me, it’s better to leave him to where he is. At the appropriate time, we will smile with him, pop him on the back and tell him to not be afraid as we did not come to destroy or denigrate but to build and allow all Liberians to forgive and live in harmony.

  8. Mr. Hney,

    I submit to you, that it is public knowledge both in Liberia and internationally that Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings, the leader of ANC, is a KNOWN GAY. Publicly, Mr. Cummings, established and is running a GAY RIGHT Foundation—a foundation, that promotes and protects GAY RIGHTS, nationally and internationally. Mr. Cummings, needs to stop hiding and must tell Liberia that he is a GAY. Liberia’s culture and tradition, strongly opposes this type of lifestyle.

    As to whether Dr. Joseph Nyumah Boakai could make a better President in Liberia than Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings, frankly, I have passed no judgment. To say the least, I am not a member of ANC, UP, LP and/or ALP. But my take is and again, is this: it is public knowledge that Liberty Party (LP) ALL Liberian Party (ALP) and Unity Party (UP), prefer politically working together and they, prefer Dr. Joseph Nyumah Boakai, as their political leader and not Mr. Cummings, judging from their action in Nimba County, Sunday, Sept 6, 2020.

    Whether Dr. Boakai will make a better President. I, submit that members of ALP, LP and UP, are better suited to pass such judgment. But, standing outside of ALP, LP and UP, I have found and can profoundly say that Dr. Joseph Nyumah Boakai, has great trouble making independent decision (s). As to how the UP should be run, Dr. Boakai, painfully looks to Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to decide and he then acts on her unholy and perverted demand. This is troubling.

    And so, that is what happened when Dr. Boakai without sound and lawful cause, withdrew UP’s Returns against Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf filed and pending at the Supreme Court of Liberia after her public abuse of the Unity Party (UP) and unlawfully breached its Constitution and Code with impunity. Law and order, should matter.

    Also on former President Johnson Sirleaf’s demand and without any color of law and in total violation of UP’s Constitution and Code, Dr. Joseph Nyumah Boakai, ran faster than light to unlawfully terminate and pushed out of UP, Mr. W. Paye, the elected Chairman of UP. Absolutely, this is a poor, uncertain and unwarranted decision, to say the least.

    And also, Dr. Joseph Nyumah Boakai, recklessly and unlawfully supports the CoP and its unlawful demand for the elected President of Liberia to step down prior to completing his constitutional term. You and I, know that this is a clear violation of the Constitution of Liberia and totally, a reckless and unsound decision.

    I don’t personally or professionally know Dr. Boakai or Mr. Cummings; but, I strongly believe that ALP, LP and UP, come what may, prefer to nominate and elect Dr. Joseph Nyumah Boakai the leader of CPP to challenge Mr. George Manneh Weah in 2023; judging from the action of ALP, ALP and UP in Nimba County.

    You be the judge. But publicly, ALP and its leadership have told the world that they prefer Dr. Joseph Nyumah Boakai and not Mr. Cummings. UP and LP, are simply, politically and naturally playing along.

    ALP, UP and LP’s action in Nimba County, Sunday, Sept 6, 2020, definitively and overwhelmingly, says it all!

    Liberia and our people, deserve better!

    Frédérick A. B. Jayweh, Esq.
    Counsellor-At-Law & International Affairs Director
    Africa Center for Law and Human Rights, Inc.
    77 Broad St, 3rd Floor, Presbyterian Building
    Monrovia, Liberia
    Lib-Ph: (231) 775-204-677
    US-Ph: Ph: 720-731-7994.

  9. Mr. Jayweh,
    In response to the questions I had asked, please note that your answers were very compendious.

    Of Alexander Benedict Cummings:
    Many people have said repeatedly on this media space and elsewhere privately that the gentleman is a gay in the closet. In the US, a lot of politicians are openly gay. But Liberia is a different ballgame. Speaking for myself, I don’t think Cummings will get by with his gay lifestyle into the presidency because of the potential danger. First, if he ever becomes president, the young boys of Liberia will think it’s okay to be a gay. Let’s not forget Socrates. The Athenians forced Socrates to drink poison because he philosophically poisoned the minds of the youth with that kind of stupid lecture. God in His glory has given us a lot of beautiful women. Why should (he, or they) abandon our women for young boys or men? Nasty!

    The Nimba County Recent Political Exercise:

    Again speaking for myself, I think the Nimba County primary (it wasn’t a primary in the real sense of the word) showed that the opposition political parties are disorganized. That’s why I coined the words “Antagonistic Disorganized Operatives, (ADO) because that’s what they are. In their funny primary, the Nimbaians showed a split. The voters of Nimba are not to be blamed, but the leaders of the CoP/CPP were at odds with Alexander Benedict Cummings. It showed without fanfare! Cummings himself was visibly unhappy because of the way in which things turned out. Cummings had thought all alone that he was “the man”. Cummings’ colleagues of the CoP/CPP do not think he’s the man! Let’s not kid ourselves. The facts are obvious. With that kind of confusion within their rank, it is highly unlikely for any of those politicians to mount a serious challenge that could dislodge Weah.

    The EJS Tribal Talk:

    There are some commenters who become agitated when the former female president is taken to task. But it shouldn’t be like that. The truth of the matter is that in a democratic society, people have a natural right to express themselves. Let’s be serious. The payment of $35,000 per month to a government employee in Liberia is a national disgrace! For instance, while such money was being paid to some Liberian employees, public school students didn’t have their full set of textbooks, bridges were falling apart, there was no running water, roads were closed during the rainy season, hospitals were not staffed with competent nurses and a lot more. By saying these things, it doesn’t mean that EJS (is, was) a devil. Of course not!!! I don’t understand why some people become so enraged when the weaknesses of our former president are talked about.

    A Colossal Destruction:

    Weah has been put in a precarious position. (I will be attacked for saying what I believe to be right). With all the money spent, many people think that Weah should perform overnight miracles. Sadly, some influence peddlers think they have the answers to make Liberia feel good. That’s not true. The influence peddlers spew hogwash. Liberians will not be stupid to by snake oil.


  10. Absolutely and without a doubt, Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf and her TRIBE are responsible for how far Liberia and our people have gone downhill100 years backward. Jan 26, 2020 to July 14, 2020, I was stationed in Liberia. While visiting Liberia, there are no key investors found anywhere in Liberia. From Waterside, Broad street to Camp Johnson Road, except from 9th Street, Sinkor and the Sinkor belt, nearly all stores and buildings are either closed or occupied by Nigerian or Fulini Traders. On the main streets of Monrovia, human waste(PUP WATER) has completely occupied and overtaken the streets of Monrovia, Liberia’s once proud and beloved City.

    Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her TRIBE took 12years to bring Liberia and our people to virtually nothing in Liberia. My disappointment and FUSS with the Weah-led Government today, is this: Mr. Weah and his Ministry of Justice have refused and neglected to indict, arrest and evenhandedly prosecute and convict Mrs Johnson Sirleaf and her TRIBE that destroyed Liberia and swiftly fled Liberia and from active prosecution for their commission of Property Theft, Economic Sabotage, Money Laundering, Capital Flight and Misapplication of Entrusted Property—all First degree Felonies. The following crimes are punishable by 10 year of imprisonment and restitution of Liberia’s assets and hard earned resources/monies.

    A prosecution and conviction of Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf and her TRIBE swiftly, could help bring back some or nearly all of Liberia’s stolen revenues and resources. Start by establishing Liberia’s National Assets Recovery Commission—à commission with the statutory power to independently, indict, arrest, prosecute, convict and return of Liberia’s Assets/monies allegedly stolen. Liberia and its Government have the power and resources to have Mrs. Johnson Sirleaf and her TRIBE prosecuted, convicted and held to account.

    What in the world is Mr. Weah and his Government waiting for? Only God, our Father and Maker, knows.

    It is no security that the Republic is bankrupt. But Liberia’s Ministry of Justice and its prosecutors are doing nothing concrete to merit Liberia and our people hope and aspiration. Liberia and Liberians need help.

    THE EVIDENCE is there and useable. Take it, indict Mrs. Johnson and her TRIBE and restore Liberia’s Pride and dignity, nationally and internationally.

    Liberia and our people need help—soon and not later!

  11. Mr. Jayweh,
    My general concern is with the idea of retrieving Liberia’s stolen money and property. It is believed that Johnson-Sirleaf was badly taken advantage of by some of the very people she brought into her government. That’s very pathetic. I don’t know how any stolen money or property can be retrieved, but it won’t hurt to try. Also, I don’t know what’s wrong with our Liberian people.

    People complain about the fact that Weah is not as educated as Johnson-Sirleaf. But, when you take a critical look at what an educated president did during her presidency, you come up with questions rather than answers. Like you, I visited Liberia last year. I was unhappy with a few things.

    Mr. Jayweh, why should the Ghanaians and Nigerians do so well educationally than the people of Liberia? Are the Ghanaians and Nigerians loved by God more than us? Didn’t Christ die for all of us? I have an answer! Johnson-Sirleaf did not invest heavily in education during her presidency. On the flip side, Johnson-Sirleaf did a few good things. I wish she had done more.


  12. Posted at 6:28 PM EST on Monday, September 14, 2020

    Here are a few things that readers need to consider:

    #1. Political parties in Liberia are often formed and/or operated around someone’s presidential ambitions. It’s not usually about ideas like Republicans who cay — “strong national defense”, “smaller government”, etc. Nope.

    In Liberia, the Liberty Party was formed to advance the ambition of Charles Brumskine.

    The ALP was formed for Benoni Urey’s benefit.

    The ANC was development-disabled until Alex Cummings arrived and commenced infusing cash and other resources. It’s now his party.

    The Unity Party was sleep walking until Ellen Sirleaf joined in 1997 and continued bankrolling its operation for many years.


    #2. With Cummings and Urey serving as “political leaders” of their respective parties, do not expect any one of them to give in for the other.

    This isn’t the Koch brothers (or the surviving member of the duo) funding conservative causes or George Soros funding liberal causes while running their respective businesses. Nope.

    These are men with eyes on the presidency and they will not surrender their ambitions after spending so much money. So, this whole coalition thing is a pipe dream.


  13. Posted at 6:34 PM EST on Monday, September 14, 2020


    #3. In the 1980s and 1990s, we had party chairmen like Matthews and Tipoteh seeking the presidency. Their parties could not grow and some key supporters abandoned them as time went by. They both eventually saw the light and surrendered power, only after defeats in elections.

    These days, we now have “political leaders” and so-called “first partisans”. Until they see the light, don’t expect any serious coalitions built around ideas and policy sectors like AGRICULTURE, COMMERCE, DEFENSE, EDUCATION, HEALTHCARE, LABOR, TRANSPORTATION, etc.


    #4. Think about their ages too. Cummings was born in 1956. Urey was born in 1957. In 2023, Cummings will be 67 while Urey will be 66. If Cummings bows out to Urey, he’ll have to wait until 2029 when he will 73. And even at that time, Urey, if elected President, may have incumbent advantage.

    So, Cummings may need to wait until 2035 when he’ll be 79. In Urey’s case, he’ll be 72 in 2029 and 78 in 2035. Same situation, different candidate.

    And if the constitutional amendments on term reduction are enacted, they’ll both need to still wait 5 or 10 years [ after 2023] to become president. They’ll still be septuagenarians.

    Are they willing to bankroll their political ambitions that long? Will they retain loyal partisans waiting that long? Think about it, folks.


  14. POSTED AT 10:05 PM EST on Tuesday, September 15, 2020

    What’s this nonsense about Alexander B. Cummings Jr. being an ALLEGED “gay rapist”?

    Is this the best that his opponents and detractors can do ?


    Have his detractors even bothered to note that Cummings is married with two kids ?

  15. The nonsense is your silly and dull mental constitution displayed here of not knowing that the sine qua non of being the number one leader of a nation (as with others within officialdom) is good moral standing, especially those good moral standings in conformity with the culture, civilization, religions, legislations, and or way of life of the nation, and not plans abundant in the manifestos of political parties, and could even be bought or emulated.

    A GAY RAPIST OR JUST A GAY as President or even just a candidate in Liberia, is a malodorous model of our children, and indeed sends a dangerous message to the young, besides destroying our culture ..the base, compass, and fulcrum of our national identity and national existence!

  16. False Nationalist, another CDCian that needs to visit a psychiatrist. He’s freaked and lost the noodles.
    No one should bother engaging him in any way lest you be lambasted by ignoramus and vituperations.

    It’s sickening to have children like these who called themselves Liberians!

  17. Petarus Dolo, something about you seems not correct here about you. And that is you are not been truthful to yourself and to the rest of us on this page regarding the lifestyle of your party leader Alexander B. Cummings Jr.

    Sometimes ago, some folks pasted pubication from news outlets that your party´s leader Alex Cummings is a gay. In those publication, we read Cummings own admissions in quotations that he loves young boys, and that he Cummings was against VP Jewel Howard´s disdain for homosexuals in our culture and society.

    At that time you vowed that whenever it is proven that your party´s leader Alex Cummings is a gay, you would immediately resign from his party. Actually, I am not interested in whether you resign upon such proof or not. But what I see troubling here is you claiming that every and anyone who says Alex Cummings is a gay, that person is a fake.

    Your latest assertion that Cllr. Frederick Jayweh is a fake, has now make clear that you are simply been untruthful. For nearly everybody on Liberia´s social media and even the Supreme Court of Liberia at which Cllr. Jayweh has represented high profile clients on grave constitutional cases, can attest to the fact that you are lying, and that Cllr. Frederick Jayweh is no fake but a living human being in flesh and blood, using those very telephone numbers and addresses.

    SECONDLY, what is more troubling again, when you give such weak and laughable defense that “From common sense, no legal practitioner anywhere in the world, even in the most jungled democracy, will ever make remarks and comments like this sycophant while affixing his name and address. As a legal practitioner, he would know the consequences.”

    This is a very poor excuse and a very false one too. For this action By Cllr. Jayweh proves that he is not making anything up. And that if Alex Cummings wants to deny what he Cllr. Jayweh has published here about him Cummings, he should take a legal action against him Cllr. Jayweh. nd you are here trying to insult our intelligence, while making a fool of yourself. COME CLEAN.

  18. POSTED AT 7:22 PM EST on Wednesday, September 16, 2020


    Let’s try another method.

    Before I do, I must warn readers that you may be uncomfortable with some, perhaps even all, of my arch-conservative views on family values.


    Since 1986, I have embraced conservative values and moved farther to the right.

    #1. I am opposed to procreation out of marriage, whether done prior to or after.

    #2. I am opposed to divorce except for adultery.

    #3. I am opposed to unmarried couples living together [aka cohabitation].

    #4. I am opposed to all forms of abortion, including those caused by rape.

    #5. I am opposed to homosexuality because I believe in Christian principles defining marriage as a union between man and woman.


  19. POSTED AT 7:30 PM EST on Wednesday, September 16, 2020


    At the same time, I respect the constitutional rights of others.

    Consequently, I respect the rights of those who choose to procreate out of marriage, divorce, and cohabit.

    So, it should not come as a surprise that I think we should re-visit our laws which prohibit and criminalize abortion and homosexuality.

    At the very least, we should allow LGBT and/or abortion rights advocates the right to organize protest campaign(s) and testify at legislative hearings.

    And if the issue(s) proceed(s) through the court system leading to declaration of anti-homosexuality and anti-abortion statutes as unconstitutional, we should respect the Supreme Court’s decision and enforce the ruling(s).

    Using the train of thought of those who have branded Alexander B. Cummings Jr. as “gay”, does this mean that I am automatically “gay”, and has aborted a pregnancy?

    If not, then how do some take the quantum leap that Cummings’ decision to support gay rights automatically makes him gay even though he is heterosexually married?


    If we accept the notion proposed earlier by the so-called ‘NATIONALIST’ that the “….the sine qua non of being the number one leader of a nation (as with others within officialdom) is good moral standing…”, does this mean that George Manneh Weah’s adulterous affair with Meapeh Gono disqualifies him from being the “number one leader” ?


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