Alleged “Sexual Harassment” at UN Mission

Amb. Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Amb. Kemayah breaks silence

Liberia’s Foreign Minister-designate, Ambassador Dee Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr., has refuted a recent social media post linking him to sexual harassment involving Whynee Cummings Wilson, a female employee of Liberia’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations.

A five-page document response from New York said: “This is an official response from the Tilem & Associates … a Law Firm representing Ambassador Kemayah, with respect to the false, baseless and unfounded allegations being spread on the social media, especially in Liberia in relation to Ms. Whynee Cummings Wilson.”

Ms. Wilson, in a dispatch from New York, released by journalist Charles Yates on social media, reminds the US Mission, UN authorities and Minister Williametta Piso Saydee-Tarr, Liberia’s Minister of Gender with Cc to several top Liberian officials how Ambassador Kemayah allegedly molested and sexually harassed her on January 8, 2020.  Wilson remembers that day in part because it was her birthday. 

According to her, Ambassador Kemayah on one occasion called her to his office and locked the door, and was allegedly harassed. She said further, “Amb. Kemayah asked me several times to kiss him, stating, You know what [to] do, just give me a kiss, we are all adults here.”

According to Madam Wilson, the action of Kemayah, who she considers as a ‘father’, left her in a devastating state.

She narrated that the action made her stay away from office for a whole month, raising concerns amongst her colleagues.

The law firm representing Kemayah said: “We initiated an investigation based on our principle of avoiding prolonged and wasteful litigation. We do not want to have to pursue costly litigation against her or the news media publishing knowingly false statements.  Ambassador Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr. has advised us that he wants to continue the great work he has been doing and will not let this clearly false allegation stop him,” the firm said.

They further said that “What we have discovered is clear, Ms. Wilson and other state actors are attempting to harm Ambassador Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah,” said the law firm.

This attack on the Ambassador, the firm said, is not just on him, but also is an attack on his beautiful and loving wife, Rev. Mrs. Dialokai Golanyon-Kemayah. 

Tilem & Associates indicated that the Ambassador has over the many decades built a strong reputation of integrity, both domestically and abroad. 

The firm further defended Kemayah’s reputation and sincerity especially as a diplomat, stating that it was on the basis of his reputation that the President nominated him as Foreign Minister.

“We are aware that long before his nomination as Liberia’s Foreign Minister, a handful of detractor’s unleashed an avalanche of failed attacks to hunt him down into disfavor with the President.

“President Weah saw through these baseless attacks before, and the people of Liberia will see once again the great work that Ambassador Kemayah has done,” said the legal group. 

The firm said Liberia is quite familiar with the work of Ambassador Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr., and as a new Foreign Minister he will continue to represent Liberia throughout the world.

Kemayah’s legal team wondered why would Ms. Wilson wasted too much time without reporting the event to the police until he (Kemayah) was nominated for the Foreign Minister position

“This lie of hers is so outlandish. This is not in the Ambassador’s nature.

“Throughout his more than 28 years of experience in the private, public, and international arena, this is the only allegation ever,” the legal group said. 

“The Ambassador has been quite respectful and did not want to have to address these lies, but felt it was necessary that the people of Liberia hear the truth,” the legal team said. 

According to Kemayah’s legal team, Every time Ms. Wilson tells her story it becomes more and more embellished. However, she has never mentioned that she has been disciplined by the Ambassador and staff at the Mission. 

Ms. Wilson and the Secretary even agreed to have every communication between them documented because according to the Secretary, Ms. Wilson always gives different versions of what her boss, the Secretary, tells her. 

The team added that Ambassador Kemayah has told Ms. Wilson on numerous occasions to get close to her boss, the secretary, but she has allegedly refused to work with Mrs. Maggie Gibson-Glay, the Ambassador’s Secretary. 

“As we stated in our September 4, 2020 email to Ms. Wilson our client denies these false allegations.  All further communications shall be directed to this law firm, so that the Ambassador can continue to focus on his work.”

The legal team noted that people at the United Nations Mission knows Ambassador Kemayah ranks women related issues as a priority. Many people admire and recognized his role as Ambassador in 2019 in the successful preparation, hosting, and participation of the Republic of Liberia’s Women Delegation to the 63rd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 63) at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, United States of America.

“Our client’s commitment and integrity on women, girls and youth related issues began as far back in 1992 when he was the youngest teacher in Zaweata Project School in Bong Mines, Liberia. 

“We strongly advise those behind this malicious and political chicanery to desist and repent and join the thousands of well-meaning Liberians who continue to congratulate with unending overtures of endorsements for his nomination and have committed to support Ambassador Kemayah when confirmed as Foreign Minister,” the group said. 

Additionally, the group said:  “The Ambassador wants us all to come together, but if these baseless attacks on him and his family continue, he will be forced to pursue all legal remedies. Let us not focus on lies and baseless attacks against a great man. Let us all focus on what is important-continuing to grow Liberia and focus on the future of Liberia.


  1. The response is weak, legally unprofessionally, and shows a smoking gun. That Ms. Wilson shared her observation with “top” governments officials implies that she’s got some more to talk about. The media must independently contact Ms. Wilson-God knows she works with the Liberia UN Mission. Ms. Wilson must be allowed to speak to both the public. Additionally, a Senate hearing and probe must precede confirmation.

  2. I have worked with the UN for many years. And I am a woman too. From the commonsense or conventional wisdom, and even the moral and legal disposition or reaction one been harassed in such manner is expected to demonstrate, Ms. Wilson is lying!

    And That explains it all…. why would Ms. Wilson waste too much time without reporting the event to the police until he (Kemayah) was nominated for the Foreign Minister position?

    And furthermore exposing Ms. Wilson being involved with disingenuously defaming Ambassador Kemayah is the commonsense or empirical reasoning that if Ms. Wilson would be glad her accused is out of her way from New York, and she would not have to officially or personally deal with him any longer, but in fact a new boss in New York thousands of miles away.

    Momoh Mawufia, your reasoning or conclusion is simply driven by personal vendetta and or sentiments, and wishful thinking. For the response from the Ambassador and his legal representation is powerfully convincing and highly professional within both the legal profession and the moral impulse as it inter alia exposes the diabolical defamation of someone who, ipso facto her own explanations is being paid to carry out such criminally fraudulent act against an innocent and decent diplomatic material!

    That is, the very fact that she Ms. Wilson would only pop up long after what she claims happened, upon the departure of the one she is accusing is proof that she has been paid to carry out such diabolical defamation.

    • Kou Gontee:

      If, indeed, you are a woman, as you claimed, then you will not be so quick to conclude that Ms. Wilson is

      lying about her story. You, nor I, knows all the facts. you dont know what occurred between the two of them,

      because you were not present. So, dont hastily conclude that she’s telling falsehood.

      Leave that for a court of competent jurisdiction to decide.

      Thank you.

      • What will it profit her if she lies?!
        If she is telling the true why the CCTV never show it??
        And why it takes months before she tell the police?!
        All that was just a setup to move my daddy from power.

    • Kou, I am troubled by your goofy attack on me for my independent opinion. You think sexual molestation has a statute of limitation? Check the address of Bill Cosby, and Robert kelly….they were committed for sexually related crimes committed maybe before we both were born. So keep justifying and misleading kamayah for your personal contact/interest. Look at what you are saying, who will take Liberia serious with a Minister of Foreign Affairs who has a BIG sexual molestation allegation hanging on his neck. This is the Liberian paradox. Even human rights issues are of politics.

      • Momoh Mawufia, your

        (1) batty.campy.crazy.daffy.dippy. and flaky, deduction and analogy EQUATING more than 60 (sixty women) accusations with solid direct evidence and living witnesses on been drugged and having forced and unconsented sexual intercourse within a private entertainment setting WITH,

        (2) A SINGLE LADY and her flimsy accusation about give me a kiss (WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE IN THIS SMART PHONE AGE) IN A POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT after nearly a year, and only upon an ambassador being appointed as the Minister of Foreign Affairs,

        (3), reflect your poor judgment, naivety, personal vendetta, and or your being an accessory before and after the fact of this criminal defamatory attack on the part of this Whynnie Cummings Wilson.

        For your information, I left the UN more than a decade ago, and do not know anyone at the foreign mission of Liberia at the UN whether in New York or Geneva, nor can I ever have and personal or political interest in the foreign mission of Liberia anymore.


  3. If Cummings-Wilson’s sexual allegation against Mr. Kemayah is correct, something has to be done, although I have not the slightest idea about what could be done. What I am concerned about most is the fact that Cummings-Wilson never came forward to accuse Kemayah until his most recent appointment. Such a move on the part of Cummings-Wilson is not a genius idea, but rather an attempt to embarrass Kemayah. I am not the devil’s advocate! I don’t want to sound like a slouch, because I have female relatives. However, because of the fact that Cummings-Wilson waited so long in order to come forward with her humiliating charge, Kemayah may not be recalled.

    • Mr. Hney,

      same thing happened to Bill Cosby, to Harvey Weinstein These are famous and rich folks. The list goes on.

      In the end, Cosby is serving jail time as is Mr. Weistein.

      In Liberia, I think the statute of Limitation on rape case is 10 years. I stand corrected. Rape/sexual assaults

      are traumatizing ordeal and it leaves a crippling effect on the victim.

      I have had the pleasure of interacting with Mr. Kemayah He was respectful and polite towards us students. I

      hope that he can exonerate himself.

      • Arthur Kimba, Cosby is serving jail time as is Mr. Weistein. because those matters were prima facie cases in which those women the plaintiffs produced sufficient evidence in the court of law and not on facebook with the sole accusation of the complainant saying please give me a kiss.

        I totally agree with those dismissing this claim against this diplomat as a flimsy politically motivated conspiracy with Whynnie Cummings Wilson been a hired gun as the Flazzamaton deadly fiasco in which he was used by some forces, and then after failure to deliver, chose to use innocent political leaders!

        • Mr. Zoedjallah.

          You could be quite right in your assertion, though I must admit that I was just a year old when the flazamaton debacle happened. Therefore im not au courant with that chapter of our history.

          All I’m saying is to withhold judgement for now. The Ambassador is a decent being and his reputation is intact

      • At times there are topics or issues we just feel weak to discuss. And this reluctance is usually prompted by the guilty until proven innocent disposition some discussants take around here.

        No wonder they are against the death penalty for convicted rapists of babies and children. One just imagine if these people were judges!

        It would be no guessing that once a disgruntled wife formulates a lie against her husband that he has raped their child or another child, that husband going under their judgment would be as corn appearing to chickens for judgment, or frogs appearing before snakes for judgment.

        Some have even gone to the extent of comparing this lackadaisical and fooling around accusation from this girl with those solid cases against a director or actor in an industry where illicit sex is the norm and style, not to talk about the overwhelming and direct evidences produced in court.

        Like others have hinted, if this Cummings Wilson girl was actually harassed as she has claimed, would it be only and just the nomination of the Ambassador as Foreign Minister that would be her kind of reminder about statute of limitation or cause for action?

        And look where she went. She went on social media. She is lucky it is Ambassador Kemayah. It should have been I True Nationalist! She and would be defamers of people character within officialdom apparently in the name of politics would learn the lesson of their life via a very vehement punishment through the judicial process.

        I do understand the reason why the Ambassador decided to ignore her nonsense. Its the same with high profile executives who because of the immunity clause and their official busy protocol and the public perception as opposed to reality, coupled with been embroiled in such nonsense have to sit under the immunity clause as wicked people defame their good characters.

        Talking about he asked me to kiss, and because of that, I was unable to eat or go to work for a whole month. But you were not able to get back to him in a more wise, mature, and professional manner, by luring him into your trap via seduction using digital means all to your disposal to nail him.

        According to you that would take away your born again and saintly titles. But to deliberately disseminate your defamatory attacks against him, his office, his family, his person, and his reputation on social media would make you look good in the sight of God and prevent him from becoming Foreign Minister. You actually deserve divine and judicial retribution! Madam, Whynnie Cummings Wilson, you better go and seek Gods mercy!

  4. Comrade Kimba,
    You are right! Cosby, Weinstein, former Minnesota Senator, Al Franklin, and others were dealt a blow by women who came forward with sexual harassment charges. Al Franklin resigned from his senatorial job. Weistein and Cosby (were, are) multimillionaires, they weren’t politicians or diplomats. Our buddy Kemayah is a diplomats.

    A Grudge? A lie? Who Knows?
    My point is that nine times out of ten, women who claim to have been sexually molested or harassed, do not come forward immediately. For some unknown reasons, the female victims wait for longer periods of time in order to tell their story. Or, such women wait in agony until their accuser lands a powerful job before they come out to say, “he did this and that to me”.

    Again, I don’t want to sound like an uncaring gentleman. I love women (not in an ugly sense, please) and I have tons of females in my family. It is sad when a female is forced to do something…. anything… against her will. But, in order for such cases to be dealt with, I think it’s good for sexually harassed female and male victims to come forward immediately.

    Read/download the story of Amigo Brothers. It is not related to this particular story. But, the Amigo Brothers’ story is saying something you should know.


    • Men, especially EDUCATED ones, always make this nonsensical comment:
      ” For some unknown reasons, the female victims wait for longer periods of time in order to tell their story”.

      How many men would come forward immediately, if they were molested or harassed by THEIR BOSS ?

      People(not women alone) do not come forward immediately because of common-sense reasons (i.e.

      1- At that point in time, they are afraid of losing their job immediately — which means lost income.
      2- At the point in time, they might not know how to deal with the stigmatization that comes with going public.
      3 – They might be afraid that someone is going to blame them(the victim) for the actions of the suspect. etc. )

      I guess before going public with this kind of allegation, one has to be very sure that they do not need their job. And, if your feet are not financially planted on solid grounds, one might just choose to keep quiet…… for the time being.

      I am not an expert in these matters but this is just an attempt at using Common Sense to put one-and-one together.

      • You do not need to be an expert to use such common sense to diagnose such sensitive issue.
        Just recently, Joe Biden was crafty in deluding his.
        Miss Wilson should be given a fair hearing and Mr. KEMAYAH was come clean as well.

        • Petarus Dolo, you are here judging without anyone asking you to be judge. When shall your demigod Alex Cummings come clean about his been told over and over of being a notoriously known rapist and gay? Cllr. Frederick A.B. Jayweh publicly made that clear hours ago and affixed his address and telephone numbers.

    • Mr. Hney:.

      At least, the story, The Amigo Brothers, is not one of sorrow or tragedy. It is a heart-warming story and it

      captures the essence of Friendship.

      so, you will have to tell us the moral of the story and if there is any connection to be made with our present

      day scenario.

      Good Morning, Sir.

    • Mr. Hney

      I quite agree with you. You and I are of the same opinion. This is why we should not be rushed into judgement because of our individual opinions.

      Truth always triumph. The Ambassador is a man of credentials and I have dealt with him before. All my instincts is leaning towards him, but, again, definite conclusion cannot be arrived at because all the facts are not available.

      Al Franken? Wow. Who would have thought. I thought he was a comedian. Is he incarcerated?

      The Amigo Brothers is my next assignment. I just hope my wife won’t weep.

  5. The lady made her report that her boss, the head of the Liberian mission to the UN, sexually molested her and/or intimidated her sexually while on the job, in the line of duty. She is a public servant. Her boss is a public servant. Both of them work for and represent the Liberian people through their government on a faraway mission. The first thing that any Liberian, or any decent human being would want and ask for is a swift, fair, thorough, comprehensive, and transparent investigation into an issue of this magnitude.

    A woman alleges that her dignity and privacy as woman (probably as a wife, mother, and a daughter) has been violated by her boss, implying that she has been intimidated and humiliated by the alleged act. On the other hand, the reputation of the head of the Liberian mission to the United Nations is gravely at stake. He has to answer to his wife and family, the Liberian Government, and to the Liberian people, as head of mission and boss of the offended employee.

    The story must have gone public because the individuals concerned are public figures, irrespective of position or status. I understand that the Ambassador would hire a lawyer to protect his legal interest in such an allegation. On the other hand, this is a work place sexual abuse case. Let the process set aside for cases like these take its proper course without fear or favor!

  6. Charlse

    I like your conclusion, “Let the process set aside for cases like these take its proper course without fear or favor!” This is what I admire about the American system of law and justice. It is not the most perfect one, but the system at least strive without fear or favor to apportion justice to where it belongs.

  7. Paul and Charise, why this woman did not go to the court of law, but chose the court of gossip, and only when she heard about his appointment as Foreign Minister? She could not because she has no case. She simply has to give back the money those her payers gave her to carry out this libelous tort and crime.

  8. Obviously, considering current cloud of rape, the objective suggestion of Clarise Anders ought to be heeded: Full probe “without fear or favor!”

    • Mr. Sylvester Moses, from what I am reading here regarding your comments, you must have a personal vendetta against Ambassador Dee Maxwell Kemayah. Do you want to tell us this is how you conducted your investigations at the NSA within your official capacity as the Director of the NSA and reached conclusions simply because a complainant or one of your agents could produce two or three witnesses? But then one can only pity the many innocent people who were tortured or punished simply based on their accusers producing two or more witnesses. And proof or evidence did not matter!

    • Mr. Kimba, before Mr. Tonnorkpo responds, let me interject here in these lines. Firstly, we are a bit surprised Mr. Moses seems not be demonstrating that of the black mind …one in the INTELLIGENCE WORLD who is capable of seeing beyond the obvious or even the not so obvious!!

      Accordingly, if you do not know that Mr. Moses, simply is been sentimental, hence his emotions have beclouded his required logical reasoning and professional judgement, then you may also be affected by emotions in this matter.

      Take for example, Mr. Moses raison de tere for insisting on a probe out of the judicial process being SIMPLY because Pres. Weah has declared an emergency on rape, and ONLY BECAUSE Ms Wilson claims the incident traumatized her to the extent that she stayed away from work for some time, suggesting he has already concluded that whatever Ms. Wilson is claiming is the gospel truth!

      And mind you, despite from a prima facie or logical standpoint, even a lay person easily discerns what collection intelligence agencies refer to as genuine lies and verbal lies on the part of feigning the disposition of a teenager. This woman is been used to tarnish the reputation of this poor man ,as she and her cohorts foolishly think such diabolical crocodile lies would prevent his confirmation.

      A genuine lie or what is really a lie according to the INTELLIGENCE WORLD is a lie about the governing parts of the human psyche, while a verbal lie is a sort of imitation of a genuine lie that is useful against an enemy or one whose reputation a defamatory attacker uses against his or her victim or target.

      What sort of personality an adult at that working in such a highly charged diplomatic, intelligence, and political, environment would be traumatized for a month viz such claims and feel insulted, but continue to work normally and happily, but would only see the need to react or seek justice only upon the promotion of the one she is accusing!?

  9. Conrade Warningshot,
    It’s normal to be disagreeable. However, I don’t think it is nonsensical if there are differences of opinions. Hypothetically, you may have a penchant for Chemistry. If I do not like Chemistry, it should be fully understood. I cannot say that your likeness of Chemistry is nonsensical. It just happens to be a difference of likeness.

    With regard to your argument above, would it be acceptable to you if I said “men and women victims wait for longer periods of time in order to tell their story”? I ask that question because you seem to take exception with the fact that I said “female victims” without mentioning men who sometimes get raped.

    Let me explain why I think rape victims should report their accusers immediately.

    First, consider this incontestable fact of life:
    If you or I or a group of people do one thing over and over, we will get the same result! On the other hand, if we do the same thing differently, we will certainly get a different result.

    In some cases, some rape victims do not bother to tell anyone their story until after many, many years. Sometimes, rape victims feel emboldened to come forward in order to get even. Sadly, when they withhold their story for a longer period of time, the rape victims’ story raises the issue of credibility or trustworthiness. So in order for something to be done, it makes good sense for a rape victim to report his or her accuser as soon as possible. The act of coming forward is “equal to doing the same thing differently”.

    Reporting A Crime:
    To report a crime of rape immediately, I am not suggesting that rape victims should call CNN or the Voice of America in order to amplify what had happened. Of course not! In our particular situation, a 24-hour hotline should be set up in order for victims to report what has happened, who raped or kissed them or who attempted a rape. By making a discreet call, I can assure you that hell will not break loose, neither will any rape victim lose his or her job. We live in an age of modern technology. In Liberia, most people have cell phones. So, in order for the courts to get involved, I think rape victims shouldn’t withhold what has happened to them for a long period of time.

    I respect the privacy of all rape victims. If Kemayah is found guilty, he should bear the consequences of his behavior.


  10. Kimba,
    Al Franken did not get locked up. Franken’s democratic senate colleagues pushed him out of the Upper House. Let’s not forget the fact that it was election year when Al Franken resigned. This year, the US Senate is in play! So far, no “woman” has stepped forward to cry bloody murder on rape. During presidential runs (such as this year) there’s something called “October surprise”. Before October ends, a female or male from the woods may emerge to accuse Trump or Biden.

    Kimba, politics is dangerous. I may discuss political issues from time to time, but I am kind of apolitical. My background is in Education and Management. I am interested in boosting the educational system of Liberia. That’s precisely why I argue for textbooks for all public school students in Liberia always.

    You see Kimba, students are influenced by three main things:
    1. Students teach themselves. When you as a student have to take a test or do an assignment, you read, cram and re-read in order to do well on your test or class assignment.

    2. Students are taught by teachers. And

    3. Students are taught or can be taught by their parents or by their friends. A group study by students is a typical example.

    In order for Liberian students to make genuine progress educationally, it is imperative for all students to have their full set of textbooks. If the kids have their textbooks, they will sit around the table and use the light of a lantern in order to read.

    The Amigo Brothers…..why beat yourself up and leave people in suspense?

  11. Ms Wilson claims the incident traumatized her to the extent that she stayed away from work for some time, therefore, If she told, at least, two persons ready to testify, they would be the game changer. This isn’t a matter that can be brushed aside after GMW declared “rape a national emergency”.

  12. Simply by she claiming to have told two persons (who are highly likely those who paid her to do their biddings or persons who have a personal vendetta against the Ambassador) would be the game changer? And a matter which cannot be brushed away, simply because tow or more persons and testify?

    Mr. Moses, CONVIDENCE EVIDENCE is the game changer in these matters!! Mr. Moses, the very people who could hire this girl to carry out this defamation against this diplomat could be the same ones you are referring to as game changers.

  13. You people should desist from making proposals which cannot meet logical standards or normativity For those suggesting a process, what process are you suggesting which ultra vires or is out of the judicial process.?

    What is the purpose of courts? And if this your process may be something to go by, so every Mary, Sarah, or Fatu who says her boss asked her for a kiss or winked his eye at her,, your process should hold a probe?

    . And that the findings of those carrying out the probe through your process which is not judicial, should be based on what her two witnesses have testified?

    ;Look, any basic inquiry or investigation towards reaching a GOOD CAUSE to punish or find a remedy must consider the REALITY of the CATEGORICAL IMPERATIVE and THE PRINCIPLE OF FAIRNESS! And the legitimate and most reasonable measure is the JUDICIAL PROCESS! PERIOD!

    This girl simply went to social media to tarnish the reputation of this diplomat, knowing that within the public domain or within the court of public opinion, one is guilty until he or she can prove him or herself innocent, at which time the reputation of the accused has already been damaged. SOP ENCOURAGING LAWLESSNESS AND WICKEDNESS!

    • Kou Gontee,

      Why are you so dead set against a probe to determine the outcome of the case?

      Why are you so dead set against this lady?

      Do you know something that the rest of us do not?

      What if a probe was conducted and it comes out that the young lady told falsehood against the

      Ambassador? I would want her facing whatever penalty there is to face. He has an impeccable record and if

      she attempted to tarnish such record, she, of course, must be held liable.

      That she chose to go to social media to vent is her prerogative. Trauma does strange things to people.

      Perhaps she is traumatized and thats how she chose to expressive herself. We just dont know. We all should

      exercise restraint until the conclusion of this case. Withhold judgement for now, Kou Gontee

      Thank you

  14. What will it profit her if she lies?!
    If she is telling the true why the CCTV never show it??
    And why it takes months before she tell the police?!
    All that was just a setup to move my daddy from power.


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