Alliance Française to Close


Because Liberians are not taking advantage of Alliance Française to enroll and learn French that will enable them to travel to neighboring Francophone countries without the need for an interpreter, the Executive Director of Alliance Française, Idrissa Kaba, has announced that the institute may close sometime next month.

In an interview yesterday in Monrovia, Mr. Kaba said Liberians seem not to take note of the importance of the French language, and therefore they are not enrolling in the institute.

“We are bordered by two French speaking countries of Guinea and La Cote d’Ivoire, and many Liberians don’t find it easy going to those countries, because of the language barrier.

“And here we have an institute that can prepare them to be fluent speakers of the language so that they can be comfortable to travel to these countries, but Liberians have shown a lack of interest in the institute,” Director Kaba said.

The institute, located between 15th and 16th Streets in Sinkor has the ideal setting for students to go through the beginning, intermediate and advance levels of the course, said Kaba.

French is the world’s second language and therefore Liberians should make it their duty to visit the school and enroll to learn French, he said.

Kaba said the institute does not receive any support from the Liberian government, which he believes contributes to the lack of interest by Liberians to learn the language.

“We used to get support from the French Embassy near Monrovia but that support ended in 2013, and right now we are not being supported by any authority,” Kaba said.

He appealed to the Ministry of Education (MoE) and the French Embassy to reconsider providing much needed support to the institute.

He commended the French Embassy for its past support, and noted that the embassy should continue to help the institute to make learning French more attractive to Liberian students.

“We have courses for Liberians at any level and therefore we want you to come visit us and see what we can do to work with your schedule to learn a language that is rich and spoken by many countries in Africa and Europe,” Kaba said.


  1. Please i am interested but don’t know where to find this school. I went to 15 Street in sinkor but i was told that your have move out so please direct your new location


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